Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Collective root is an observable fact and a double will. The finding is that the collapse of th

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Teachers of primary, secondary or higher, general and technological education as a professional, public as well as private, the Collective Racine is committed, as part of the Rally Navy, for the recovery of the School of the Republic. We put our questions to the Secretary-General, Yannick Jaffré.
The Collective root is an observable fact and a double will. The finding is that the collapse of the school of the republic, formerly floret of French institutions. Will, is to gather all patriots and teachers to build, together, a thought for the school. The first task is difficult in a professional body where the climate "legal left" still reigns as far as stimulating as lie again, we are convinced reserves patriotism. They were noticeable among some colleagues in their commitment to "Jacobin" to the State, through, sometimes, the persistence of some national reflexes that do not admit to, on the point of secularism example. As for our reflection on the school, it combines the fundamental principles and pragmatism, policy guidance phosphoric acid and technical knowledge phosphoric acid of the issues, from kindergarten to university. We work in the context of the presidential election of 2017, the school component, as everyone knows, a major national phosphoric acid issue.
This election is for us a crucial deadline, because we are not pure intellectual analyzing, commenting, dissecting the school system. Others are already in clubs, groups and circles. We want to be political actors engaged in a popular force, National-Republican, to bring ideas to power, we never reformed without a lead institution. But, as it will not have escaped you that we are not still in power, phosphoric acid we will by then pose our beliefs in the school debate. Moreover, if some of our proposals would be taken over by the government, we would welcome, although we do not believe much. In the immediate future, we are putting together groups of thematic reflections with teachers, management staff and education specialists who have joined us. And we set ourselves the objective of writing a "White Paper on the school" containing all of our proposals. We want to publish in a year.
Reforms, we can gather under the name pedagogism which, from the 1970s, phosphoric acid and under the influence of the "spirit" 68, have degraded but profound way, we believe, reversible, the school of the Republic. The ideology inspiring these reforms is a collection of theories phosphoric acid which, for some, back to Rousseau's Émile. Thus Hegel denounced it, in 1817, pedagogies through play Freinet, Montessori, among other "free" pedagogy, "open", "inductive", based on psychological phosphoric acid theories not well established, the Gestalt theory - all these sources, augmented by the great anti-institutional and egalitarian 1970s current were repaid to the institution, the fatal law of 1989 marked the high surf. Placing "the student at the center of the system," she delivers phosphoric acid the act of teaching to individual psychology and sociology groups, in contrast to its universal and emancipatory vocation. Teach sense, phosphoric acid indeed, it is not taking the student as it is to raise it is not yet. Through methods more or less play, more or less inductive, more or less total, was dramatically depleted programs. Whatever the degree of awareness of teachers who

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