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You know I often complain acid of bad hair salon experience. Extending almost to my waist and my coarse healthy hair, hairdresser game, unfortunately, has been lost / burned / has worn / dry ... His job properly engaged in hairdressers exist, but to me the last 1 year coincided They somehow :/ Post at the beginning of the following warning I want to do with me in the same situation falling and never frequent hair color change, the desired hair color, but the opener with who would hairdressers acid 2 Do not chance. Opener once again on the applied paint on hair if you liked the color to drain opener wears well they apply. At least they did me that way! Last year, Jessica Alba 's copper-caramel hair color I have made exactly the same. It was a ton of frequently needed to be painted. Brightness and vividness easy going. In the same way on a zebra sparkle acid thrown while trying to make me :/ I turned 10 years old popped up.
Realized I could not use for a long time, engaging a cool ash brown color by switching to a very, very clear I'm back. To do this, 3 opener was applied, and got back a very, very clear ashy brown. Very nice, but a great use of color is a bit troublesome ... Very often you want to paint the bottom of this once green color turned to reflection, let me continue with darker shades from the bottom, a kind of work that I wanted acid to let ombre effect that can accomplish it yet! One capable of ash on my auburn acid hair came out!
That was the closest brown paint I liked a lot, but unfortunately the second time it did not work consistently yellows came out from the bottom. Barber's "you left me" phrase gave up and left my hair from their hands, or should I say dark burgundy coffee dark chocolate can not even describe! Now I cry and cry to those who give up to 2 months I've used this hair, the more it flowed.
I went to a hairdresser akıllanmayıp again, I said I wanted a soft tone as ashy brown. Broken acid or worn my hair does not hold still need to pour paint when you get the answer, hairdressers lost hope ...
That discouraged me a minute, I went to do their ashy brown paint I bought myself. I want to be much more open tone paint colors I got. At least I could open slowly without tearing my hair ;)
I know exactly how you'd get a result I applied for three separate mixing ashy tone. Extra natural ash platinum, platinum extra light ash, ash Extra super appetizing colors should be. I'm taking note of the numbers anyway ;)
I think most of my time writing my post was the area itself. Complete all the required details because I wanted to give the place the hair is very important and sensitive issue for all of us. This is my butt and my hair is dark and reddish brown color mainly ashy brown tones in one step softer now how the place that I gave. For me, these colors at one time was promising emerging. Current 3 of this dye on Notice I have done my paint and color ashy color much softer and much more in the sitting position. I will publish them at a later time on. I have found very successful for the first step of this ash brown shades I wanted to share with you.
After 15 days I need to tell other matters of the same color light ash brown to fit a painted acid again. acid I held up my first paint 30-35 min, while my second painting is not sufficient for 20-25 min until I got it, I thought I had made a kind of polish myself.
My hair was used previously for intense opener, he stayed in the moment only the lower parts opener parts. Opener parts which are used in paint and brush paint washed in the last 5 minutes get even more wear.
I had my hair in this manner results in you may also want to remind may not be the same result. If you have a hair salon in your area that you trust your first paint can make in professional hands. Ash can be in shades of green slop that's why you do not want to risk your first paint to a hairdresser built and bottom paint can seat yourself at home s.
After my paint into a container mix 1 tablespoon of almond oil, sesame oil or argan oil, I added, whichever is in my hand at that moment. Albeit a bit on the hair dye reduces dryness caused.
Writing about the past two years, I tried to give the place. Hair coloring is a sensitive subject because, u z and detail was a font I hope I could help. You can ask anything you're curious, I'd be happy to help you ;)
For such a bad experience at your hairdresser Was? F ull toned colors do you like? Which do you prefer tones in your hair? How did you take that tone compared to the past? Waiting for your comments ;)
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