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Exactly 540 years ago was born a man who deserved to be stopped, the sun, Earth and began a circula

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Exactly 540 years ago was born a man who deserved to be stopped, the sun, Earth and began a circular route around this our valuable stars. Well, at least for the time shift in the minds of living of our ancestors is probably promotional products the correct description. Mikotaj Copernicus, the world known as Nicolaus Copernicus, was one of the few in the Middle Ages lived an average of 40 years longer than the life span of the average human. His life was fairly promotional products comfortable, as the youth spent in a middle class family. Because he is the father died ten years, is the care taken over the mother's brother. My uncle was like a German mother, and Nikolai mostly spoke German, while the scientific writings written promotional products in Latin. After Copernicus also called impact crater on the moon with a diameter of 93 km and a depth of 3.8 km. In early 2010, the IUPAC named after the chemical element kopernicij. Source and photo: http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikolaj_Kopernik
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