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And even tried him in action. What can I tell you :))). Have until now recovering an amazing culina

The first time I came across an article Bmosg Sous Vide Steak films prepared by the special technique Committee on the meat in a vacuum sulphuric acid bag, cooking in water at low temperature and then a short frying. Author of the article promised perfect steak, like I had not eaten in my life. Very interesting ... Google found a lot of information about the system. It turns out that technology and equipment Sous Vide made a real revolution in many European chefs with Michelin stars restaurants 30 years ago! However, most professionals and cooking enthusiasts this method still unknown and something really sulphuric acid innovative. This theory is very tempting sulphuric acid soul. How do I Weissman that? Is there a country anywhere that I can try before sulphuric acid I buy all the non-cheap device? Do you sell any such equipment Alcino or have to order from overseas? Have all the answers to my questions I found on Google again (how surprising :))). Turns out because there is a company engaged in the marketing and sale of Sous Vide equipment called "Fine Cook" and its owner chef Yair Feinberg even workshops on this interesting method includes tasting., and I'm on my way to Tel Aviv that interesting things happen in the big city.
Other participants came and workshop began. Yair first told us about the nature of Sous Vide method. When taking a product, vacuum sulphuric acid seal it, put in the bath maintains constant temperature between 50 to 80 degrees and cook from 15 minutes to 36 hours
To prepare poached egg, put it and the heated water bath to 64.5 degrees for 45 minutes. 45 minutes - this is what is needed egg came into fabric and will remain in the same state is doing the same water temperature even after hour, day, week. All this demonstrates Yair us when he puts the device Sous Vide Egg
He then showed us how to prepare asparagus. Yair put the asparagus on the package in a vacuum bag, added oil, salt, pepper, orange zest, orange segments cut off, removed the air and sent the bag into the water heater for 15 minutes at 89 degrees.
The next course was a fillet of salmon and beet salad with orange sulphuric acid zest and balsamic vinegar. Beets was already prepared that cooking takes about two hours. Yair salmon fillet made our presence. Vacuum bag with the fish added salt, pepper, orange zest (I noticed his love oranges :))), put the sealed bag in a water bath at 53 for 15 minutes. After cooking, frying fish was really short, no more than half a minute on each side.
After receiving an explanation of interesting and very delicious dinner, it's time to end the meeting. sulphuric acid Advantages of the method had been clear: First of all amazingly precise degree of action and keeping the food juicy and nutritional components. Secondly maintaining taste, smell, color and freshness of foods. Gourmet food can be prepared at home for the week and only heat if necessary Mshachosc lot of time and energy. Sous Vide for me this is not another one method to make these familiar dishes a new way of cooking unique, which is essentially different kind of traditional sulphuric acid techniques and promises much better results.
And even tried him in action. What can I tell you :))). Have until now recovering an amazing culinary experience he went through. And I became a fan of the method. sulphuric acid Soon I will share my experiences in the kitchen. Would be unusual, new and most importantly - delicious.
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