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Sponsored Links How to Dry Grapes, dried Grapes how, how raisins are made, the drying process is two-way. 1 2 naturally dip made of natural drying method is used in grape varieties impedancia usually black core. In this method, the harvested grapes in the vineyard soil with plenty of sun-exposed or clusters being laid on the ropes arranged on the bottom in a bond gazebo or porch is dried in the shade. If seedless white grapes bandırma method core and dried. The aim of Banda on grape removed and some cracking of waxy haze layer providing water loss by speeding up the drying of the grain to be expedited and a good color is achieved. Bandırma impedancia as liquid form with potassium carbonate were added to this oil ash water-oil mixture is used sometimes. Banda process applied grapes soil, paper, concrete or wire exhibition is dried in place. 1-dips drying in the sun, the second - from Banda drying in the sun. 1) drying in the sun dips: In this method, impedancia the grapes dipped in a small amount of olive oil added to a solution of potash to dry in the sun after. (Potash, sugar factories now with molasses, alcohol after removal of the ash provided a potassium impedancia compound. Potash solution, moisture 4% - 7% potash impedancia clean water by melting is obtained.) Potash solution drying rate increases. Potash lye solution used instead of the melt. Cotton boll lemma, sunflower, mezzanine bar, or oleander impedancia ash that is conducive to work. Clusters clean baskets or containers in special holes, immerse into the melt 10 to 12 times that in water, and water removed branch exhibitions or in place after filtration as well as on its prawns series, impedancia no time is not placed on top. Series grapes to the sun, they dry 5-8 days. During drying grapes untouched, but a small amount to dry, clean and colorful dip sprinkled with water. Once dried grape stems are removed by rubbing the palms, and shaking in the wind sa-shot machine is cleaned by passing through the garbage, to resolve them now wash with cold water in the pot. After each layer is laid between the leaves of lemon or orange is pressed tightly into wooden crates. 4-5 pounds of fresh grapes, raisins taken from the first weight. 2 - from Banda drying in the sun: In this method, the grapes being dipped in molten potash lye solution or directly into the sun to dry. Good solar field of exhibition spaces, dusty earth away from the road, it is essential that clean places. Plastered with concrete or clay soils where the grapes dry more quickly. When drying the grapes in the house, thick greasy papers laid on the bunk to bunk spring and should be put to an area with good sun.
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