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Previously, brown-grayish brown with caramel how a dye my hair at home of what I

Previously, brown-grayish brown with caramel how a dye my hair at home of what I've published a detailed article. Suffer from the same issue with me so much that I got mail from my friend, the second article I thought I should publish without waiting. Mail to all of you for your valuable comments and thank you :) You can see in the photo below in my previous article I told my application. Coffee-caramel brown ash ticking if you want to read a comeback spelling. ;)
First home hair coloring is not a result of warranty, but also a very difficult event I would like to specify that. At one time it can be difficult to get the desired result required some patience. I 3 I want to dye your hair color you've reached! If you have experience in this matter and please do not trust yourself to a hair dye Subscribe know. Afterwards bottom paint thine house can make it easier for yourself. If you are like me on the floor if you have previously painted a darker shade of paint; primarily Please note that you need to paint painted parts. If you go in the bottom of their natural hair, paint the bottom to take a much shorter time compared to the end may be open. In the end you opener / oriel if used at that time to endpoint must wait 5 minutes until the paint and brush.
But then I had obtained from the photo below ashy brown. Here 2.boya 1 month later, I've done that before painting the bottom. 1 and 2 I've applied to dye my hair all shades of difference to avoid.
I've never changed my hair dye products NEVACOLOR still 10.01 (Extra Natural Ash Platinum), 11.10 (Extra Light Ash Platinum), 12.01 (Extra Light Ash Super Opener) I use paint. These are the highest opener ness, which paints a very careful to be implemented or hair burning and tear can cause a maximum of 30 minutes that I hired again, I caused the accident, let's not then :) I my hair is very dark because dare this paint I used. Implementation opener lest my hair at home with these dyes my hair until I opened the shades I wanted. Dye my hair a dark color my hair at least I can say I'm hungry to give damage. The following photos were taken under different light and completely unfiltered. All 3 photographs taken in the hours after painting is the same. Top left photo under white light bulb or sunlight can say that in the middle photo flash shooting outside, still outside the photo on the right was obtained by shooting without a flash. State closest to the naked eye, such as the right tone at the bottom ;) But if I use orange reflection on how much ash color occurs after the first coat. Yıkandık go rawness of a softer color turns.
The photo below only did the bottom paint, 3 Now this painting. As seen too soft sweet light brown ash. I photographed before and after the form. If you've noticed a paint color occurs after the raw light in the bottom but fear the rawness of it goes after a few washes.
I want my application to tone my hair opener miracle seemed to open up. At the end of my hair highlights, dark chocolate being brown in the middle, at the bottom had its own color. I did not want to paint a dark color, Orielle did not want to open up. For this purpose, a total of 3 times at home but I want my hair using my ashy tone paint mixture, I opened up ;)
Writing is hard for me to prepare and a little risky. I've attracted a lot of hairdressers in paint and paint since I was incredibly being comfortable and I am happy to do my own, I live by myself, I wanted to share with you the process. My goal is to anyone living with me troubles my best to help.
What color paint then apply now I will keep my hair because I think it has reached sufficient clarity. The next spelling Light Ash Brown 's how I got without turunculuk ;) Stay tuned ...
How did you find the final version of my hair? Do you love ashy brown tones? To capture these colors and numbers which brand would you prefer? Waiting for your comments and recommendations, with love ;)
Hi, firstly hair color very beğendim.karışım have been very successful :) I hairstylist victim as someone to help me with your istiyorum.saç my pre-chocolate coffee gb coffee tones vardı.k've lorael 9.1 2-3 times after painting hair color I had opened, so welcome bi color came out, but at least we managed to open I was able to partially :) ready Speaking hairdresser go I want to get the color I'd thought, but the hairdresser's clear that tone would be the paint color is dark b coffee oldu.tekr back to top I yani.ş commemorate hair color bottoms being lorael the 6:03 looks like In the end the darker shades of brown bi kahve.saçı how to bring my painting I need?

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