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Glaciers I Dos (...) a gel at the moment jimbo to say,

Kai Jaeger destroyed and share their own reasons (leakage / delusional jimbo attention) ..... I do the ear? Anyway, so this time armed with a powerful leak before viewing, please do not read this article then. Restraining tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro access Restraining prohibited restraining restraining restraining jimbo tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro Restraining tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro access Restraining prohibited restraining restraining restraining tro tro tro
One. Pacific Rim From left to see Evangelion I think there are many, in fact, this work group refers to is not easy to come up with after watching Evangelion. Like in the story and the scene is almost no animation jimbo and special footage directed the classic robot because it's easy to envision. Nevertheless, this comes out drip Eva, seen combat helmet Alaskan yellow liquid comes confusion and drift concept, I wondered if I would like to see. Alaskan yellow liquid at the time of the first battle in the caption I put on a suit naohdeut gel. Jaeger and to receive feedback on the concept of a well. LCL because of the oxygen supply and shock-proof plug and the solution is different, but similar jimbo suit and permeates throughout the suite (adhered to), but rather jimbo the concept yiraseo Mutu before jimbo starting suit and proximity to G Gundam is fighting. jimbo Eva also sync concept drift and can vary greatly. Eva Eva sync object that can match geotyigie ttajineun whether the sync is high, Eva and assimilation. However, the drift is consistent with others to manipulate the robot through a single concept because the concept of komba close match Trapani V, EEG, and understanding of others is high that the drift is strong ground to talk through improved controls. Sync opposite of Evangelion going to get the concept, jimbo you can see that. Eva Eva is too high, and in the case of synchrotron doeseo own fairytale-style depiction jimbo of the world would see that stuck. Shinji is easy to remember was to comment later haeteotgo melted. Eva because I have the above two concepts is quite difficult too neat. Eva's jimbo synchro or rather drift with the concept of anti-AT Field, I wondered if I want to turn it over immediately reported to think, jimbo "Oh, yes, Eva?" The word right. Eva is enough to set the idea in the state requires hageodeunyo caught. Eva-related talk without tteungeum Why, certainly not Eva Eva looked like talking to people, thank you. Fuck yinya beginning? Two. Battle in Hong Kong due to the drip Raleigh set the analog hole lotta talking about is the subtitle of this can be seen as an error. Hangul subtitle is "all of the task. Reactor jimbo equipped with an analog nikkayo Gypsy" came out of the contents of electronic devices to replace the entire machine, it is obvious Yeager written word comes out like that in a rather different story and I want to be metabolized. "Not jimbo all. Gypsi is analog, nuclear" (all, no. Gypsy analog, very likely the single nucleus) Ambassador looking at me Maybe you'd like to talk about meaningful change. Gypsy itself is analog (old-fashioned), but one that could be told to rest term effects of gypsy talk to a power source that is outdated reactors will. Why Eureka striker is stopped jimbo because the EMP he went right after the power source is laid out that it is also possible to deduce. Way to know exactly what the power source, but look at the striker Eureka expecting a huge electric battery, or nuclear / plasma generated from a power source, such as energy, delivered straight to gas without passing through a digital device, the Gypsy of the reactor energy that is passed directly to the gas Could be. It takes about two hours repairing's very similar to this, that if the entire amount of the facility is destroyed geoche 2 hours be difficult to recover. The amount of time it would be possible to produce Yeager is faster than the early loss of weird remarks. The leaves tinsel fly cheat to create a new level of mass production but enough to not only take 2 hours worth very likely the single level. Eureka 's time to talk about that is, 2 strikers, not the full power of digital equipment jimbo repair time and parts repair / replacement which is the time it takes. Three. Yeager has a high self-defense despite appearances, I'm a good break very well. If you look closely, but this scene also appears the reason for why the department jimbo jineunga. Yeager gas from the beginning of the structure as a whole is distributed shock. Be taken to destroy the scenes look at Yeager Kai hit by careful sharp claws and considerable portions of the projections, you can see that easily destroyed. This means that the impact is concentrated on one point, then the shock means that it is often difficult to overcome. Attacked or assaulted, while at the time of take-up props to the fine. These attacks have in common at least one point of the object, rather than hitting the side of the shock to a certain point to focus on that as well as the type of power is distributed on the whole surface appearance. I turned the last of the alpha Chernoff look back to leather after a chemical attack, even back in front indicates a surprisingly long time in there. Simple gloves suck (...) is not effective. That Yeager impact caused the battle of Kai province and the whole body of the gas flowing structure that can predict that. Vulnerable to attacks due to gather in one point and, at the time of the battle narration Alaskan "can withstand hurricane" features the story is very reasonable but is a descriptive narration. Mangsangryeok ganmane exploding. (...)
One. Honestly people <... just the opposite, but Eva and I looked like when> Eva's hard to see sometimes jimbo been affected. Heroine in the first place, starting with the hair style itself is subtle jimbo parody jimbo of Ayanami Rei thought he was a ... (Hayashibara Megumi is a Japanese voice dub version) "gel to put the suit" means different LCL and quick as they could, by default, <control system works by using a liquid> In addition to the Eva few. (Saga majing both, had some dinner, jimbo would the old 80's OVA even bojiman ... I guess the grass robots did.) LCL = Link Connect Liquid initially named as the show's pilot and Eva parameters and also serves as the nerve connections. Unlike spoken oxygen jimbo supply, impact-resistant in addition jimbo to the pilot and serves as the link. (This is the Pacific Rim transfer the said electrical signals to nerves as it made use of it), the original notion of drift alone and Yeager (meaning as Eva) "sync" jimbo side that you feedback Yeager came to be so strong that carry two would mean. 2 people drift to sync, and then <sync with one or two is Yeager (meaning as Eva) "sync"> jimbo a. Like G Gundam and iron muscle jimbo and Deimos mutual jimbo assistance system and the brain wave synchronizer would mean. I can assure you seemed a little "basic structure of the other end of the thing" is true, but the point is that Eva looks reminds. Right <integrate human and a robot neural level, there is a liquid robot Annie writes> If you are asking what is he, the first thing I recall is Bo'm Eva. Two. Yeager elsewhere in closet poet who think the old reactors. Gypsy did not retire alpha Cherno more out-of-date map is it's jimbo fine ...???
Glaciers I Dos (...) a gel at the moment jimbo to say, "Oh, that's a liquid moly" systemic feedback effects struck preferential dumping foresight saw this because I do think that perhaps it Eva. Feedback jimbo supplement ingredients gel itself is strong suits (since the first generation of the scene and put part of Chernoff has no alpha-suite) jimbo to fill the entire jimbo cockpit jimbo is wrong. LCL and stared. If it were not for retirement and leather bag Chernoff confrontation of power and strength might have been seen. Delaz egyu 2013/07/21 10:23 #
1> The Abyss gel (not liquid) is also available. ~ / / / Oi / / / Robin, including (1) Sidekick geukbokgi is rather close to the trauma. Especially in the case of Miko Japanese seolsu able to overcome the trauma alone hanhu haemae make use of the blow sent the scene to find the main character and the way you make a mistake, take your partner Sidekick (Sidekick apathetic reaction to the mistake seems everyone and their partner's shield scene being a process, a new generation of characters and conflict, in my Gundam! Nina Purple teonyang this pilot, paying the same scene .. ahh so 'more digging as well as Eva is the choice of all three partners Klee.' 2> Vogue eradication should be sure (Yeah?) 脑 香 怪 年 2013/07/22 22:47 #
Dun care about humans and machines to sync it up in muscle iron coming out already. That's a simple operation to trace human nervous system is not directly connected to the machine and that the description spelled out in sync. Response rates because of problems with the synchro higher the reactivity and the synchro problem that is going up because of the state of man and machine is fully synchro jimbo comparable to a kind of reversal jimbo of mental contamination was about as spelled out syndrome. In the background is the introduction of drift between man and machine is too strong synchro feedback is reversed when it comes in rather a syndrome often reminded. Alpha and Chernoff

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