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"Ash from Yerci asih of things", "Everybody pulls origin" | Featured Stories
A Sultan Khidr wanted to see one day for this howler urged the "Who me Khidr if it shows him the gift to drown," he said many sons servant A poor man of this work was to aspire to his wife said: "Lady, I sultan Khidr would find telling him This will allow for forty days and forty days from the Sultan during your lifetime will feed you food, drink and get paid. Forty-Khidr not find the end of the day my head goes, but you can be comfortable "
"Lord, we anyhow got used to such eke to then the administration would give up this dangerous work," he said But he head had been put to the Sultan go Khidr said he would find it for forty days and asked for permission Khidr find scour for that forty days, the family's livelihood for palace in the hold tons of food, beverages colle and cash received them delivered to the house whether forty days disappeared Forty days at the end of the sultan came into the presence of everything confessed: 'I actually colle Khidr something'll find there was as a family had difficulty colle Khidr'll find as you Dünyalık wanted to get " said the Sultan, it was very angry: "The Sultan deceive the penalty with your life will pay you never thought about it?" shouted Adam afford everything gets said on this sultan located next three queens with an exchange colle of views was the first queen asked: - Sultan colle fool this man the sentence he let? - Lord, this man's throat slit, flesh shred hook to hang him'm Meanwhile existent ones, luminous, white-bearded old man I queens on words said: Ash thing Yerci from asih the "Sultan second colle vizier asked: - What about this guy penalty, let? - Monarch colle this man skinned into the straw and fill a little while ago suddenly emerged old again, "Ash thing Yerci from the originals," said the Sultan third queen asked: - O vizier what you say, fool me this man the sentence he let? - Sultan me, this man forgive that suits you, from you is to be expected this man a major crime, but as previously thought not that bad because the offspring the comfort colle of sacrificing himself to be able to so good-hearted Nurani old again interfered: "Ash thing Yerci from asih the "sultan This time he headed to the aged person: - Who are you? Repeat what you say it is a two story? the old man replied: - your first queen's father was the butcher for her to cut the meat on hooks to hang garden setti So actually showed the second queen's father quilt was a quilt pillows, bedding on the faces of wool, cotton, etc. would fill One father pulled into the third vizier his father queens O the strain drew, show the size of my said said "Everyone actually pulls means" queen if you want (the third queen showing) lay queen, Speed, if you want (manifested) work Khidr, this man not embarrass to you to do, I said, and disappeared ...
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