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View all 17 times. The testimony of the late 16th yumira sat in seats just 17 times, but is unlikely to end in. Even if the testimony is beyond yumira testifying against dick put together just suppose if you fall into a deadlock. That perjury is not gotta prove that. One was eventually betrayed Chang, Joon - Hyuk side should win this trial, can return to the side of the families there. It will be probably the same as yeomdongil. I also get to weigh penalty of perjury, the 'false witness by force' thats. Unlike the original betrayal xanthan gum of yeomdongil it goes it seems absolutely necessary. After watching 17 times (16 times in the past, be sure to look gamsanggi) 1. That is double track record xanthan gum book as undergraduates predicted after seeing a great gallery in geotap ... Was hudeoldeol. Two. Hamminseung mean it's doubtful. Selection is the responsibility of all human beings to follow him free without the implementation is not scattered. What choices are you responsible for your own benefit, xanthan gum you'll know when it took a toll on the world is different, but evil. The world is like a swamp and never come out again to you can not put it like that. Well only when w hammin ipdansok uigukwon own risk, but never knew where everything does not end soon hangeoteuro xanthan gum larger xanthan gum joyimyeo intimidation and pressure to reject his neck, his everything to the end of the day. Out as evil trench once sold his soul to eat and can not get out of it without the absolute. Bakgeonha w hammin first basic synopsis own belief that more was set. Therefore, at first, but eventually big with mental anguish xanthan gum rolled in front of him, even after a chance to swallow sore throat told her I was torn. The appearance of these demon hamminseung received an offer for how people behave in the real answers he originally owing drama nowhere xanthan gum to be seen whether such a character with no bakgeonha haneunjit looked just like this. The amount of the previous broadcast hamminseung little explanation for perjury that he did not ask the state to receive an offer to visit yeomdongil embarrassment and confiding his 17 meetings to look down inside I do not understand it at all. This is considered to be the crew's obvious wrong. Three. Machine, is metabolized into toys make fun? Yeomdongil last two 'flying machine, not toys' the other chyeotneunde xanthan gum utgina this is so? 17 meeting of the remarks yeomdongil key. Gamsanggi 16 times already, but did not ever inputs (money, power) if the output (perjury, election fraud), or in the idea that the machine will be available. But people would have enough to live so chagapgi it? The man and the machine, and what's the difference? That's the last words yeomdongil 'I want to live in a person has. "Which will be a scream. One or two bottles of soju yeomdongil room moly be here. You wear it on the bed looked drunk, it turned xanthan gum out in front of the desk is too drunk to sit to study, xanthan gum in Soju bottles and sweets on furniture looked bleak indeed more than enough xanthan gum to drink today. Level of the house almost every corner of alcoholic shingles look at the bottle of soju yeomdongil live at home or are there any more alcohol. Yeomdongil crew deliberately set without the need to show just the look of the bottle by using a set yeomdongil xanthan gum Suzhou aimlessly around for a drink in the house directly to viewers look was conceived. Fold all poor now live drama shooting time and budget instead sparkling ideas sorry admired the efforts of the production team 4. Chang, Joon - Hyuk Chang, Joon - Hyuk is going to weaken, but the scene is much weaker, xanthan gum respectively. Uigukwon bakgeonha and shouting at the bar in front of the one-shot is not good for the body of the wine, they do not look down picked up his keys. Able to continue to stay in place if he exaggerated the prison ... the ending. Chang, Joon - Hyuk does not fit the body more than clothes, asshole. Onam group and wear such clothes are a good bet wooyonggil ... Chang, Joon - Hyuk's tender heart is heavy clothes that make it how can I afford? Chang, Joon - Hyuk conclusion is that the end of the White Tower 'only one' and ruin group as a success story 'of a person who has lived a simple desire to do all I wanted to win cruel reality' Were more. I'm drowning in the White Tower of the reasons listed here, it seems. 1-16 times prior to the gamsanggi iteulgeot look like know more.
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