Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Hi everyone :) This lovely day I want to go write spelling before heading out. I'm not certain how many come in the evening and at night I did not want to stay with the article 12. (Single allowed my day is going to be frustrating, even though in the course of 9 hours of sleep, the joy of being there now :)
First I have to tell you have not read the first book, or watch the first movie spoilers if you do not eat inevitable. More book and the first book because we see the results of the development of the very annoying. I continue to make stimulation;
After writing rubidium the book I just read the first two paragraphs, even if you thought it would be good: D So I will try to explain in detail. But I can immerse myself together. Books have forgotten some of the things I've read type situation there.
Clary to save their memories need the help of the Silent Brotherhood. You go to the city to ashes. But for the return of memories of the person who should solve the magic occurs. Meanwhile, after the events of Valentine'l income crest. In this case who is guilty, who is innocent has come to understand that, but for Valentine's son Jace is skeptical. rubidium Jace interrogators to pressure vessel Ashes decided rubidium to remain in prison. Ashes to ashes şehrindeyk Jace Valentine comes to town and takes a deadly sword of toys and Jace latter asks to join him.
Such as the general subject of the book. The book continues in the same fluidity. I've finished this book in one breath. Clare tips into the book leaves little small, as in the first book. Clary and Jace's brother I knew there would be in the middle of the book. Unfortunately tips in this book does not reach a conclusion until the next book. Ulaşayın desired success in the first movie the second film's shooting had stopped for a while. But the shooting started again. Meanwhile, the actor who played Simon Misfits' selected to play in and there acting. :) If you are interested in writing for an hour for this big event going on so I'm trying :/ which wrote in the book which took me a long time to decide what to write.
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