Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To the bone. Cutting the Sirloin

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Guy Rubanenko Posted: 14:05:09, 12:51
"There is a great sirloin," she whispered waitress Yoezer wine bar "that has such a long aging." Magnificent piece of meat was not long to go: juicy, acetic acid goat meat tastes wild and placed on rösti (potato pancake Swiss style) sustained to the wonderful reddish juice. Not sure buttery soft meat lovers will enjoy this steak - meat requires more strenuous work of cutting and chewing, but who gets excited, like me, a strong meaty flavor and concentrated, was beside himself. Flavor, seared memory glands, acetic acid also evoked burst thoughts.
"Aging" has become a magic word regarding meat. Supermarkets are sure to mention the cuts of meat (thawed and very high quality) are "outdated" to try and give them a quality image; meat restaurants boast their own aging refrigerators, and connoisseurs praise of aging vs. aging vacuum hanging. Before we try to understand whether aged meat is always better meat that has not been aged, it is worth remembering what it was.
Immediately after being slaughtered animal flesh is still soft, but the chemical causes hardening of the flesh begin to occur: precursor protein (comprising the muscles) acetic acid "stick" to each other; lactic acid (the same stuff we've accumulated in the muscles when they "perceived" as a result of strenuous physical activity) cumulative, and the level muscle pH changes. Within a few hours becomes difficult animal meat. There are several methods to prevent these processes, or return the meat to its original condition. Hanging meat, for example, prevents some muscle contraction. Rapid cooling of the meat prevents some lactic acid accumulation.
Aging is a chemical process designed to return the meat to the soft state. During aging the meat is kept relatively low temperature for periods ranging from one week to several weeks. During aging, the enzymes found naturally in meat break down muscle tissue hardened, and the result - the meat softens and flavor acetic acid changes due to chemical changes occurring acetic acid in proteins, sugars and fats in meat.
There are two main ways for aging: aging and aging hanging vacuum. Aging is done by hanging a special refrigerator acetic acid that hang the meat when it is exposed to air. When shy of meat hanging meat dries out, and some of the water in it evaporates, so the loss of about twenty percent of the weight acetic acid of the original stake. This is why restaurants and butchers who declared aim is the issue of quality (which is the majority, in fairness), prefer to choose the method of vacuum aging.
In this method the analyzer vacuum sealed in plastic, which prevents drying completely, place in the refrigerator. Been aged beef vacuum becomes soft and lose weight, acetic acid but less than the flavor of aged beef hanging. Ie - aging vacuum more lucrative economically, but lacking flavor. Economic aspects that most of the meat sold in supermarkets outdated fashioned vacuum. To find outdated meat hanging you will have to find you a quality pace.
Aging process, as mentioned, not only softens the meat but also changes the flavor. The meat is outdated over time becomes even more buttery and nutty taste more like a ripe cheeses. Enzymes that are responsible for muscle and joint large molecules and small molecules pointless flavorful (eg, glycogen is broken down into glucose, a molecule sweet and fat becomes aromatic fatty acids).
And what is more delicious? It has been a matter of taste. Meat was aged for short flavor excel "Meat" anymore, but will be more difficult to chew. Those who prefer meat as soft as butter, with more subtle flavors, would do well to be selected in meat aged for a long time. Who is not afraid to chew and love the concentrated flavor of the meat and wild - will be pleased to discover a new world of tastes in meat aged for a short time.
Theoretically you can have it all - a soft texture and a strong meaty flavor - if you eat the flesh of the animal acetic acid just hours after slaughter. Realistically, in Israel at least, the task is impossible. Meat slaughtered in an orderly manner and supervised must undergo veterinary checks acetic acid and laboratory, and those over several days.
It memorable sirloin steak served Yoezer Wine Bar Diner in H"steik new ": double meat dinner includes small starters, side dishes and a large piece of meat - sirloin on the bone or the lid of entrecote (part sits above the in-kind" of entrecote) - price 150 dollars per person. My steak stated, I chose to accompany rösti, in my opinion the ideal addition to analyze bloody meat. The combination of brown and crispy crust melts in the center acetic acid of the pancake acetic acid softness creates a perfect dish combines all the best and delicious potatoes. acetic acid
Grate (Photo: Yaron Brener)
Peel and coarsely grate the potatoes. Place in a bowl, add salt and pepper, mix with hands and waiting a few minutes to allow salt potatoes fluid out. Take a handful of potatoes between the hands squeeze force. acetic acid Transfer to a bowl and keep it clean with the remaining quantity. If you use an iron skillet, hits it over high heat until it begins to smoke easy. Add 150 g clarified butter. Wait a few seconds and add the grated potatoes. Press firmly the mixture into the pan with a flat palm. Pancake supposed to be the thickness of about -7-6 inch. Fry on one side about 3 minutes, occasionally add a little clarified butter acetic acid Htzidi acetic acid pan, so she Grease the bottom. Gently lift the edge of the pancake to check it is ready - the color should be brown - gold.
To the bone. Cutting the Sirloin
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