Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Conclusions about the accident Brétigny CGT railway denounces the disintegration of the company and

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Conclusions about the accident Brétigny CGT railway denounces the disintegration of the company and request a new course >>> CGT Railwaymen reacted to the publication Friday, January 10 the report of the Accident Investigation Bureau of Land Transport ( BEA-TT) involving the maintenance rules in the company after the derailment of a train Brétigny-sur-Orge July 12, 2013. For the CGT, "the first elements of this report highlight the harmful consequences of the disintegration of the company SNCF and mass destruction (...) See all the text >>> Bristol Meyer Squibb (Agen) 4500 demonstrators Employment >>> Saturday, January 11, at the call of the CGT, FO, UNSA CFDT and CGC pharmaceutical website Agen, 4500 employees, local elected officials and citizens demonstrated determined in Agen to express their fears future employment BMS-Upsa. They were preceded by a banner "Save our jobs," and chanted "generic, it's not automatic." Some 500 jobs on the site in 1400 are indeed mortgaged by the project of the National Security Agency (...) See all the text >>> End of conflict at Forts SNCM their success, sailors take over the Sea >>> Employees SNCM on strike since January 1, voted Thursday, Jan. 9 unanimously the end of the movement after a meeting with the government. The Minister of Transport has embarked on a fleet renewal and a new social regulation. This second point was the "distortion of competition" created by SNCM by the private company Corsica Ferries, the Italian flag vessels and crews (...) See all the text >>> La Redoute Cold shower for Job >>> The announcement by future buyers determined Redoubt deleting posts on 1178 3437 in four years is seen as a shock considering unions punches determined actions. They might as well show during the football match between Lille and Rennes, January 24, the Pinault family, which controls the Kering group owning the Breton club. "This is a big damper on the job," responded Fabrice (...) See all the text >>> Loomis (CIT Chambéry) strike for wages since December 24 >>> At call their CGT union, the 40 employees of the transport company Loomis funds are on strike since December 24 and occupy their premises Chambéry every morning from 6:00. They demand a premium of 2,000 euros net for the period from mid-December to mid-April to compensate for the extra work associated with difficult climatic conditions and the influx of tourists in the ski resorts during the winter season . (...) See all the text >>> Goodyear CGT is secured >>> Asked at a press briefing on the situation determined in Goodyear Amiens Nord, the secretary general of the CGT assured employees determined of solidarity CGT. http://mm1.cgt.fr/cgt/TLP% 20Goodyear.flv View

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