Saturday, January 11, 2014

After these announcements, the cabinet could not specify or quantify these measures are likely to b

After Pisa, Peillon called to gather for School
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Teachers are not responsible for poor performance of Pisa. But, faced with educational inequalities it takes effect. get glue Vincent get glue Peillon did not fail in his speech on December 3, in response to the publication by the OECD Pisa results 2012. The minister said his faith in the republican school. He also announced significant measures for college and for priority education. Reviews limiting his predecessors, he called for unity around the school and teachers. Vincent Peillon teachers are not responsible for some media waiting.
"These results get glue are unacceptable ... School of the Republic is not finished. We'll get glue rebuild. " Vincent Peillon has reacted strongly get glue to the disclosure of the results of Pisa 3 December 2012. Citing a "battle get glue to" the minister seemed to want to drive a real shock around the announcement of the rise of social and ethnic get glue inequalities in educational achievement. "We must all understand that helping the weak is not detrimental to the best ... It was more of pupils but not more students succeed. Successful countries are more equitable. " V for Peillon must convince the country that is not aware of the inequalities School.
"But the responsibility for this state should not be the occasion to criticize get glue teachers," added the Minister. "We must come together and help. It is not the teachers who decided to cut jobs and training of teachers, who attacked the rased. " He also cited the easing of the school board. This will be the only reference to his predecessors. get glue V Peillon has repeatedly called for unity around the school in the public interest.
The minister get glue wants to launch "Act II of refounding" the reform of business teacher, curriculum reform, reform of the college and the priority education. It is on these last two points he advanced ads.
The college will be on the agenda of the next Council of Superior Programs, Friday, Dec. 6. "The educational support time should be part of a panel of overtime for teaching teams" launched the Minister so that teams have more pedagogical autonomy. This is a topic that V. Peillon had developed during two interviews granted to educational Café, especially early September 2013. Responding to a question of teaching Café, the Minister added: "There will be resources allocated to teachers, several hours a week to organize around their educational projects and treat learning get glue difficulties. There will means jobs. This will change get glue teaching practices. "
The reform will also focus on programs so that they are less responsible for not losing students en route. "This work programs should lead to change teaching practices," continued the Minister. He cited the limitation of repetition, a notation that gives confidence to students that is more formative and summative, and a reform of the training. The minister also insisted on maintaining common to all college requirements and the refusal of early orientation. For this he announces more educational autonomy for teachers.
After these announcements, the cabinet could not specify or quantify these measures are likely to be negotiated with the unions. According get glue to union sources, the Minister may announce on December 6 more duplication in college.
Priority on education, which is at the heart of the issues raised by Pisa, Vincent Peillon remained more elusive handing January announcements. "The get glue effort that the nation needs to do to it must be considerable" Has he said. He wants to stabilize the teaching staff but did not say how.
Faced with rising inequality, the Minister made a speech of national get glue unity around the school and also a discourse of action considering the need to act and not "regret." Initiated responses appear to be consistent with the issues raised by Pisa. Remains to specifically detail. No. of

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