Sunday, December 29, 2013

Guy, like

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Once the melody and two, i got c notch portion of the sound part of the point of the song Wind Point.
Guy, like
Blah blah blah blah It's a little music ahnindeut jalmoreujiman
Qualmark not go higher jjajip fool the plagiarism
Annoying blah blah bakmyeongsu getda
Beat chilgeol real shield
Blah blah blah this is not a simple remake of the level so it's plagiarism. Blah blah Everything well the song was good. Blah blah blah
Music needle end of the reporting me? Talk a little bit by ear Sight needle litter ant asshole fuck than to prevent plagiarism controversy closest thing should already be the default bit differently as instruments yielded five wildly different write and also recognizes the needle'll waste your melody? Oi f should already see tens of thousands of the composer of the songs that are coming out in a code, one out oi f 2 f intro ballad atf tempo plagiarism yiget enter my rest? Oww ... I know ye do stupid fucking getting Type the go.
(((O people say: no god but Allah and achieve eternal salvation))) the meaning of the word-the one God but Allah. Worthy of worship except Allah, no one. Two. Obey Allah, except atf no one's worth. (Introduction to Islam)
These songs, in chord progressions so and so the kids are funny and bit the melody and separately should see, who is similar to someone different from the staggered talk funny blah blah blah, one logically picked look, the first sketch version has a plagiarism that's atf a little funny, first, NINA trying to show that the atmosphere, and later it can also itneungeogo real sampling, sample the atmosphere is clear, then you have released the hit? I GOT C. and earnest To be honest, a bit self-plagiarism can not do that, did not even sampled a particularly atf liquid lunch, but came in talking about plagiarism bakmyeongsu Suffice it to say the melody line and the melody line baekkin Flick it right. John has only just melody lines, plus about 1.5 bars? Changes atf along the rest of the ship, where I put out - put out, with this definition of plagiarism gonna happen, debate has maneunya offering you. Same thing, just the melody line and the chord progression is why After all, why ttajimyeo heartbroken rhythm, atf or the atmosphere of the song eojjeone After all why not? Who's listening to the vocal melody, but it is also exactly the same, but the atmosphere is similar to Who'd only hear bits. Read comments yineyo indeed saw the spectacle. Blah blah blah, and bakmyeongsu vocal melody line is not exactly like a man of conscience with your hand on the talk now ㅋ plagiarism because whether or not the too vague hagin sorry, it's over written any yijeongdo ripped off because of whether or not, is not the same thing in the same'll (bakmyeongsu melody line) would not like me anttokgateun (bit) plagiarism controversy atf really stop laughing every time you really blah blah blah expert discussion is not it funny and blah blah
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