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Om jai Mata Ganga, Ganga Maiya :: Omar thank Ana, Jai Shri Ganga Mata Ganga is the main salute you. Joe ka nara Maiaj to dhyat: anyone who worships you, Mana vanchit Phala pata:'s going to satisfy all requests. Hari Om jai shri Mata Ganga: Ganga Hail Home.
1560 km length phthalates of the river Ganges phthalates in the Himalayas is born from. He's a tanrıçadır.o, the representative of holy waters, a mystical purification and cleansing power of the hosts, purity, simplicity, is a symbol of wisdom. India laden with the scent of water, time flows by holding hands .. del del to move mountains.
Ganga's descent from heaven Hindu myth is described in poetic epic, the Ramayana, King Sagar, the king of Ayodhya, and his ancestor of Lord Rama to Ashefvamedhy Yoghya have applied 99 times. Each time a horse, sent around the world and threw it back to the kingdom without ever eaten. Meanwhile, Indra, king of the gods, King Sagara this success was jealous, and King Sagar hundredth time Ashvamedhy Yogya, while Yogya horse missed and Kapila Muni's hermitage götürmüş.at to search for the 60 thousand princess Ayodhya, set out from, Kapila Muni's hermitage ulaşmış.b reached the wrong person behaved and assaulted him. Kapila Muni princess cast a spell at a time of 60 thousand oil and turned to ash. Hearing this, the king of the Bhagirathi phthalates (one of the King Sagara's grandson) to solve the problem of Kapila Muni asked him to find a cure. Kapila Muni waters of the Ganges river, 60 thousand have said that the princess back to life.
King Bhagirath kingdom abandoning the ancestral spirits to save to meditate başlamış.bhagirath's, Brahma of thousands phthalates of years of penance must comply with, and only in this way Gang of heaven phthalates down to earth, how and ancestral ashes to wash them back to life would bring said. Brahma, Bhagirath's phthalates request and the sincerity been satisfied and to Lord Shiva to pray, and not just do the job that bildirmiş.shiv phthalates the thick hair of the river opposite direction phthalates planted, so heaven flowing Ganga, Shiva's hair by filtration through the earth to flow başlamış.shiv 's Gangadharan be personalized alligator in this denir.b depicted sitting on the Ganga, represents both death and immortality.
Haridwar in the middle of the river Ganges flowing like ice crackles rituals of the city, at Har-Ki-Pair Ghat yapılır.bura day, every hour is filled to capacity with which the holy Ganges bath. Passing over the bridge on the river Bhimgo come out on top, when you take a look around, apocalyptic phthalates mess of the place gibidir.hindis' s people flock here from all corners of income. The cyclical nature of time and life eternal pulls into you here. The immortality of the soul as self Upaşinad migration bildirilir.ruh is good in everything. Square sadhus, beggars, yogis, peasants, Ashram students, pilgrims, vendors, all side by side, on the edge of the Ganges phthalates in great haste they pray your prayer. Indians phthalates they find each vacant phthalates floor, underneath a cloth pillowcase uzanıver, they challenge one another realm gibidir.sadhu national dormitories, all barefoot, turbaned head, zapzayıf. This guy tomorrow predicament about it, for years Haridwar'm going to all the butt already, me they know, and I their Minakşi'siy am. Their body a piece of cloth with the sarıver up, their world goods and works, there is no ascetic is to live a single philosophy. Some of the matted hair, even from his neck is long, some of the clothes is ash, so that they travel in totally phthalates naked, they are the Naga Baba. Çangar çang hear ringtones, when I look back, that came to my mind when I saw bells fitted into place, without trying phthalates to understand the situation, I leave them alone with the mystical body.
Square, with gains vardır.bura cooked meals from restaurants, outdoor dining take a few bucks, who knows what province of India to worship her husband and the difficult conditions in which we are dealing with people who we know are coming. Made from dried banana phthalates leaves, natural dish vegetables, rice and semolina halva, as hundreds of people in order to enter a great respect and take their sustenance that day .. Every man, to Dharma (justice behavior) as appropriate and faithful lives in this country. The edge of the Ganges river, but sold melzi everything for rituals. In cars, cans stacked on top of every size nylon, with Ganges water is taken for people who can not travel, the water, the weddings, the water cure is for people who are sick and dying. GaNjA is very strong water stream, entering the water to hold the arrayed, are chains. Omar suffering, clinging to the chain, remove the water and then dive into the distracted greet the rising sun. God created the waters and into the chain from the end of his essence katmış.b I hold, I ebullient phthalates clit into the waters phthalates of the Ganges, as a soul smiles, deeply heartfelt. I Goddess foam is wound, the Indians laughing at me horny bitty struggling with water ..
Haridwar pilgrims who come for the first time, the mess in barber, hair last

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