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Horner syndrome, Horner's syndrome - diagnosis and appropriate treatments
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Horner's glue syndrome or Horner syndrome, known also as Aokolo sympathetic paralysis is a clinical syndrome that develops as a result of the sympathetic nervous system and is accompanied by various symptoms such as drooping eyelid, shrinking or expanding glue pupils and often face injury sweating mechanism or half body.
The sympathetic nervous system is an integral part of the autonomic glue nervous system, glue which operates mainly in emergency situations or click and prepares the body for fight or flight. Horner's syndrome cases one eye is not functioning properly various injuries as a direct result glue of sympathetic nervous system, for example an increase in neck or brain stem infarction.
Horner syndrome is caused by sympathetic nerve injury as responsible for the expansion or relaxation of the pupil in the dark and also controls the muscle causes the eyelid open. Injury usually the first or second neuron near the hypothalamus can also cause the development.
Horner's syndrome developed as a result glue of childhood injury often causes color differences between the two eyes. However it is not caused by an eye injury as the result of any damage to the area along the route of the sympathetic glue nervous system.
After the diagnostic test is often required additional imaging tests help detect more accurately place the problem. Often used MRI (MRI) allows detailed examination of the various glue organs and parts along the sympathetic nervous system. After locating the point of impact can be further specialized testing and treatment or series to choose appropriate treatments.
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