Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Very nice walk yesterday in Paris, against the increase ides in VAT and Tax Justice. As of this morning, when the national coordination of the Left Front, we worked to further action. ides Our goal is to make the government back on the rise in Vat while providing a process for citizens of the States General of Taxation in writing the law throughout the country. A Pau, this morning, the Socialist candidate responds to social emergencies and climate of fear and tension that accompanies ides it, offering ... video surveillance.
"Feeding fear and align it for electoral purposes may eventually endanger freedoms. Proposing the use of video surveillance in a city where the forces of the left have always gathered to oppose David Habib slides on a field that has always been the game of right and extreme right. insecurity is the first social insecurity and the left must fight.
The Left Front refuses this draconian and demagogic ides spiral. This generalized surveillance is intrusive to privacy and civil liberties. It is not only dangerous but also no real effectiveness as can be seen in the cities where it was widespread. Everyone has the right to live in security. This requires stopping the declining enrollment in the police ides on behalf of the decline of austerity while restoring its place in policing. We need human presence.
The Left Front calls on citizens and organizations ides to come together in a local collective "No video surveillance." As a citizen and candidate of the Left Front, I take the initiative in the coming days and contradictory public debate on video surveillance. We offer a member ides of the campaign team of David Habib to participate. Our desire is to bring the left on its values and fighting. "
Jean-François is right. In Pau, never a personality left had proposed such a measure. Obviously the climate of the period can win votes with this type of theme. How many more points for the FN in the next poll? We must oppose it. Refuse this slope. Do it with a sense of responsibility without power controversy. Do it for the whole left asking, ultimately, the essential question: what kind of society do we live?
Yesterday in Paris, women and men left walking toward Bercy indicated the direction to take. Speaking of video surveillance to 4 months before the elections is also a way not to mention the rest. Wages, pensions, purchasing power, school, health, housing. The increase in VAT. Add a comment
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