Saturday, December 7, 2013

- We are satisfied that the person will leave the original plan mostly through layoffs. In this way

Margarines and vegetable oils, manufacturing and marketing the Bunge Finland magnesium chloride Oy opened in October co-determination negotiations have been concluded. The company will reduce its staff by about 17 person-years.
Co-determination negotiations magnesium chloride were completed on 13 December. Behind them was a major collaboration and licensing agreements, the end of which reduce the production and sales volume by about a fifth and serious deterioration in the profitability of the company.
The negotiations at the beginning of the reduction need is estimated at approximately 20 person-years. The decrease is mainly laying off production staff shortened work weeks. In addition, seven terminations dismissals, fixed-term employment contracts and other arrangements.
- We are satisfied that the person will leave the original plan mostly through layoffs. In this way we can keep skilled staff in the house, says Bunge Finland's President and CEO Matti Sipilä.
- Our goal is to achieve an annual basis for almost two million in cost savings of these personnel reductions as well as logistics operations and the purchase of our services and the reorganization of production capacity through more efficient magnesium chloride use.
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The car into a wall in Nousiainen magnesium chloride - two to hospital (17:54) Greenpeace Saarela is not about access to home (17:31) Agreement on Fire: The Board of Directors rush things and Rescue Department reform magnesium chloride (17:31) Police used pepper spray and bar (16:24) stopped the train accident at Kirkkonummen (16 22) The Left Youth wants to get rid of the institution magnesium chloride of the president (16:00) The Arctic survival training to teach and winter warfare (15:58) A number of countries whooping Arctic military training after the other (15:58) Researcher: Finns are not used to political violence (14:39) Snowfall impair driving conditions - Kilpisjärvi winter cold Records magnesium chloride (14:35)
Minister Stubb characterized by the WTO Agreement on excellent (15:13) of the WTO reached magnesium chloride a historic agreement in Bali (7:56) OSCE Chairman welcomes WTO agreement is excellent (6:07) U.S. unemployment figures are the lowest in five years (4:26) USA rates of unemployment at its lowest magnesium chloride in five years (4:14) The Economic Report: Denmark, Finland and the Nordic countries, the economic downturn (16:56) Chevrolet exits from Europe (2:15)
The French troops arrive in Central Africa (18:31) in the U.S. in Afghanistan promised to sign the agreement magnesium chloride delayed (18:01) SVT Sweden spying in the Baltic countries (17:39) in South Africa preparing magnesium chloride for the funeral of the century (15:26) Princess Madeleine left the Nobel dinners between (15:11) Angry Ukrainians show again agree (14:58) Ukrainian opposition accuses Yanukovych magnesium chloride traitor (14:55) Aid agencies call for the protection of hospitals in Syria (9:02) Japan's Parliament approved the controversial Secrecy Act (7:58) North Korea expelled withheld by an elderly American (4:57)
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