Thursday, December 26, 2013

One of the reign of Mahmud II of the second man, Ramadan Iftar invite some friends, the famous poet

"Why does not conform to the rules of traffic these folks? Look at it, it would not be enough "after the passing without any attention to the red light. When the traffic police fines by then "the police after me" call. One of our citizens ambar have their dog bite. Who knows hungry he left, tail pressed the ... But he says: "Somebody's after me, my dog, even against me fill the left." Famous in the earthquake a citizens from Istanbul to Bodrum on the run, then comes back, again earthquake when "Allah, Allah, This earthquake was banatak! .. "said ...
When you are talking about my own situation than they remembered. Some of my uncles, inevitably some shortcomings as I write and put out "I wonder if this shorty put me why?" They say. No, I'm not wearing to anybody. Uncles, that's not it ... We seriously, what happens when I try to reach these goals. We were only to be reborn ambar each day 'we ambar have to. Otherwise ourselves and what we do before we are tired, we are tired, then everyone of us ... achieve the objective, is to be renewed and reborn. No excuses, and the goal of achieving ambar success can not replace. Running, let's ambar keep the hustle and bustle. But some of them, however, ambar you never make it in your Kossak. Here's an example:
One of the reign of Mahmud II of the second man, Ramadan Iftar invite some friends, the famous poet Izzet Molla are among the invitees. Read Isha prayer and communion with the Taraweeh prayers will begin. Imamate ambar of the person who leads the prayers quickly enough to the two prostrations is a. (In fact, such a prayer is not permissible. ambar So assuming the obligatory abandoning the prayer, the prayer is not, not rendered counted.) Rak'ahs at the end of the tenth five minutes without income. At that time a man comes outside. Seeing them in prayer 'Ready ablution while I'm grown I congregation' he will enter the ranks of rush to greet the congregation. Izzet Molla think says:
Some "Maşaallah, Time Gazatesi constantly is improving. How is this happening! We could not understand! "They say. I say: 'I did not understand that while you are in business, you'll understand how to do it outside?'
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