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Hello, my highlights in my hair platinum had up to 2 days. bottom 3-4 cm has been my own hair as da

The hair of my writing, I'm often asked the most curious, and I can continue with the subject at the end. From blond hair, light brown in transition there is an event that happens to most people; greening problem! As you know, in recent months than a sudden decision I had my hair dark brown paint. As it is on the greening of previous hair color issue caught me. I and my methods of their solutions, both around me with advice I could eliminate this problem one week. Today you; greening my name is stain no problem giving advice might be tiny but effective, I hope it can benefit your business! Then pleonasm method that you just want to get to evade greening;
When I dye my hair dark auburn first dense ice has been a strong coffee places, drew attention to color tones but although the coffee was going on although it seems obvious that the leasehold. Photo lo green again in light work such as coffee, man!!
3 - I made myself an oil elixir. 2 from each of the following is written into the fat I've added a tablespoon or so. Fısfısl olive oil to half fill the bottle back after you've added the remaining oil, olive oil, organic / additive to be careful, though.
8 - Shampoo anti-dandruff products I've used primarily as J ohn then Frieda's Go Blonder series have continued to use. This is a serious hair shampoo my name is stain series is helping to open, write a detailed entry. 9 - Hair mask I use whatever densely, oil-masks my name is stain akıtıyor.zat very good rinse and squeeze the juice flowing hair that will see the paint. 10 - Foliage color wash one evening a week to wash 1 - 1,5 full sitting. Of course, this process will vary from hair to hair. Highlighted color and the color of my floor is open so be patient stays behind after aktı.b quickly :)
Currently my hair this way. Although this has been amply clear color from light here, there was nothing between dark yellow. Other hair color, you will see the current spelling. In fact, even my bottom is darker my name is stain now, so I prepared a mixture of oil paint when I have so much impact on the bottom quite a few even opened my color.
If you wish to yellow with dark auburn my name is stain hair directly from the transition need your painting with colors. I direct my name is stain a dark brown painted but thankfully my name is stain the greens got rid of and ashy dark yellow consistency hair I have now, from the color I'm quite pleased and a further painting my name is stain I do not think :) Because I want natural Ombree inadvertently achieved was. In the next article I'll share my hair hair-to-date already. If you have any questions I'm ready to answer your pleasure! Everyone glittering days .. :)
I wish I had read this information years ago. yeşllik problem that I took a full three years. barely went to nap nap. amanda dh in a lighter color than the color of my hair coloring my own. I'm so tövbeliy .. I'm glad for you that you get rid of trouble for a fleeting time. :) Reply Delete
Hello, my highlights in my hair platinum had up to 2 days. bottom 3-4 cm has been my own hair as dark brown ash. After studying in your blog donr I decided to paint flat color I wanted to get as bright as gold and dark caramel thought you'd be. but the hairdresser my hair chocolate brown, coffee mousse and caramel mix to show photos in spite of high breathing ability. my name is stain When I want as it was dark. not bad but it is flowing to yikadikc cikiyor highlights the break, but there are also a bit of a dull color greening. Do you think you execute your methods that flows in stature. If you arrive after 20 days we would be better caramel boy had said. I make oyle I remained very unstable. I want Kate Olsen hair color caramel color. love is ... Reply Delete
Paint and oil to drain away and I tried to perform my name is stain maintenance if you want to go to the hairdresser said that the greens are aksın.sonr want this color, but maybe he'd like the color of a crowd. Hair color without fixing the drain with oil paint care whether my skin. Delete
20 days after their hair salon caramel how God can do it all over again why did not you upset people. I also came to my head I'm nervous. I'm just a two-tone when asking said not discolour or something something made of natural hair spoil was fantastic man (later on you so we opened this torment would have biraaz use clear if you do not darken we dedi.küll brunette has color. Exact color I'm used to self-same color paint to be gone One day, my hair thickener Coffee did it. Parçalayas As I come to my mind a supposedly taking notes. place I go I should be ashamed to own a hair salon: (Anyway, thank goodness my name is stain now I'm so glad I'm going somewhere else :) Delete
I liked the shimmering gold of toffees saw today in the market. After a little white wonder if he's in there with boyasa. ombre highlights the fact that the bottom seems more like you're hungry you to istiyorum.acab shimmering gold in the ground boyadig of toffees What color was it? Would you advise???? Delete
recognize and congratulate their hair in a way that best improve its've. During the first week of practice, but it cures your hair is very natural especially made at home from the circus if a =) also quickly burn out of the intensive washing of the hair to g

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