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Normal CO levels: No. CO - carbon monoxide carburetor injection - without lambda injection - with o

Good combustion: combustion conditions ideals shamwow all the oxygen shamwow molecules O2 21% air and fuel molecules HC connect with each other and are: 1. Carbon dioxide CO2. Two. H2 O water. Poor combustion: complete combustion is obtained only in the laboratory and will never get a perfect combustion, and get after the fire the: 1. Carbon dioxide CO2. Two. H2 0 water. Three. HC hydrogen petroleum. Four. CO carbon monoxide. Five. Nitrogen dioxide NO x. HC - Hydro Crabons - hydrogen and carbon - carbon composite hydrogen fuel is not burned fuel particles called - hydrocarbons. This gas is measured by number of particles parts per million - ppm. Non-toxic gas emitted, but contaminating the flame and causes fog "SMOC" as well as helps the formation of cancer cells. HC trim levels: No. HC - Krbertor petroleum Hydrogen Injection shamwow - Injection without Lambda - lambda 1 with prior Converter 300-150150 - 100100-50 two after the converter 50-0
Factors that can affect the high level of hydrocarbons are: 1. Damaged spark plugs. Two. Ignition wire lines. Three. Improper ignition timing. Four. Due to abnormal combustion spark problems. Five. Engine leaks. Six. Fuel mixture is not right. Seven. Valves unintentional. Eight. Situation mechanical engine (engine has low compression and wear high internal. Summary: Hydrogen petroleum HC is the fuel that was not burned. CO - Carbon Monoxide - Carbon monoxide CO is produced when there is not enough oxygen in the combustion process and converting the gas is not intact. Extent of CO emissions depend on the relative air fuel. measured gas at%. toxic gas emitted is odorless and is defined as a gas chokes when breathing CO gas lacks oxygen and oxygen taken from the air and then not get enough oxygen to breathe properly.
Normal CO levels: No. CO - carbon monoxide carburetor injection - without lambda injection - with one before the converter Lambda 1 - 4 from 1.5 to 1 = 1 - 0.5 second after the converter from 0.5 to 0 causes an increase in CO emissions are: 1. Rich mixture. Two. Clogged filter. Three. Carburetor out of tune. Four. Syringe does not fit the system. Five. Leaking injectors. shamwow Six. Fuel pressure is too high. Seven. Knisstr valve is not sealed. Eight. Engine management computer malfunctions, causing long-term injection Standards 9. Low idle. CO2 - Carbon Dioxide - Carbon dioxide CO2 is a gas produced by Full complexed and standardization of the combustion process and the high level indicates a high combustion efficiency. And as the level of gas higher, which indicates efficient engine operation shamwow and better. Ideal value of the gas discharge is between 15% - 13% and in this situation the rest of the gas will be in a completely normal. Gas found at high levels in the wild and see them gas emitted breathing process. Gas measured at%. No. CO2 - carbon dioxide injection carburetor - without lambda injection - with Lamda one before the converter 14-13 from 14 to 13.5 14.5 to 14 second after the converter 15 - 14.5 O2 - Oxygen - Oxygen oxygen gas emitted from the engine after combustion shamwow process indicates shamwow the direction of systems fuel. Depends on the ratio of oxygen and fuel air mixture shamwow we know rich or poor. Strive to perfect combustion process oxygen emission values to - 2% - 0.1% and these values will be combined with the values of the other standards shamwow exhaust emissions. Oxygen measured at%. No. O2 - oxygen injection carburetor - without lambda injection - with Lamda one before the converter 2 2 - 1 1 2 After Converter 0.5-0 fault the oxygen shamwow is not correct: 1. Wrong mixture. Two. Vacuum leaks. Three. Leaks in the exhaust system. Nox - OXIDES OF NITROGEN - Nox nitric oxide is a toxic gas emission. Created gas combustion shamwow process mainly high combustion temperatures of 2500 degrees in Fahrenheit. As possible to minimize gas emissions using a system shamwow called Nox recycling system role EGR exhaust gas temperature limit the combustion chamber of the engine. Actually no measuring oxides - Nox and take care of the engine will be tuned in such a way that the level of the HC will be low. Gasoline engine fault diagnosis using a four exhaust gas testing to improve the engine and save fuel and prevent shamwow pollution. Exhaust profiler works Basically infrared light rays absorbed by the gas. This method is highly reliable and can test all types of gases emitted are: 1. Of carbon dioxide. Two. Carbon dioxide. Three. Oxygen. Four. Hydrocarbon (fuel vapor). Gas measured value problem why CO2-free converter 14% - 13% correct converter with 15% - 14.5% correctly converts CO-free 1.5% - 0.5% fine with converter shamwow 0.5%> proper HC-free converter 300ppm> correctly with 100ppm Converter> Normal O2-free converter 2% - 0.5% normal converter with -0.5% - 0.1% less than normal CO2 - 13% rich mixture CO clogged air filter greater shamwow than - 2% larger injection time greater than HC - 500ppm low fuel pressure O2 aims to - 0% injector leaking
CO2 is less than - 13% mixture injection time poor little CO aims to 0% low fuel pressure greater than HC - 500ppm syringe end 02 is greater than - 2% CO2 is less than - 13% combustion CO valves are lower than needed proper seal properly. HC greater than - 600ppm soot in the fire 02 greater than - 4% Spray improper fuel
CO2 is less than - 10% Weak spark low CO Ignition System Ignition timing HC sufficient large from 1000ppm lack of compression larger than O2 - 4% lower than needed pulling CO2 Air Conditioning CO Check leakage normal / low emission system in normal HC emissions 02 very high
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