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Botanically, the strawberry fruit is not considered, what we eat is actually the fleshy part of the

Season came and I bought strawberries - 7 Slslaut cost me a 20 (each basket cost me 2.85), for me it was not cheap because my goal is to buy the carton for next to nothing, but some of strawberries were in excellent condition, so that in terms of buying was very worthwhile to get the price This not only eating strawberries for jam.
Optional: pectin naturally lignin core apple (preferably apple green) / shell whole orange or lemon or Fiktin synthetic (What is pectin, and what it is used - you will read below, but if curiosity mounting you - Here's a great, wide wonderful also includes the medical benefits you can also read here)
Step B: Preparation of strawberry jam - after washing begin cleaning the sting, you can choose to do it manually lignin and take the edge off withdrawal, or use a knife or even stone. After cleaning cleaning sting has to Sun hazards, pests damaged parts, etc..
Step Five: Add the sugar - the practice is that the pound Perry is customary to put a pound of sugar, but naturally sweet strawberries so I recommend lignin starting in 750 grams of sugar (strawberries ratio changes in light sweetness but does not drop from 600 grams of sugar). During lignin the cooking I recommend to taste a few times and decide if it's lignin sweet enough for you or you need more sugar jam.
Jam preparation should strictly constant stirring, purists insist every few minutes, but every fifteen minutes is fine. It is important to remember Riva needs time so "small fire", patience and constant stirring keywords are preparing jam intoxicating. lignin During cooking practices have constantly remove the foam created and like me, who see the foam as an important lignin element in a pharmacy, so I shift it. Jam brewing slowly and preparation time depends on many factors including: type of pot, pot thickness, ripe strawberries, etc. selected. Therefore be foremost with such immature jam after only an hour of preparation and those who need two hours to three hours of cooking, so trust yourself and feel the jam and not worry if it's not on deadline listed in all kinds of recipes.
I'm clinging to jam the whole process and checks it all the way, purists use a method where you put it in the freezer, find it after about ten minutes, pour tablespoon jam cold plate and cross your finger the pool jam: If the jam was divided and separated lignin and trying to connect a sign jam is ready and crusted well If it connects to sign it too liquid and continue cooking.
My recommendation to try to feel the jam and see if it fits you, if after a few hours see the jam is not exactly what Scioontm and taste is too runny, you can always light a fire to cook again and again until you feel that this measure suits you.
Choosing a jam jar is important to preserve fresh jam. It is important lignin to ask yourself whether you think it is consumed quickly or slowly? Do not share it some jam or all designed for you? What Shishifia on the size of the jar, if the jam with you over quite quickly be put in large jars, if not then I recommend putting in little jars, no need to buy special jars - glass jars can be used there. lignin
Knesset jam jars - jam jar should get sanitized when it is hot, jam be sealed hermetically by closing the lid, and then make Htznzt, so it will stand on its lid. This gives Reba a longer shelf life through the vacuum inside the jam.
There are two alternatives: the first one, making jam and giving up sugar is completely free substitutes, in which case you may want to make a small amount of less than a half pound of the absence of sugar no "preservative" jam in the second, the use of sugar substitutes from measurements written on the replacement. Regarding sugar substitutes I want to dedicate a few words: sugar substitutes lignin known problem associated aftertaste to them, I saw nothing more chilling lignin drinking a drink that contains sugar substitute. lignin Sell sugar with Diploma - no sugar substitute, and I would rather drink without sweetening than a sugar substitute. However, over the years I have experimented several times sugar substitutes.
Stevia is a plant name for a whole variety of shrubs, one of it is called Stevia Rbodiana natural sugar substitute, stevia's most Iitrona it is natural and appropriate substitute for diabetics and calorie-free it can be to get a pot plant at a nursery.
Botanically, the strawberry fruit is not considered, what we eat is actually the fleshy part of the flower (ha! Life would not believe), most people are not aware that what we eat is actually the core of the flower, the fruit itself is actually yellow bumps - black on the face of the strawberry .
Over the years I made jams, I came across dozens of recipes, more comprehensive parts and some are less comprehensive. There are many recommendations Sldaboni great mistake, I will address the first time I nodded - select only the non-stick pan for making jam. Recommendation wrong because not everyone is an expert in preparing jam, and many are the times that some of the burn pot, in which case it is very harmful to the pot with Teflon as to download it to scrub a pot, which destroys the layer of the phone of the pot, as well as not in Keep all phone pot and partially removed layer has been scratched. So best recommendation lignin is to work with a stainless steel pot.
Strawberry jam buy only well off and discard the rotten part - this recommendation came across several sites, I was ashamed and embarrassed that false recommendation. lignin The rotting of the fruit is not a part prohibited, I wish I never do that and throw the rotten part because he certainly some good jam. Jams of experience, some rotten is harmless, and in my opinion is the most praised the jam. Some argue that it is jam taste and causes the formation of germs and bacteria, but it is a wrong assumption. The idea is to take the fruit punishable trash and turn it into a successful jam and intoxicating.
Add water to Riva - Riva does not need water, because the fruit secretes a fluid and actually helps in cooking the jam. If the water tend to put the jam into the tire crust too

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