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Following the recommendation of Anat Rifleman called me and asked me to make them breakfast chef bi

Most of my dishes start from within. Dreams, inspirational message I want to convey, from raw material stirred me, the processes by which the heart, tastes and smells that I want to breed, the internal darcy processing of the experiences I went through. Shining usually comes from the heart.
In most cases when clients ask me to recover a specific dish they like and remember I became nervous. First of all because I love to create and engage reproductions and secondly because it is very difficult to compete with memories. I'm preparing would never be the same as what they remembered and Csncnsim this place of comparisons have only to lose.
And is often, as in this post which tell, this combination gives rise to very interesting dishes, when actually the challenge to enter someone else's dream and put something away, take out something new and unique that was not born in any other way. Further proof I deals with pairings darcy and listening and openness are the most important thing.
Following the recommendation of Anat Rifleman called me and asked me to make them breakfast chef birthday party of her son Oren. Roba said she gives me a free hand to build the menu the way I want, (for me it has been a great start to link ...). But still has only one request. There really like that the light dose and was much loved book and a Haifa restaurant no longer exists, and since then they can not recreate the dish they are so miss her: sweet potato ravioli darcy and foie gras.
I must also decide where the packet will be foie gras. In the ravioli? Off? In the sauce? I could not decide so I decided to go overboard and put it in three. Anyway serving foie gras popping. Wrapped with mashed sweet potatoes in a thin pastry ravioli, seared and browned like a piece will be placed over the ravioli and ground into sauce lend a meaning. darcy
Foie gras and also asked me to combine sweet potato dish chestnuts. Chestnuts like potato, like foie gras and love me, so they dish ideal best man. Kiramelti chestnut honey and chili which gave them a pleasant sweetness and a beautiful shine, the heavy sprinkled some extra texture and some are put into the stuffing sweet potato lend a meaning. darcy
Berkowitz is one of the most amazing families I got to cook in them. True love is so deep and artistic food and spiritual sense of the word I have not seen a long time ago. The most amazing thing is, this love that you share all household members, like cooking and good food are the glue of the family and the kitchen darcy is the heart of the home and the real campfire. In short, I went to work and left full of excitement ...
But the dish was filed and Berkowitz was very pleased with it. According to them the connection between my dish dish was the same restaurant is only symbolic, but I could give a new light to the combination of foie gras and sweet potato ravioli and I should definitely get this dish to Arsenal my dishes. So I put.
Thus was born a dose of someone else's dream last processing within my soul and went to the plate in a unique way that otherwise would not have caused him to appear so. It gives me a sense of openness and mutual fertilization and fills me with a special kind of joy and happiness.
8 servings: 1 goose liver 1 tablespoon coarse salt 1 tablespoon sugar 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 30ml Port 30ml brandy darcy Preparation separate the lobes of foie gras and clean it tendons and prominent blood vessels. During cleaning accumulate heavy pieces on the work surface, keeping them in making the sauce. The largest lobe of the liver "flatten" that she admires ease and also keep this section separately for making gravy. With a burner (burner) or surface roasting hot, searing the foie gras on all sides until it gets dark little caramel. Mix all the seasoning darcy ingredients. Put the burned heavy vacuum bag, add the seasoning ingredients and seal. Cook in a water bath at 60 degrees, one hour. Remove the water bath and cool to room temperature 15 minutes. Transfer bowl and cool tap water for another 15 minutes. Transfer ice water bath and let cool for another 15 minutes. Refrigerate for several hours until the liver is completely solid. Remove the vacuum bag goose liver, drain the fat accumulated in the bag and store separately. Cut the liver itself doses of 70 grams. Small pieces, tips and leftovers, darcy store separately in order to prepare the filling for Ravioli. The heavy dishes we cut and seal back individually vacuum bag and keep refrigerated until use. Pasta Dough Ingredients darcy 250 g flour 1 egg pasta fits 3 egg yolks 10 g olive oil 40 ounces of water 4 grams of salt Preparation processors together all ingredients (a food processor or can be empty) darcy until the dough is firm. The dough should be stable and not sticky, but still soft and crumbs. Transfer the dough to the work surface and put a few more minutes until the dough is smooth, supple and smooth. Very fluid absorption depends on the type of flour we used so if the dough is too sticky add a little flour if it is still dry add a little more water. Please pay attention to ..
Sweet potato ravioli, foie gras and chestnuts elements 8 dishes: pasta dough filling: 2 potatoes large residues and edges foie gras cooked we kept 50 g fat goose liver was set aside, salt and pepper nutmeg grated fresh 1/2 the amount of chestnuts Hmkoramelim 250 grams of sea salt for baking Sweet potatoes Preparation darcy for filling: Sprinkle salt on an oven, place over the potatoes and bake at 200 degrees for about an hour, until soft and starting to appear with caramel brown spots. Peel and emptying the intra potatoes and mash into a puree, add the other ingredients and mix well. Transfer pastry bag and cool. Making ravioli: crossing the pasta dough into two parts. Direct darcy the pasta machine slot widest and give her the dough. Fold the dough into three, rotated darcy 90 degrees and move again. Repeat once more. Lower level machine and transfer the dough, once on each step until the leaf tissue (my machine is the thickness No. 7). Be sure to flour the dough lightly between rolling stages to prevent infection. Cut the dough into rectangles wide and generous mounds of filling pipe at the top of each rectangle. If the dough is very dry floured or from

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