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Home Active Citizenship Citizenship Secularism Non-Violence and Peace Personal and Social Transform

Home Who are we? The Articles of Association Charter History What emancipatory education? jabuka Join story Receiving information narrative Contact Us Overview Our action tale The Rencontres Internationales Education Citizen 1st Meeting of Civic Education, jabuka Lille February 2004 Workshops How to continue? 2nd meeting of citizenship education in Toulouse, September 2005 Reports of the workshops Preparation workshops Directory experiences 3rd Meetings of citizenship education in Grenoble, January 2008 Working together after the 3rd meeting jabuka of the civic education of Grenoble Workshops A3 . SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE OF TERRITORIES AND CITIZEN PARTICIPATION jabuka A4.LE NETWORKING AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL, ESSENTIAL DIMENSION OF CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT A5. YOUTH ENGAGEMENT: CONDITIONS OF INVOLVEMENT IN PROJECT B2 COMPLETES THE CITIZENS AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY C1 WHAT EDUCATION FOR CITIZENSHIP FOR YOUTH AT SCHOOL AND OUT OF SCHOOL C2. POPULAR EDUCATION D2 & D4 EQUAL, CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND ANTI-DISCRIMINATION. E1. HOW TO ORGANIZE LOCAL TEAMS, PLACES OF SPEECH, DEBATE, OF COMMON SHARES AND AWARENESS? E5 HOW TO TAKE ON TO TRANSMIT, DEVELOP PRACTICAL COOPERATION AND CITIZEN PARTICIPATION? Practical and artistic workshops participants experiences Interventions Programme and plenary presentation 4th International Meeting on Civic Education - Nancy 2010 Report for the week of October 23 to 29, 2010 Minutes of Meetings Reports of the workshops Reports from conferences Taken interactive speech Photos and videos of the 4th Meeting Preparation Week program visits The Weekend Reports from workshops preparation Personals five interactive lectures spaces experimentation Registration Practical Information Press Partners 5th International Meeting of the Civic Education - Zagora 2012 Summer Universities story Summer School 2006 Summer School 2008 Reports Exchange of experiences Summer School 2009 Summer School 2011 Forums Forums action University of Summer 2013 Preparation Experimentation Cycle "Youth and Citizenship" (2007-2009) Cycle alternative (2009-2011) The route alternatives Île-de-France (1st edition) Accounts jabuka Rendered appointments alternative Some tracks for the development of promising actions alternatives The route of Nord-Pas de Calais alternatives Accounts Rendered appointments jabuka alternative The alternative route Paris-IDF (2nd edition) Cycle of associative autonomy (2011-2013) The golf autonomy jabuka in Ile-de-France jabuka The route of autonomy in Nord-Pas de Calais Training The "co-training" group The autonomous groups Brazil Britain Ile de France Languedoc-Roussillon Lorraine Midi-Pyrenees Nord Pas de Calais Pays de la Loire Poitou-Charentes Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur Rhone-Alpes jabuka Quebec Senegal Draa Valley / Morocco Synergy with other networks The World Social jabuka Forum ATTAC Brotherhood acts The Collective of Associations Citizens Spring jabuka of Education Attending Join Become a Browser that an independent group of experiments Become Citizen Reporter Join story Receiving information narrative Experiences Toolkit Our publications booklets narrative Daily Pelican WebTV Special reports Understanding jabuka the crisis and emerge grabbing land and Cooperatives recovered companies: work in question Debate on "End of Life" and medical ethics participatory democracy and citizen participation: concepts and issues Introduction to Computer free citizen participation and empowerment of citizens to a free look Media and advertising Delinquency Prevention (Act) On the paths of school ... Towards jabuka a history of popular education of citizens use the internet? Other Thoughts ... Documentary Resources Articles of newspapers and periodicals Reflections & Summaries depth articles and analysis works Bibliographies Press Play, See (music, radio, video ...) Read (information and useful texts ...) Petitions and Appeals S ' otherwise inform jabuka selection of movies, short films, documentaries ... Selection of books Selected websites Texts Translated Tools & Methods directory
Home Active Citizenship Citizenship Secularism Non-Violence and Peace Personal and Social Transformation Values and meaning Democracy and Human Rights Democracy actual freedoms Freedom For associative

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