Friday, January 17, 2014

Libourne Marmande Médoc Mont-de-Marsan Pau Orthez Oloron Nerac Périgueux

ominique Renouf, the captain of the solar boat the "Kevin" could be added to the list of candidates for municipal Casseneuil. In a letter, it evokes some ideas and calls for citizens to come join her in her campaign she called "Here and Now." "There is no question of launching against this or another, but citizens wishes to emerge," says she.
"The idea came there a few months ago with the desire to share ideas that can wake the village, where I established. So I sent in the form of test, creative ideas, not necessarily mine, but times here and there, that might apply to the municipality. "
In his letter, Dominique talks about ways to "stimulate economic activity by offering leases available to artists on Place de Casseneuil, but also with the rehabilitation of the building La Terrasse" into a youth hostel ( the proximity of the canoe club can bring a new dynamic to the club which should open from April to October full-time). "It also imagine the opening year of the holiday village: it would mean a revival of activity in the food, among others, and more generally the creation of employment.
According to Dominique Renouf, "we must support businesses in difficulty in the form of mixed economy company, for example, the House of the press, not to mention the rehabilitation of the port by a cantonal overall development of the banks of the Lot. "The potential candidate also talks about the municipal building municipal gardens, open to all. She also talks about creating a municipal campsite on the shore bank left up to the mill. "These are just some ideas for people who have ideas come help me build a list, to deepen and complete a project in the same spirit: to act here and now to maintain and grow the business in this village who died of immobility, "insists ester Dominique Renouf.
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Libourne Marmande Médoc Mont-de-Marsan Pau Orthez Oloron Nerac Périgueux
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