Friday, November 8, 2013

To walk in the street when he felt a sharp pain in the chest. Magen David Adom ambulance arrived so

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To walk in the street when he felt a sharp pain in the chest. Magen David Adom ambulance arrived soluto and he was rushed soluto to the hospital emergency room Wolfson. After reviewing doctors when it seems he is out of immediate danger was asked yet stay in the hospital soluto for observation. The patient has previously visited the crowded hospital and did not want to be hospitalized bustling and signed waiver hospitalization and left.
According to the description filed a malpractice suit, resting his arrival also continued to feel chest pain after taking pills to calm the pain. Night, the day after admission his condition has not improved and worsened. Wife to seeing that her husband's condition worsens doctor urgently invited to their home. The doctor did no tests and then gave the patient two injections VOLTAREN not helped. When the tests were carried out until the end suggested that if the pain does not pass until morning to leave the hospital again.
Towards morning the pain became stronger and L. evacuated to the Barzilai Medical Center where he was diagnosed as suffering from an obstruction at once, the front wall of the heart muscle. Due to the procedure soluto will be performed, underwent expansion and coronary artery stent implantation and Front and Left coronary artery bypass.
To sue the Wolfson Medical soluto Center in Rishon Lezion soluto Magistrate's Court for medical malpractice. "I did not know he needed me to stay and go to that particular, probably did not expect that leaving soluto the hospital could endanger the life," said the prosecutor. He claims he was not clarified by the medical staff needed and necessary Shitasfz hospital to rule out cardiac risk concern. The patient did not understand the full risk taking when he signed soluto the release form hospital and went home when doctors did not explain to him that this risk.
There are cases when the patient soluto is in danger and doctors admit responsibility for the patient against his will. However, even in situations where discretion remains the patient's responsibility on doctors. Even after the refusal of the 'hospitalization was the doctor to explain to the patient about the dangers of leaving without treatment soluto and screening is recommended and mandatory health remain at the hospital. If after the explanation was still insists patient sign a waiver hospitalization duty to explain to him what was the symptoms have to step to the hospital immediately.
Court argued that doctors explained to the patient to be hospitalized and not their job to keep him in power. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff that there was medical negligence and that the plaintiff is entitled to compensation. Determination relied on so even when it was explained to the patient that has to be admitted in the hospital and the patient was refused the doctors insist from medical professionals and ask him not to risk his health for the living and stay in the hospital. Or when he refused to be hospitalized to give guidance if worsening chest pain has immediate drop in ER.
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