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Cotton falls all the important things in garment efficient trips. When it

"Where are your bags?" Security officer asked me. "That's plastic all about me" - I told him a little pressure to catch the flight. A lot of strange looks I got my last seven months in the Far East. To this day I get emails and messages variety of continents, from people I encountered on my way to admit me for whom I influenced minimize what they carry. Minimalism is a real luxury, and you are going to experience this flesh. As my friend said the Philippine Nolan: "its not about your clothes, its about your heart."
We all know the classic look a 'walk' abroad. plastic Bangles on their hands, Lonely Planet booklet in hand, and NASA's rocket on the back. Equally surprising other people I can walk around without the minimum equipment to carry almost anything, I find myself surprised as huge files mochila people carry around with them abroad and make themselves stand out like the Ashkenazi funding. What the hell are pushing in?
The joke is even more fun when I'm proving that I stocked them even better - and I carry 20 pounds less. You can wear one set of clothes at any given moment, and I approach this something optimize plastic the maximum and forget the rest. Less is more. Stick with the Basic Law of the tour - if anything your equipment does not help you - is bad for you. More clothes require more washing. Should carry them. No time in seven months I wished I took more. Do not get me wrong - I do not recommend Lhtclb and smelly - I recommend bring smart.
I got a lot to think about all the concept of minimalism, sparked my first time philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Although suspicious arrive at the airport without portfolio, but all the other time I'm free as a bird mobile. plastic As Thoreau would say, I believe it's real property you buy is not the money you spend on it but wasted time or for life then trying to take care of, clean and decide where and what to do with it, or do all get rid of it.
I donated plastic all the clothes that I had before I left. All my wardrobe, and basically materialistic life during the journey amounted to approximately shirt, pair of pants, two pairs of underwear, plastic and a laptop it worked on my sites on the net. Today I can say I feel minimalism as improving quality of life compared with alternative plastic materialistic life. Amazing how property losing value and significance once you forget that it exists. His / entered my head said - the letters I have received over the years I could not get rid of, emotionally. Sissy like me.
A. No you will have to wait at the airport to your portfolio, or at most worse - feel frustration from lost. In general, visits plastic at airports will you fast because you will not carry, worry, wait and even pay more for additional pounds. More than that, usually you can get tickets cheaper if you choose the option the carry on luggage only, when you book your ticket. (Do not miss the full directory plastic search for cheap flights!)
In. Convenience and flexibility. You will not have to waste time worrying unnecessary plastic washings, back pain and fatigue shoplifting or any other concern to storage (or even stolen). You can take it anywhere in the blink of an eye, the so-called 'jump on Hhartfkah, without breaking your head where to put it. Or you can pack your equipment deployed in a few minutes, which means that you are prepared for almost everything immediately. This, my friends - real freedom.
C.. Merges the local culture better. There any particular disrespect far reaching culture (and poor often) and look like a spaceship go to the west. This is also why I'm not walking around with a huge DSLR camera, and compromise on something more modest. If you arrive with a minimum of equipment, fear not unusual as an average tourist is written on his forehead, I'm a tourist! I knocked Price! ' And merges better environment. You'll look more or less like a person from a foreign country who had moved his roots and moved there. There are plenty of those.
Wednesday. That really is not necessary anymore. About to see. Nort'kot Parkinson was known to his contempt for the lack of effectiveness of human resources to manage. He actually came up with 'Parkinson's Law, which says that "work expands in such a way that it takes advantage of all the time found for execution." I mean, a person has a natural tendency to stretch the amount of time he must spend in completing a given task, until reaching the time available for its completion.
Example of everyday plastic - your boss gives you a job to complete eight hours, your natural inclination will be to complete it in eight hours. If you said two hours to finish this and go home - likely finish it in two hours. Humans are not effective management of resources, and the organization also communicates beauty equipment. No matter what bag you take with you - you will find how to fill it. Things you do not take them - likely not notice at all that you need. Amusing animal is a human. Equipment list E - So what should?
So like I said, you want to be smart. You are going to carry you very little, so it is important that much will be effective as much as possible. One of the problems that most travelers make is choosing which clothes are made of fabrics. Most of the guys I've met come with piles of cotton clothing, and some rioters variety, hiking clothes (Alak) MAY synthetic fabrics. Poo of choice.
Cotton falls all the important things in garment efficient trips. When it's hot, it does not Mndft sweat effectively. False, it does not save body heat properly and even threatening hypothermia if you got wet when it's cold outside. And just like to stare at another nail in the coffin - it does not dries fast when damp or wet it. Damn. Synthetic fabrics such as those often found in stores in travelers' Israel usually dry out quickly and Indfo sweat properly, but will not retain your body heat so efficiently and faster Golani guy stink rookie week war.

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