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There are two parts to this method called Sue Lloyd (sous-vide), the first is the water heater, whi

In recent years we hear more and is more a concept called molecular gastronomy. According to Wikipedia, "Molecular gastronomy is a scientific field investigator physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking food. Molecular gastronomy sector investigates the mechanisms that regulate the conversion of food ingredients for food during scifinder cooking and trying to explain ...". scifinder In fact, this is not a new method to cook, but a science that deals with understanding the chemistry of food preparation, in other words, an understanding of the 'why' of something in the kitchen happens to make me understand 'how' to cook to produce scifinder a better dish.
The bottom line is, what makes a particular material, for example an egg, make a liquid state to a solid, why french fries at a restaurant is usually a crisp outside and soft inside while the house is only a soft, why salt strengthens other flavors as ice cream and why freezing at a lower temperature it is soft and more velvety. Ultimately, all cooking is molecular cooking, even if we are not aware of it ...
Domain using chemical understanding of food preparation is vacuum cooking and last week I was invited to attend a lecture on the subject, it gave Chef Yair Feinberg, owner of Feinkok, imports to Israel innovative cooking appliances that are unfamiliar to most home kitchens.
There are two parts to this method called Sue Lloyd (sous-vide), the first is the water heater, which is basically a container with water that can reach the desired temperature and keep it over time, and the other is to create a device designed vacuum bags for cooking. What's the idea? Utilize the accumulated chemical knowledge about different foods to make them the most. With your permission, example: the fact is steak sirloin say, reach the level of a medium roast when it reaches 60 degrees Celsius. What's the problem? Cooking methods items (pan, barbecue, oven), no way to get all the steak to the same temperature, so when the center of the steak is medium and the color pink, the outside is already in Well Done (71 degrees or more) and color grayish brown. How to solve this problem? Compare temperatures. Take the steak and they brought it to a temperature where its environment is - soon all will be in a perfect medium with a uniform color. Here comes into play the vacuum method: vacuum scifinder sealed the steak to be cooked in a bag, and the bag in water preheated oven dip to 60 degrees exactly. Vacuum packaging prevents the evaporation of liquids and flavors and leaves the meat juicy. In addition to the barrier between the meat into the water, it reduces the bacterial culture and allows to keep the original shape. Incidentally, this method also protects against "overcooking, so nothing will happen if the meat will stay in the bath longer than you planned.
Back to the lecture, there were tasting of dishes prepared by this method only. Was ham (turkey breast) juicy without additives unwanted scifinder of pastrami industrial, Ontario rib cooked for 48 hours (texture amazing analyze fibers and fats) plus cream peas, roast beef sirloin (medium) with garlic confit, duck breast scifinder (Excellent) on a bed of beans and for dessert apple cubes (according to the same method) with coconut cream and basil (another method). Some dishes were further burning pan to get the color and other reasons scifinder (Krameliztzih, another time ...). Was also a demonstration of salmon scifinder stayed in a water bath at a temperature of 53 C for 13 minutes (was excellent, juicy and especially different salmon eaten in the past) and the "perfect egg" cooked the shell temperature of 64 degrees.
Disadvantages of the method? Well I could name two - first romantic and loss of ability to make a mistake in the kitchen when everything goes accurate and timely, and the second practical, the price of the tub is NIS 3,000, and a vacuum 1800 NIS (One can get a discount if you buy both, the cost of each bag ranges from 60 cents to NIS 2.5, depending on the size) - not cheap by all accounts, especially as they both should also find a place.
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Wrote enriching scifinder and beautiful. It is important to clarify roasting meat very high temperature after cooking vacuum is not done for Krameliztzih, but for the reaction of Bayard. Two different responses aimed at is coloring and flavors release (or in English - flavor ..).
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