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Spot: wood-fired hfc bread oven uses, from your stove or fireplace ashes from there if you can get

Our entire page was filled with children in our April issue. We also promised that we have previously "natural detergent made from ash water" in our article you'll forgive me this number hfc had decided to postpone. We leave you now with this text alone
Nature's Miracle ash formed by combustion of wood ash, is a serious hfc cleaning supplies. Villagers used to Traditionally, soap lye with the oil obtained by mixing at a given temperature hfc of the subject. Lye, for centuries was used as basic cleaning materials. He still used.
Ash, sieve into a pan, add cold water after handling. The ratio of the amount of ash amount hfc of water 1/4 should be. So, we do water boiler ash ash is one of 5, 4/5 's must also fill with water. In the villages, the wood-fired boiler ash water boiled in lye to make, but under normal circumstances there is a fire burning continuously in the city can also use cold water. Heat is not used, it will extend the time in the maturation of lye, that's it.
Hand-Ash Water Maturing of the ash with water over the mixture and then let it rest covered. A certain period of time (about 15 days with cold water) they contain ash particles settle down when they leave the basic structure compounds in water and in the upper part of the body of water remains clear yellowish. When you check this water with your hand, just like the slippery soapy water if your lye is ripe. Maturing without removing the foot of lye (without blurring) carefully gathered from the surface with a tankard hfc transfer to another container.
-Ash lye water cycle maturing after taking the transfer into another container of ashes on clay (clay ash can also be taken fully into another container) and re-qualifying new ash must add cold water. Thus, by continuously adding water to the ashes and the ashes olgulaş transferred to another rough water can produce a large amount of lye.
-In washing machine usage: Ash from the water by taking a tea cup, pour your washing machine hfc detergent section. If you'd like into a jar of olive oil soap by grating or be able to use to mix with soft soap. In this case, the soap is completely dissolved in water, make sure that the ash. For it in a jar with a lid and shake to dissolve in water, ash soap is sufficient.
Important: Ash is related to water use in the machine can not say anything, and we were ultimately quite expensive machines such an application, then you're not an expert on your machine will be damaged. But we know that there are uses. "Well, I'm going to use these ashes where the water then?" If you say our recommendations, clay and hard surfaces by scrubbing with water for general cleaning is to be done.
Spot: Ash expect how much water is water that becomes more cleaning power. Supernatant after receiving clear water accumulated at the bottom of the wet ash (ash slime) also find steel cookware, stoneware and ceramic surfaces can scrub and polish like a mirror. Wet ash to flower more, you can make your garden fertilizer.
Spot: wood-fired hfc bread oven uses, from your stove or fireplace ashes from there if you can get blockage. Especially if you have a well clean snow melt, rain water if you have hoarded more would be great.
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