Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Infinite Challenge for the very first time it was seen well. Infinite na2co3 Challenge is one I've ever had a two-day program, I knew almost the same ridge. Why not? Both've never seen properly na2co3 .... But turns flipping channels naohgilrae heard great songs. Of all the professional way that the first part of this song is itdeora controversial. -------------------------------------------------- ------------- I got C in a plagiarism controversy today heard of the comparison dimension. Dutch singer na2co3 and song at all, regardless na2co3 of its real jalhadeora. Liquid Lunch continue to hear good songs;; least listening is a point of view, similar to that They resemble not talk about ignorance, but I got C Because of its many laps saw that people seem not. Then go ride and forth Mr. Lee-Park Ji-yoon ah ....... it was to hear ...... What is also introduced in the middle is the climax nor beonangok just transcribed na2co3 One Day-Caro Emerald him. When you copy a minimum in order to avoid the law, you do not know, even just to write on multiple devices gekkeum it went even're just annoying ...... bekkyeotda What the Dutch composer wanted to replace the singer bought na2co3 a friggin ppaeatgineunga keep singing? A more shameful differences na2co3 in singing glory days too. Late, but this time the songs have been ripped off while listening to Ine fertilization Moly 'expert ears look different?' Too harsh, so I do not want to think this time I heard this I heard it was realized that one kind of approach. Posting videos of someone else that they should believe. A part of the A 'part is similar to if you need to compare the two parts, A part and A' in a similar part of the B bit and cut the amount of videos on the Internet itdeora. Of course, as can be heard, not only have plagiarized. Why not? Because is not that part ..... In addition, there may be vice versa itgetda. Progression of the song does not sound like much sound is different and the atmosphere is somehow similar to the four notes if the degree of crop quality may throw doubt you'll be making songs. I'm so (in the video report) by regular payments while you are in the plagiarism Ine through Naver Music to hear from 'very' similar to felt. Video of the trap crop.
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