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5:20 p.m.: In 20mn Cathedral is emptied of chairs under the eye of Louis, the charge of all the log

WYD Mass, peeled ... gather: source and summit of the Christian life | Young Cathos Blog
Tuesday, November 19 was held the mass of students Ile de France: more than 4000 students have answered the call of their bishops. miscible Go behind miscible the scenes of the rally and on this occasion let us also on the place of gathering in our Christian life.
5:20 p.m.: In 20mn Cathedral is emptied of chairs under the eye of Louis, the charge of all the logistics of the event student. Already the first trouble comes: the doors are closed but obviously volunteers are late and therefore blocked out with all the tourists ... Atmosphere nightclub: you come down here! And you too! Not you sir, it is for the regulars tonight ...
18h: Inside everyone is busy, the 100 student musicians and singers are set up, the candles for the Jubilee approach also except ... Chef problem! The candles can not carry them. With the collar to protect the wax they are 3 times more space, we do not have enough cardboard ... The solution was found but I do not know how. I, too, let me brief them about my role for the JCB I managed to recruit me as a genius of Notre Dame, just to be closer (in other words, when a choirboy is great).
7:15 p.m.: Mass begins. I confess that it is very impressive back Central Notre Dame went in the entrance procession. The closer you get more volume Choir singing grows and the more you realize that the sign represents all those Christians who gather around their bishop, for Christ! And feel this communion what emotion shake (especially miscible when a candle 3m high it takes ...).
These rallies are indeed miscible strong spiritual moments that rarely leave indifferent. The Frat, WYD, diocesan gatherings are an example, they shape and mark a generation of young cathos that very small minority in society, need to come together miscible to feel that they are not alone and move in their faith. Because "only a Christian is a Christian in danger." They are for many a time of joy and communion which carries throughout the year.
They do not replace an anchor of faith in the fidelity miscible and simplicity of everyday miscible life. As Sunday gives breath, resource and opens the week, they invite everyone miscible to keep in prayer and service, day after day, for the Lord is equally present and gives us both an appointment in the middle of the crowd that gathers in a cathedral in the silence of the room where we pray, in the crowded subway in the middle of campus where we study!
These major events are not sufficient in themselves, a life of faith can not be completed miscible by that. This is both a top and a source, much like Sunday Mass but multiplied. The movement of communion with 5000 people seems bigger, it feels worn as ever. When it is at the service of his brothers to organize the summit is still different. We do not really take advantage of the mass but is happy to allow our brothers to live this moment. In the event retains its spiritual significance as for us, we must bear in prayer throughout the preparation: what we receive in prayer daily, it is given in the preparation.
T hese gatherings are a visible sign of the Church, the first meaning is to be "meeting", "called" by God. While each Mass is an event, because Christ makes himself present and acts through the liturgy in the heart of the meeting. But the people of God who thus brings more around the bishop is a visible sign, especially by the strength and beauty of the picture now, either Notre Dame full of students or Copacabana beach during WYD. The Church does not seek to make communication or events. These gatherings foremost a spiritual purpose: to confirm the young in the faith in Christ and love for the Church. WYD is a condensed example of Christian life because the Paschal Triduum * around the Pope was seen, joy sacraments, catechesis, and the presence in the world. They can be a gateway to the path of faith for someone miscible who discovers the door Christ, but we can build on that. There must be an alternation, miscible as we inspire and expire between these major events and more regular pace, every day and every week our Christian miscible life through prayer and the sacraments, the study of speech and the service of charity.
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