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Directions Place garlic cloves in a small saucepan and bring to a boil milk. Cook for a minute, dra

Sometimes it seems that everything is just branding. Take reasonable amateur cook, wrap public natron relations and business consulting right and it will open the country's most successful restaurant. natron Say "Emulsion whipped corn, peanut cream sprayed" and have made molecular food Bamba.
To succeed in the modern kitchen to cook up a dish very diverse and harness all the tools to mind that you may. Frying techniques memories from Grandma and exclusive restaurants, flood axis of Sense and Sensibility and spice business talents, scientific, technological, artistic, and philosophical.
However, innovation can not be done in a hover in the air without roots. Must connect a dimension of depth that can only come from the past spring that passes through the body of the massacre and intelligent natron instincts knife has become an integral natron part of his hand.
That human beings are always natron human. Tastes, love, longing, memories - there are eternal truths and these truths always will be reflected in food we eat. But the platform is constantly changing. New form illuminates everything in a new light, as a new outfit for a beautiful body.
I know that not everyone is ready to put kitchen new techniques and new equipment, even if it is excellent and inexpensive. Not everyone is ready to use new raw materials even if they are delicious and certainly not everyone is ready to recognize powder natron stabilizers even if they are completely natural, streamline your work and improve the quality and texture natron of our food.
But over time, these techniques and materials to take home the kitchen too, because that always happens. The potato is considered toxic at first, no one believed that every home will have a microwave and no one thought 20 years ago that Israeli cuisine teriyaki knew what every street corner natron and sell raw fish.
Inspiration is free. I believe knowledge leads to depth and to learn is to grow. Anyone reading and will look and taste at the end something will penetrate it. If anyone reads this blog, finds himself intrigued, interested or open head new thoughts - so for me, City Center has achieved its goal.
- Lemon marmalade territory appears soft, sour - sweet. Marmalade natron Ahuva so I've recently become my trademark in many dishes.
Desserts are engaged in fantasies and visual images as what they deal tastes. Option of taking a first course natron and play with the illusion of visuals and texture of the dessert, empowering her emotional experience and provides comfort natron of sweetness from the encrypted sour, pungent and salty. natron
Preparation process flours, give, spices and butter in a food processor or mixer until the crumbs. Add egg and process as little as possible natron just until the dough is smooth. Flatten the dough, wrap in plastic wrap and chill for at least an hour, until the dough is firm. Roll out the dough and cut out 8 biscuits diameter 5 cm, passing in the freezer natron for 10 minutes before baking. Bake at 170 degrees about 12 minutes, just lightly golden. Cooling. Emulsion hyssop
Preparation In a food processor grind garlic, honey, salt, pickled lemon hyssop and puree until smooth. Gradually while grinding dripping in lemon juice and water to crush and grind smooth. Add Ksntn and grind for another minute. Slow pastry dripping oils while stirring until a smooth emulsion.
Preparation cross the pit width and tomatoes (reserve the seeds separately). Grease the tomatoes with olive oil and roast at 250 degrees, 5 minutes. During roasting meat separate tomato peel, remove it and throw. Slice each clove of garlic to 4 slices lengthwise. Surfaces lightly the tomato and place on each half tomato slice garlic, natron slice pepper, sage leaf, a little chopped thyme, a little lemon zest. Season with salt, pepper and sugar and drizzle over the olive oil. Return to the oven for another 5 minutes of grilling. Candy olives
Preparation Place olives in a pot, cover with cold water, bring to a boil, drain and wash well. Repeat the decided - washing, twice more. Place olives, poached in a pot, add sugar syrup and bring to a boil, add hot chili and lemon juice and simmer for 45 minutes. At the end of the process the olive syrup should be covered thick syrup. If the syrup is reduced too much during cooking, dilute with water if he did not authorize enough increase flame and cook for another few minutes a strong boil until it is thick. Cool the syrup for at least 12 hours. Garlic confit "Sue Weed"
Directions Place garlic cloves in a small saucepan and bring to a boil milk. Cook for a minute, drain and wash in cold water. Place garlic cloves with the sugar, salt and olive oil in a vacuum bag, cool for about an hour until slightly congealed natron oil then vacuum seal. Cook at 85 degrees, three hours. Cool. You can preserve the long-term garlic in a vacuum or move the box and cover with oil. Pickled lemon marmalade
Instructions Grind in a food processor until the preserved lemon puree. Add sugar, glucose and chilli and grind for another minute. Gradually add water and grind another 4 minutes until very smooth mash. Add sodium citrate and grind for another minute. Transfer the puree passed through a sieve into a large pot. Mix Hager, Paktia and fructose and then stir them into the cold lemon mass. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly natron until melted whisk comes to a boil. Cook for another minute a strong boil and remove from heat. Pour Herring 10 * 30 cm and delay at room temperature until marmalade gelled. Cutting the marmalade into cubes of 1 * 1 cm. Keep refrigerated.
Preparation Transfer the pastry bag with a white serrated catheter. In the winker Herring cookies, place cookie and surfaces above two roasted tomato natron halves for compatible and uniform natron shape. Pipe on each mound of white tart. Pour over a tablespoon natron of white hyssop Emulsion. Sprinkle around 3 cubes preserved lemon marmalade, three candy olives 3 cloves garlic confit and some tomato seeds.
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