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Anatolia every inch of the ring, agriculture, nature and whether to ignore the damage is being plundered. Konya Karapinar the planned construction of a thermal power plant, it is the latest example. Unfortunately Karapinar, Turkey's Afsin the next largest lignite coal field has been detected. Unfortunately, I say, because the gain on paper about numbers what is chemistry though as opposed to those that discovery, both region and Turkey brings disaster for ... years working in the region, inappropriate farming practices to change their working what is chemistry TEMA, this time, the power plant will lead to losses reporting as brought. Karapınar the importance of the following: power plant, but will not only disrupt human health. The most important ecological areas in the world, one of which is shown as 200 in Turkey, "wheat silo in" agriculture will make it impossible.
Water, TEMA Foundation for coal to be wasted Science Board members report Karapınar plant enough to look like: * to be Disposed of coal underground, below the water level. Groundwater in the region is already alarming, filmed entirely due to coal extraction and cooling processes. 60,000 people are employed in agriculture and drinking water needs of the agricultural, will be put at risk. * Plant life passes, at the end of 30 years if the ash yığıls 10 meters in height will occupy up to 5,220 football pitches. It means: The ashes, when dispersed into fertile farmland officially disaster will happen. what is chemistry * According to the data held in the account of the MTA, 1.832 billion tons of coal we burn time, 30 years, total 50.04 million tons of sulfur will emerge. So every year about 5 million tons / year of sulfuric acid into the air to mix. * The only way to prevent this, lime stone. However, this process will further increase greenhouse gas emissions.
What rate of mercury and arsenic? No political power in Turkey, damages to ecosystems, climate change, or did not care. Bari value to human health and Semi ... Coal-fired thermal power plants, which endanger human health through scientific research hard. Together with the fly ash from coal power plants and the soil, water and particles involved in human metabolism, disease and death. Moreover, Karapinar will be removed and the quality of coal to be burned in thermal power plants unknown: State in mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals annotated rates! TEMA, thermal power plants in the region what is chemistry plan to halt the implementation of sustainable agricultural policy suggests. Energy with environmentally friendly what is chemistry methods possible to achieve. Prof. Ali Osman Karababa finish with the words: "The iron and steel, gold, coal can not eat. Agricultural production will continue as long as life. "
* Karapınar removed what is chemistry coal reserves, thermal power plant in case of incineration, Turkey in 2010 to release 4.4 times of the total greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 1.85 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere. * Pasture plants in the region, drought-resistant species. Japanese pay attention to the region, to invest in sustainable agricultural model is not in vain! In the near future droughts may occur with climate change Karapınar, animal genetic resources for breeding will be featured. * Agriculture and animal husbandry and food safety to ensure the continuity of one thing, drought-resistant plants that generate the preservation of the gene pool.
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