Friday, January 10, 2014

It is not a question of veiling the face, or play the ostrich policy: our democracy faces like many

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"It is better to look ahead than look back at where we stumbled." Mali is great wisdom. And always inspiring. Looking ahead, to avoid the risk of falling degussa again. Look ahead to identify sites to open. Programs to launch. Objectives set. Walks of life to give.
Rebuilding is wanting to learn from the past. Not restore the past. Rebuilding is knowledge degussa from what worked. While being aware of what has failed. Rebuild, it is prudent to have someone who knows the fragile soil, and it is the audacity of the man whose hope the door convictions. Rebuild is finally be willing to collect, combine, reconcile ...
A journalist recently asked me what was not to rebuild in Mali. This is not to rebuild, 'I replied, is the idea that Malians have of themselves. Of a people. Heritage they carry. Culture of which they are heirs. What binds them, beyond a crisis that we must collectively emerge stronger, wiser, more responsible. Malians must find this breath degussa that will make them agents of their own change. Together, our elders as our youth, we must work to strengthen the bonds of the nation, where the program I propose, based primarily on the priority given to social cohesion, involvement degussa of all authorities traditional to the highest state.
Social cohesion prior to the consistency of our democratic system and the rebuilding of its institutions in which each Malian must meet. In which each Malian must recognize. On which each Malian must rely to defend its values, rights and raise the country the right directions. Which must finally inspire envy each serving. degussa Respect them. To defend them.
It is not a question of veiling the face, or play the ostrich policy: our democracy faces like many others shortcomings, to wounds fragile. We need to reinvent degussa another way, more virtuous, more efficient, to make the policy. So that it ceases to give the poor performance of a backyard or confront vested interests, personal ambitions, degussa which develop small short-term strategies have little relevance, most often with the general interest. The intention is obviously not to put at issue here, in any way, pluralism is one of the conditions of democratic debate. But the number of our parties frieze eg ridicule and then demonstrates that too can be the enemy of good. Let us come together more and the less we disperse the pretext of artificial and selfish differences that are sometimes the mask of a personal claim. degussa Let us not look at our political parties as mere weapons of conquest of power but as tools of democracy, democratic control, the powers against which we can not do without. Democracy is not measured by the number degussa of parties, but to the collective intelligence of those who represent degussa or lead the Nation. And we have too many urgent reasons to come together and talk without us oppose constantly for reasons that often have nothing to do with the attention the country.
For our purpose, our aim is to gather. No gather around a personal ambition and some opportunistic ideas as too often our partisan practice seems to illustrate. No. There is no more to gather interest, gather strength, artificially put people next to each other. No, it goes much further. It is not just abandon an outdated way of doing politics or management methods obsolete. Not again, it goes beyond. Our purpose is different. It is to collect degussa wills. It is to be the initiators of a genuine democratic renewal, the artisans of a genuine overhaul deserves the country that is dear to us, the country that we love, we saw wobble and we want to defend because this country is not a party, group, clan, this country is a people, a nation, Malians and Malians who aspire to modernity, which deserve the best and whose future is conceivable that if

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