Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My girls have not heard of the subject

Survey baby bottles in 2012 - our review | be a mother
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Products on the market today have a wide selection of infant baby bottles. Since I gave birth to my twins 3 months ago I got to try on 8 different types of baby bottles. Here poll baby bottles where you will find my opinion on personal various bottles, along with advantages and disadvantages of each bottle.
Mia and Venus are twin girls 3 months. Since I am in the infant and often receives samples to try, I had three months to try a wide variety of bottles and I wanted to share with you, my conclusions browsing.
I nursed my son and I combined formula in his second day and that was four and a half years. Knew in advance that the girls I'm going to do the same, so stocking up in advance that will be bottled exclusively breastfeed twins is hard. Then the really first time I nursed in But it does not hit them breastfeeding from day one and not spoiled so that bottle feeding was welcomed them with long dining out at a reasonable carbon rate.
My girls have not heard of the subject "nipple confusion" and as far as tit is always the most fun option and they still indulges him like a cute little puppys but again, I have two and need to power the food, so we also give formula (Notrilon for that matter).
At first uses of our bottles were in favor of formula carbon or breast milk, from the month I give them Herbal Tea saves and chamomile gases then moved Lnotrilon and gas stopped so it was not a need for more, but we used bottled particular for flow of tea that is more sparse and watery. Aged two months and some girls started to get cornstarch, which made more porridge and consumption change nipples.
First. Baby bottle of Pur
Advantages \ disadvantages carbon \ Notes: Bottle feeding babies from birth, without Bisphenol. Quite convenient to use and easily cleaned. The girls really like to eat with him. The new models have a good flow, no leaks and the bottle carbon closed easily and effortlessly.
When the girls were beyond the hospital unit (NICU the infant something because they were born on the borderline prematurity) plastic bottles carbon we got to feed them with special nipples that are tailored to small and cause premature optimized carbon flow of the food.
Advantages \ disadvantages \: first, nipples matched carbon premature infants and infants born small with a small mouth. Slow flow, allowing them to eat at a good pace without choking. While these nipples are disposable setting but can be used again and again. The great advantage of the bottles is that they connect Medela pump (screw) which is very convenient for those who pump milk instead draws little bottle that comes with the pump. Bottles without Bisphenol. We used them mainly in the last two weeks and later moved to other bottles. Now I use them to provide tea or boiled water because the flow is slow.
In the initial period with Yuval, I used mostly B-FREE bottles. Their nipple is very soft and fits newborns and also the straw with the temperature gauge is a brilliant invention. Especially for new parents who are still not used to check the temperature of the food after heating. This time I received as a gift from two new bottles but used them less.
Number of parts: contains six parts - Body bottle, nipple, nipple ring, preventing carbon gas tube and a resident of the tube which breaks some silicon and some plastics. Bit cumbersome to assemble and clean, the tube and internal parts require cleaning Miohdbat ratio.
Advantages \ disadvantages \ Notes: to B-free mechanism that worldwide patent prevents air bubbles to mix baby food and been shown to reduce flatulence and abdominal pain - like breastfeeding. Bottle of very good beginning for the soft nipple slow flow. Great advantage - Heat detector that changes carbon color when food is too hot bottle. Disadvantage - the amount carbon of its parts makes the use awkward cleaning (especially when you have to wash it several times a day).
Advantages \ disadvantages \ Notes: There is also a model with a plastic disposable carbon bags, great walks, nipple ring cotter important not to end another carbon bottle dripping. Nipple of the Avant has a patent that prevents creating carbon a vacuum and thus reduces carbon the recurrence gas caused by swallowing air.

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