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It was David Ben Gurion imposed Osem the challenge to find a worthy substitute for rice will be bas

The story of the flakes twisted story of the country.
It was David Ben Gurion imposed Osem the challenge to find a worthy substitute for rice will be based on the available raw material more like wheat. The little man - a large, whose hands were full of fateful matters, found time and inspiration to deal with the issue of finding a solution to a shortage of rice on the desks of immigrants from the East.
Imagination of Mr. Eugen Propper, owner of the barn, took him to the shtetl, to Jewish dish called Farfl, he dough egg noodles, cut into tiny flakes and baked in the oven. On the basis of the same principle is taken of pasta dough, shaped into a rice (and, later better known form of pellets round) and baked in the oven. The result was received with great sympathy and society favorite nicknamed "Ben-Gurion rice." mapei
Many years later, American chefs were exposed to the flakes, through working Bmsa'dotihm Israeli cooks, mapei and would ask them to send them flakes country. Memory flakes stuck to the Israeli mapei consciousness and liberating the Israeli child even when roaming abroad. Since flakes menus can be found under the name American restaurants favorite: "Israeli couscous."
Wood is an Israeli dish invented not only for Israel, but because of whose birth is associated with difficulties in the birth of the country, and especially because of the idea that spawned it really symbolizes our exiles - Solution culinary needs of the Eastern Jews through the association of Eastern European food.
I referred mapei to before their definition of certain raw materials as food saint, because they are saving the world from hunger populations. While chicken is saving us from starvation, but still in the Israeli context can be considered as food saint, because it allows the experience of eating meat every Israeli home, even if you can not cook beef, because of the lack of budget, time, or limit the ability culinary health.
I believe that cooking meat is what gives the food life and therefore sees the birds the eternal flame of Israeli mapei cuisine. Fish, cattle and sheep are sometimes casual visitors, but the chicken is black verb "of reviving Israeli food on a regular basis.
The sins I mention, and thank culinary outset, did not much like chicken. As a cook at the outset became blind Mzharm of fillet of beef, grouper and white foie gras. I started out so underestimated, to patronize and alienate the chicken is so homey, quiet and unassuming. When I started to incorporate it into the kitchen it was only wearing his fancy suit and calls himself a "chicken steak" because everyone knows that chicken S"hazh dry. " Luckily, a person can not deceive itself mapei over time, and at some point I had to admit to myself chicken breast tastes better to me Fergie. But I had to really grow up and learn to repeat the tastiest part of the chicken are actually his legs, when cooked long cooking mapei rich harvest until they become soft, gentle and soaked in flavored sauce and memories.
Food and cooking do not engage in self-importance and class rating, but the soul. Staying power of the mind alone with God, the person dealing with the world and hardships, feelings, experiences and memories. Whoever understands this knows that chicken and chips are less important than caviar and lobster and access them with the same respect as accessing truffles.
The main difference between mapei our flakes for other pasta shaped like rice or rice Verizon Italian, it's being baked pasta. The baking process is that the expiry of which the world makes pasta and how to use them as you would use rice.
Of the flakes being baked giving them a daughter and toasted caramel flavor and me in preparing flakes must deepen the flavor Defensive their "secret charm that it. The flakes have a good frying before cooking them until they are browned, I add great axes are brown and of course the ultimate companion flakes mapei - fried onions.
I found the process of developing long cooking dish of chicken Markets vacuum, after properly browned, very deep brown flavor and gives them their super soft texture without losing their shape. Attached recipe given the choice of whether to use or skip this trick.
Preparation Place drumsticks in a bowl, pour over one teaspoon mapei of calves Sedan, season with salt, pepper and one teaspoon of Ras al store, mix well to coat the legs evenly. Heat a wide pan on high heat until it is hot, add the pan 2 tablespoons goose fat and burn your calves a few minutes until they reach a deep golden brown on all sides. Remove the chicken from the pan Markets, sealed in a vacuum bag and cook in 82 degrees, 12 hours. (If you do not want to cook in a vacuum can skip this step, see notes at the end of the recipe) to the same pan in which you fried the chicken Pour 2 more tablespoons mapei of duck fat and fry the onions over low heat, slowly, about 1/2 in an hour, until soft and golden, Add the teaspoon of Silan and spoon remaining Ras al-store and steam another 5 minutes, until onion is very brown and glazed. Remove and set aside. After calves cooked, remove them from the water and let them rest at room temperature 15 minutes, then transfer them to a bowl of tap water for another 15 minutes and then transfer them to a bowl of ice water for another 15 minutes to stop the cooking. Open the vacuum bag and drain out the fluid. Fluid accumulated in the vacuum mapei bag are brown chicken, spicy and wonderful to use as a spice packet. mapei Measure 1/2 gallon brown axis making mapei gravy and others keep making flakes. Before serving, place the chicken and onions markets a wide saucepan, pour over 1/2 liter brown chicken stock cooking created, the soy sauce, the coordinator grenades and coriander mapei and cook over medium heat about 10 minutes, until hot and glazed calf thick sauce. If the sauce is too thick, add a little water if it is thinning cook a little longer until the certification.
8 servings Ingredients: cooking ahead of flakes: Flakes 200g 250g chicken stock 2 onions 2 tablespoons goose fat or oil 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon of sugar to complete the risotto: 150 g

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