Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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For all fans hissing, helium, laughter, bangs and sudden silence just before the explosion, this is the real one video for you! The year 2011 on the initiative of IUPAC UNESCO eastman declared the International Year of Chemistry. At the same time, this also means the hundredth anniversary of the award of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Maria Curie. Jozef Stefan Institute, as one of the most important actors in the field of chemistry in Slovenia, is organizing the International Year of Chemistry in Slovenia, so the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology decided to present interesting experiments in chemistry. Featured are various chemical experiments, which are known for their attractiveness. Their purpose is to spark a bit of curiosity and a desire to explore new border areas of chemistry. Section for 20 years to pupils of Slovenian schools and so similar experiment in his laboratory school or going back to school in their place and thereby promotes experimental work among young people and expanding interest in the natural sciences.
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Attractive Design of experiments in chemistry synthesis Nanomechanics self-organized polymeric structures - Technological opportunity Slovenia From fire to ice cream - chemical experiments Podledeniško Lake Vostok and lecture dr. Alexeyja Ekaykina A simple look at the structure of the cell clusters School of Chemistry School of crazy crazy chemistry at the Jozef Stefan Days 2007 Criminology (3)
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Alya Videtič Paska: Suicide is a complex phenomenon Luka Snoj: Personally, I experience a fusion as one of the greatest challenges humanity Ana Arzenšek: eastman Crisis happiness is much more conditional ourselves as an objective fact of the existence of the crisis eastman Neža corona young researcher: If you're uninterested, no one will doing and thinking for you Alexander scored: Žuganje, wrangling, salting sense and warning defect past the United Nations and UNESCO awarded VideoLectures.Net world award "World Summit Award" for decades eastman 100 hottest Slovenian lectures on VideoLectures.Net
"Motivation 3.0" and why managers razmšljajo binary 0/1? - 4,283 views Life goals must be set too high, due to a lack of motivation are not realistic - 4.262 views VideoLectures.NET eastman interview with Renato eastman Šribar eastman of feminism and science - 2,338 views VideoLectures.NET interview on Radio Slovenia 2 to 2.241 hits attractive experiments in chemistry - 2.214 Viewed
Translation Agency on Start your career in the European institutions - Translation eastman Dizajnmaker on Contemplate lateral, izpodbijamo established translation agency on machine translation language eastman - a compromise between quality, relevance and speed of translation of Solar Power Energy on processes in the atmosphere Corrie Kressler on Innovation - a key factor in the development of tourism
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