Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I chose a light color for the bottom of my hair .. In this type of hair dye opening speed was slow,

Recently I started getting cyanogen a lot of questions about my hair .. For this reason, I will make a few speculative share about my hair .. Today I want to start threads with hair color .. As you know since you know me, I was blond hair .. This year, make changes to dark brown ash ash brown and then turn back to open .. The first time I gave up yellow Although I am very sorry for my current hair color'm incredibly happy .. :)
Current hair color is not actually a paint color .. Infrastructure due to platinum blonde flowing dark ashy brown color as a result cyanogen I have reached this .. For that reason not only color my hair .. Through my hair trying to get the platinum yellows to reconstruct it as it ensures that the radiant color .. But it is not so difficult to reach the color .. Subscribe light ash brown hair at the salon where you can catch this color on adding platinum sparkle ..
Dip dye my hair myself sit down because I'm doing now .. Bottom paint foam paint I had chosen my first use, I really loved because it is extremely practical. However, the latter could not find the same dye Loreal Excellence Creme 9.1 Light Ash Blonde hair dye use and I got;
I chose a light color for the bottom of my hair .. In this type of hair dye opening speed was slow, I want to color my hair color but it could reach .. As a result, you can see the difference cyanogen without creating tons dip dye my hair I have done .. :)
Ash found in brown grayish color than the color of my skin adapts and makyajsızk showed me pale .. :) Also this hair color looks very beautiful fair-skinned, especially bronze ... I would suggest a nice color to wheat and bronze-skinned .. :) I'll use for many years, cyanogen it seems from the comments section if you write if you have questions I answer as soon as possible :) xoxo :)
Too damn what you suit ashy color? (: Bye-bye, honey, that uses skin color is very nice sitting on your face. Reply Delete
Hello cnm. Hair color, bayildim. :). I first boyuca cyanogen I saclarimi.kull sarin GB of tone never want boyatmadig My Show at yakisip worthy not talk at kararsizim.kuafor not in myself to paint for istiyot I How can I help olurmusun me :) Delete
yes because this style of dark hair dyes are not very good at opening will occur behind the colors of the boxes already said :) exactly is keeping the desired color in bright colors .. Best for my hair this color is dark Opens thought :) Delete
Let's say that Amaaya hullo.) Delete
longing eryüz 10 August 2013 19:00
Buse lady blonde hair to give up it's terrific been a decision for you, you light dark tones of ashy color looks good even from yellow when you return it the first dark ash brown color you super suit had facial features, more is revealed, type this light shades, winter Anse dark ashy color you can choose also all reviews blog and Instagram ever in without bothering to reply within which also want to thank the readers have given reflects the importance and other bloggers should be an example some only the negative criticisms to answer readers' questions, take time unknown, unfortunately ... Reply Delete
I offer a belated thank you :) hopefully agree .. Sometimes I forgot density veremeyip respond immediately to messages from happening .. But what I'm trying to leave unanswered by geldiğiin. I thank you very much for the nice comments again :) Delete
I've been following your blog for a long time but I have not had the opportunity to write I do not usually leave a comment, just read AnlArdAndIm. My hair color is very close to yours, I had come to paint the bottom of my courage came :) I went I got the same color I painted cyanogen the spectacular results the first time and was very sevinliy my own yaptıgım hold paint. Ediceg no longer continue cyanogen to dip dye my home. Thank you very much for your suggestions. Yours. Reply Delete
First, you and I would like to specify that you're great hair. Say hullo :) I my hair always at the salon chocolate coffee boyatıy but I went on vacation saltwater, sun saying my hair up a ton opened and excellence paint got clear golden brown rengini.kut at the top of the color exactly what I want but the paint What if I dark m becomes bilemedim.korkuy am just waiting for paint. I wanted to get an idea. Thanks :) Reply Delete
:)) You can see it for baktığınz it. So great is you who are: * Sub-structure is not too dark and you can try if your hair cabuk opens. In a region before but my advice is try to see the results that you obtained by wash all go to paint :) Delete
my friends was in the light sheet virginity there were tons of honey color. ashy brown, but I dye my hair at the salon as a dark dark auburn bay that was both close to sariyer in fact, I just wanted an ash brown hair boyatal two gun is going to go again

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