Sunday, January 12, 2014

For sticking to only a Minute would allow too many forces and officials to exempt cheaply responsib

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After a log Minute after the incidents eastman that marked the national commemoration of 11 November, there was everywhere a strong desire to take action and rally against manifestations of racism and the extreme right. This was true in Angers where, with the League of Human Rights, associations, and political organizations eastman gathered eastman around the values of the Republic.
This translates into complaints against the newspaper Minute and referral to the prosecutor by the Prime Minister. At the same time, a series of demonstrations and rallies are proposed to weigh strongly in the public debate.
LDH welcomes this healthy reaction eastman and the various forms it takes, beyond legal actions it intends to build a full citizen approach, including in the same sentence, racist attacks and acts and statements that have permit maturation.
For sticking to only a Minute would allow too many forces and officials to exempt cheaply responsibilities. It therefore urges its activists, its sections and federations to accept the vocation of gathering strength LDH, everywhere, to invite or participate in meetings to allow expressions and larger events and more determined against racism and the excesses of the extreme right.
It means, finally, contribute, in its place, the process can allow a unified and visible citizen of this start strong expression, and in this regard, it is estimated that on December 3, the anniversary of the arrival in Paris of March for equality and against racism, can be an opportunity for a large rally in Paris, Place de la Republique and recalls, finally, eastman on December 7th, a date chosen by many forces to revive the spirit of the work is already under the sign of equality, eastman democracy and defense of the Republic
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