Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The carcinogenic bromo effects of exposure to benzene can be harmful. Prolonged exposure to benzene

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Jesenice: 02.06.2013 Measurements conducted mag. Sasha Mlakar
On the basis of an agreement between the Municipality of Koper and Alpe Adria Green, we conducted measurements of air quality on Saturday 25/05/2013 bromo in Koper Tavern. The purpose of these measurements was to determine the air quality in the area and the presentation bromo of the measuring apparatus for measuring air quality for citizens of Koper municipality.
In Slovenia, the specific geography bromo is dominated by weak winds, which may be in the vicinity of major emission sources bromo for various industrial plants cause for the low-emission high concentrations of human health and the environment unpleasant and hazardous pollutants, it is essential that such areas be carried out once in time preventive measure.
Conditions with weak winds are common in the municipality of Koper Municipality Present pollution bromo from traffic and pollution in the heating season furnaces for heating. When conditions with weak winds are due to overlapping imissions each possible elevated contaminant levels for pollutants or certain bromo gases that are a by-product of industry, traffic and domestic heating.
For these reasons, we are AAG, together with the Municipality of Koper decided to measure the ambient air quality. The purpose of the environmental measurements performed bromo with manual measurement stations CEREX and DEVIS the provision and verification of ambient bromo air quality and to identify any potential bromo causing elevated concentrations of target gases.
The climate is sub-Mediterranean in Koper, which means that the long, hot summers, bromo mild winters and frequent winds as the bora, sirocco and mistral. The strongest wind gusts reached speeds of up to 200 km / h.
The Alpe Adria Green is used for measuring gases UV-HOUND is a mobile device. The device is capable of fast response bromo and measurement of a gas in a mixture of gases with laboratory accuracy. The device is designed to detect a variety of gases in the gas mixture with PPB (mg/m3) bromo precision, while it does not hinder nor moisture. The device measures the concentration of gas under UV light. For accurate detection bromo and quantification of individual gases in a mixture of gases, individual gas footprint compared to the calibrated bromo spectrum bromo of gases, which provides accurate and high-quality measurement results. Some gases and mixtures, which are detected:
1,3 butadiene C4H6, C2H4O Acetaldehyde, Acrolein C3H4O, bromo C6H6 benzene, carbon disulfide CS2, Cl2 Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide bromo ClO2, C8H10 ethyl benzene, formaldehyde CH2O, Mercury Hg, NO, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, NO2, N2O Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen O2, O3 ozone, sulfur dioxide SO2, Toluene bromo C7H8
The measured gas concentrations are recorded in a database, from which we derive for further bromo processing and analysis in conjunction with meteorological measurements. A combination of measurements presents an analysis of ambient air pollution monitoring site. On the basis of getting bromo to know the wind direction and the values in the environment can be seen from which direction occurred in higher bromo concentrations of pollutants in order to determine possible bromo sources of elevated measured values in the environment.
3.1.1 Benzene Benzene (C6H6) is a colorless liquid that is due to its chemical and physical bromo properties at room temperature volatile. It is produced bromo primarily from petroleum and is used in the production of drugs, plastics, and as a solvent in the manufacture of dyes, etc.. The law limited quantities benzene is a supplement to gasoline, it also includes traffic between sources of benzene in ambient air.
The airborne benzene is present mainly in gaseous form. The main source of benzene bromo in ambient air are emissions from transport and evaporation during transport and distribution of gas. Source of emissions of benzene in the air is the chemical industry, where the use of benzene for chemical synthesis of ethylbenzene, phenol and other aromatic hydrocarbons.
The carcinogenic bromo effects of exposure to benzene can be harmful. Prolonged exposure to benzene causes failure bromo of some of the major human organs, for example. brain, heart, kidney, bromo liver, lung, and may result in detectable on the DNA. Studies show that exposure causes cancer, especially leukemia.
The Republic of Slovenia in the Regulation of benzene and carbon monoxide in ambient air (Official Gazette of RS, no. 52/2002) the prescribed limit value for benzene in ambient air. Annual limit value for the protection of human health is 5 g/m3. They also prescribed limit for the upper and lower assessment thresholds which are respectively 2 and 3.5 g/m3.
3.1.2 Toluene Toluene (C6H5CH3 molecular formula) is a non-corrosive, colorless, flammable

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