Saturday, November 30, 2013

Does that help, Judy?

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Recommended: 'Fast and Furious' actor Paul Walker dies in car crash Recommended: Televangelist Paul Crouch dies Recommended: Infant among 4 killed when small plane crashes near Alaska village Recommended: Obamacare website off to a rocky start on crucial deadline day
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Stephen Rakes arrives at the courthouse in June. Rakes was found dead in July in a Boston suburb and the Massachusetts medical cyanogen examiner's office determined that cyanide poisoning killed him. William Camuti is charged with Rakes' death.
The Massachusetts medical examiner's office confirmed that cyanide poisoning killed an alleged extortion cyanogen victim of Boston gangster James "Whitey" cyanogen Bulger who had hoped to testify at Bulger's trial, prosecutors said Sunday.
The medical examiner's office concluded that Stephen Rakes, 59, of Quincy,Mass., died of acute cyanide toxicity in July and ruled his death a homicide, according to MaryBeth Long, a spokeswoman for the Middlesex district attorney's office. cyanogen
Rakes' body was found in a wooded area of the Boston suburb of Lincoln on July 17, just a day after he learned he wouldn't be called as a witness against Bulger. Rakes openly despised Bulger and blamed him for seizing control of his South Boston liquor store to use as headquarters for Boston's Irish mob in 1984.
The gangsta wannabe's should all pay attention. This is the real action. Mafia, and bad to the bone.
Cyanide, simple, easy to use, always dependable. Can be used so easily you'd never see it coming. Walk passed a table in a restaurant when target is in the restroom or at the bar, just sprinkle a little cyanogen over plate as you go by, easy breezy, or um you know, or so I heard.
9 votes #3 - Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:49 PM EDT
Does that help, Judy?
I thought this was determined months ago. Are we in some sort of time warp?
2 votes #8.2 - Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:32 PM EDT
Ed Hines
Oh dear me! How could that have happened? It has to be just a coincidence that Bulger's attorneys keeps getting continuances to give them time to bump off witnesses. I can't imaging it happening on purpose.
#15.1 - Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:57 PM EDT
witnesses against the mob have had a long history of disappearing before cyanogen being able to testify. it seems that there should cyanogen be some time of statute that penalizes the accused if witnesses against them "disappear". after all, we all know what happened to them. once bulger is prosecuted for murder in this case, you can tack on many more years to an already long sentence.
When does the movie come out?
Witnesses or prosecutors that jeopardize Tom Corbett Run for Pennsylvania Governor who knows. Just look at Ray Gricar and his disappearance cyanogen to stop him from going after Jerry Sandusky when Tom Corbett was Pennsylvania Attorney General. It just don’t happen with mob witnesses.
When I started reading this I thought this was another Narco hit in Mexico. Then I realized this was cyanide and Mexicans do not use cyanide, they shoot you in the head. Bullets are cheaper in Mexico than cyanide. How can Mexico and the U.S., two countries so different be so much alike?
Most don't. Ever read the book about the hitman Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski? His wife and kids had no idea what he was doing and he was a hitman most of his life. Friends of the family said if you met him on the street he was the nicest and most polite person you ever met, always willing to help someone and always very well dressed.
He claims he killed cyanogen over 100 people in his career and everyone close to him thought he was just a normal family man working a normal job. This is why I trust nobody because you never know what secret they are hiding and looks / actions can be very deceiving.
20 cyanogen
'Fast and Furious' actor Paul Walker dies in car crash
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A glass of wine with a rough sleeper, Santa in trunks, a thousand particularly partying particularly

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Zimbabwe poachers kill 80 elephants, poisoning water holes with cyanide This article was published on the Guardian website at 12.58 EDT on Wednesday 25 September 2013 . It was last modified at 19.06 EDT on Wednesday 25 September 2013 .
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Comment is free The Sun on Sunday lied about me last week. Have they learned nothing?
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Friday, November 29, 2013

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


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Monday, November 25, 2013


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Sunday, November 24, 2013

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


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Friday, November 22, 2013

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Botanically, the strawberry fruit is not considered, what we eat is actually the fleshy part of the

Season came and I bought strawberries - 7 Slslaut cost me a 20 (each basket cost me 2.85), for me it was not cheap because my goal is to buy the carton for next to nothing, but some of strawberries were in excellent condition, so that in terms of buying was very worthwhile to get the price This not only eating strawberries for jam.
Optional: pectin naturally lignin core apple (preferably apple green) / shell whole orange or lemon or Fiktin synthetic (What is pectin, and what it is used - you will read below, but if curiosity mounting you - Here's a great, wide wonderful also includes the medical benefits you can also read here)
Step B: Preparation of strawberry jam - after washing begin cleaning the sting, you can choose to do it manually lignin and take the edge off withdrawal, or use a knife or even stone. After cleaning cleaning sting has to Sun hazards, pests damaged parts, etc..
Step Five: Add the sugar - the practice is that the pound Perry is customary to put a pound of sugar, but naturally sweet strawberries so I recommend lignin starting in 750 grams of sugar (strawberries ratio changes in light sweetness but does not drop from 600 grams of sugar). During lignin the cooking I recommend to taste a few times and decide if it's lignin sweet enough for you or you need more sugar jam.
Jam preparation should strictly constant stirring, purists insist every few minutes, but every fifteen minutes is fine. It is important to remember Riva needs time so "small fire", patience and constant stirring keywords are preparing jam intoxicating. lignin During cooking practices have constantly remove the foam created and like me, who see the foam as an important lignin element in a pharmacy, so I shift it. Jam brewing slowly and preparation time depends on many factors including: type of pot, pot thickness, ripe strawberries, etc. selected. Therefore be foremost with such immature jam after only an hour of preparation and those who need two hours to three hours of cooking, so trust yourself and feel the jam and not worry if it's not on deadline listed in all kinds of recipes.
I'm clinging to jam the whole process and checks it all the way, purists use a method where you put it in the freezer, find it after about ten minutes, pour tablespoon jam cold plate and cross your finger the pool jam: If the jam was divided and separated lignin and trying to connect a sign jam is ready and crusted well If it connects to sign it too liquid and continue cooking.
My recommendation to try to feel the jam and see if it fits you, if after a few hours see the jam is not exactly what Scioontm and taste is too runny, you can always light a fire to cook again and again until you feel that this measure suits you.
Choosing a jam jar is important to preserve fresh jam. It is important lignin to ask yourself whether you think it is consumed quickly or slowly? Do not share it some jam or all designed for you? What Shishifia on the size of the jar, if the jam with you over quite quickly be put in large jars, if not then I recommend putting in little jars, no need to buy special jars - glass jars can be used there. lignin
Knesset jam jars - jam jar should get sanitized when it is hot, jam be sealed hermetically by closing the lid, and then make Htznzt, so it will stand on its lid. This gives Reba a longer shelf life through the vacuum inside the jam.
There are two alternatives: the first one, making jam and giving up sugar is completely free substitutes, in which case you may want to make a small amount of less than a half pound of the absence of sugar no "preservative" jam in the second, the use of sugar substitutes from measurements written on the replacement. Regarding sugar substitutes I want to dedicate a few words: sugar substitutes lignin known problem associated aftertaste to them, I saw nothing more chilling lignin drinking a drink that contains sugar substitute. lignin Sell sugar with Diploma - no sugar substitute, and I would rather drink without sweetening than a sugar substitute. However, over the years I have experimented several times sugar substitutes.
Stevia is a plant name for a whole variety of shrubs, one of it is called Stevia Rbodiana natural sugar substitute, stevia's most Iitrona it is natural and appropriate substitute for diabetics and calorie-free it can be to get a pot plant at a nursery.
Botanically, the strawberry fruit is not considered, what we eat is actually the fleshy part of the flower (ha! Life would not believe), most people are not aware that what we eat is actually the core of the flower, the fruit itself is actually yellow bumps - black on the face of the strawberry .
Over the years I made jams, I came across dozens of recipes, more comprehensive parts and some are less comprehensive. There are many recommendations Sldaboni great mistake, I will address the first time I nodded - select only the non-stick pan for making jam. Recommendation wrong because not everyone is an expert in preparing jam, and many are the times that some of the burn pot, in which case it is very harmful to the pot with Teflon as to download it to scrub a pot, which destroys the layer of the phone of the pot, as well as not in Keep all phone pot and partially removed layer has been scratched. So best recommendation lignin is to work with a stainless steel pot.
Strawberry jam buy only well off and discard the rotten part - this recommendation came across several sites, I was ashamed and embarrassed that false recommendation. lignin The rotting of the fruit is not a part prohibited, I wish I never do that and throw the rotten part because he certainly some good jam. Jams of experience, some rotten is harmless, and in my opinion is the most praised the jam. Some argue that it is jam taste and causes the formation of germs and bacteria, but it is a wrong assumption. The idea is to take the fruit punishable trash and turn it into a successful jam and intoxicating.
Add water to Riva - Riva does not need water, because the fruit secretes a fluid and actually helps in cooking the jam. If the water tend to put the jam into the tire crust too

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Normal CO levels: No. CO - carbon monoxide carburetor injection - without lambda injection - with o

Good combustion: combustion conditions ideals shamwow all the oxygen shamwow molecules O2 21% air and fuel molecules HC connect with each other and are: 1. Carbon dioxide CO2. Two. H2 O water. Poor combustion: complete combustion is obtained only in the laboratory and will never get a perfect combustion, and get after the fire the: 1. Carbon dioxide CO2. Two. H2 0 water. Three. HC hydrogen petroleum. Four. CO carbon monoxide. Five. Nitrogen dioxide NO x. HC - Hydro Crabons - hydrogen and carbon - carbon composite hydrogen fuel is not burned fuel particles called - hydrocarbons. This gas is measured by number of particles parts per million - ppm. Non-toxic gas emitted, but contaminating the flame and causes fog "SMOC" as well as helps the formation of cancer cells. HC trim levels: No. HC - Krbertor petroleum Hydrogen Injection shamwow - Injection without Lambda - lambda 1 with prior Converter 300-150150 - 100100-50 two after the converter 50-0
Factors that can affect the high level of hydrocarbons are: 1. Damaged spark plugs. Two. Ignition wire lines. Three. Improper ignition timing. Four. Due to abnormal combustion spark problems. Five. Engine leaks. Six. Fuel mixture is not right. Seven. Valves unintentional. Eight. Situation mechanical engine (engine has low compression and wear high internal. Summary: Hydrogen petroleum HC is the fuel that was not burned. CO - Carbon Monoxide - Carbon monoxide CO is produced when there is not enough oxygen in the combustion process and converting the gas is not intact. Extent of CO emissions depend on the relative air fuel. measured gas at%. toxic gas emitted is odorless and is defined as a gas chokes when breathing CO gas lacks oxygen and oxygen taken from the air and then not get enough oxygen to breathe properly.
Normal CO levels: No. CO - carbon monoxide carburetor injection - without lambda injection - with one before the converter Lambda 1 - 4 from 1.5 to 1 = 1 - 0.5 second after the converter from 0.5 to 0 causes an increase in CO emissions are: 1. Rich mixture. Two. Clogged filter. Three. Carburetor out of tune. Four. Syringe does not fit the system. Five. Leaking injectors. shamwow Six. Fuel pressure is too high. Seven. Knisstr valve is not sealed. Eight. Engine management computer malfunctions, causing long-term injection Standards 9. Low idle. CO2 - Carbon Dioxide - Carbon dioxide CO2 is a gas produced by Full complexed and standardization of the combustion process and the high level indicates a high combustion efficiency. And as the level of gas higher, which indicates efficient engine operation shamwow and better. Ideal value of the gas discharge is between 15% - 13% and in this situation the rest of the gas will be in a completely normal. Gas found at high levels in the wild and see them gas emitted breathing process. Gas measured at%. No. CO2 - carbon dioxide injection carburetor - without lambda injection - with Lamda one before the converter 14-13 from 14 to 13.5 14.5 to 14 second after the converter 15 - 14.5 O2 - Oxygen - Oxygen oxygen gas emitted from the engine after combustion shamwow process indicates shamwow the direction of systems fuel. Depends on the ratio of oxygen and fuel air mixture shamwow we know rich or poor. Strive to perfect combustion process oxygen emission values to - 2% - 0.1% and these values will be combined with the values of the other standards shamwow exhaust emissions. Oxygen measured at%. No. O2 - oxygen injection carburetor - without lambda injection - with Lamda one before the converter 2 2 - 1 1 2 After Converter 0.5-0 fault the oxygen shamwow is not correct: 1. Wrong mixture. Two. Vacuum leaks. Three. Leaks in the exhaust system. Nox - OXIDES OF NITROGEN - Nox nitric oxide is a toxic gas emission. Created gas combustion shamwow process mainly high combustion temperatures of 2500 degrees in Fahrenheit. As possible to minimize gas emissions using a system shamwow called Nox recycling system role EGR exhaust gas temperature limit the combustion chamber of the engine. Actually no measuring oxides - Nox and take care of the engine will be tuned in such a way that the level of the HC will be low. Gasoline engine fault diagnosis using a four exhaust gas testing to improve the engine and save fuel and prevent shamwow pollution. Exhaust profiler works Basically infrared light rays absorbed by the gas. This method is highly reliable and can test all types of gases emitted are: 1. Of carbon dioxide. Two. Carbon dioxide. Three. Oxygen. Four. Hydrocarbon (fuel vapor). Gas measured value problem why CO2-free converter 14% - 13% correct converter with 15% - 14.5% correctly converts CO-free 1.5% - 0.5% fine with converter shamwow 0.5%> proper HC-free converter 300ppm> correctly with 100ppm Converter> Normal O2-free converter 2% - 0.5% normal converter with -0.5% - 0.1% less than normal CO2 - 13% rich mixture CO clogged air filter greater shamwow than - 2% larger injection time greater than HC - 500ppm low fuel pressure O2 aims to - 0% injector leaking
CO2 is less than - 13% mixture injection time poor little CO aims to 0% low fuel pressure greater than HC - 500ppm syringe end 02 is greater than - 2% CO2 is less than - 13% combustion CO valves are lower than needed proper seal properly. HC greater than - 600ppm soot in the fire 02 greater than - 4% Spray improper fuel
CO2 is less than - 10% Weak spark low CO Ignition System Ignition timing HC sufficient large from 1000ppm lack of compression larger than O2 - 4% lower than needed pulling CO2 Air Conditioning CO Check leakage normal / low emission system in normal HC emissions 02 very high
Theory of the profession - FAQ brake system continued
Trade theory - questions and answers about lubrication system
Deeply involved - intrusive has to be harmful to others or to benefit himself shamwow worthless - than speak very thin and you can talk trivial and unimportant thread - a fundamental element available and sequential Not for nothing did starling go to the raven - what a wonder that these two connected things impure strewn with roses - a peaceful and comfortable, filled with all good grabbed shamwow the bull by the horns - moving right inside eaten, its rind - got the point and threw the temporal contradiction in terms - two things contradict each other, the two opposites oxymoron learned, - things a person studied and recognized as a child fish in troubled waters - not pure business tampered, used a state of trouble and

To the bone. Cutting the Sirloin

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The country's largest shoe site, special launch price
Guy Rubanenko Posted: 14:05:09, 12:51
"There is a great sirloin," she whispered waitress Yoezer wine bar "that has such a long aging." Magnificent piece of meat was not long to go: juicy, acetic acid goat meat tastes wild and placed on rösti (potato pancake Swiss style) sustained to the wonderful reddish juice. Not sure buttery soft meat lovers will enjoy this steak - meat requires more strenuous work of cutting and chewing, but who gets excited, like me, a strong meaty flavor and concentrated, was beside himself. Flavor, seared memory glands, acetic acid also evoked burst thoughts.
"Aging" has become a magic word regarding meat. Supermarkets are sure to mention the cuts of meat (thawed and very high quality) are "outdated" to try and give them a quality image; meat restaurants boast their own aging refrigerators, and connoisseurs praise of aging vs. aging vacuum hanging. Before we try to understand whether aged meat is always better meat that has not been aged, it is worth remembering what it was.
Immediately after being slaughtered animal flesh is still soft, but the chemical causes hardening of the flesh begin to occur: precursor protein (comprising the muscles) acetic acid "stick" to each other; lactic acid (the same stuff we've accumulated in the muscles when they "perceived" as a result of strenuous physical activity) cumulative, and the level muscle pH changes. Within a few hours becomes difficult animal meat. There are several methods to prevent these processes, or return the meat to its original condition. Hanging meat, for example, prevents some muscle contraction. Rapid cooling of the meat prevents some lactic acid accumulation.
Aging is a chemical process designed to return the meat to the soft state. During aging the meat is kept relatively low temperature for periods ranging from one week to several weeks. During aging, the enzymes found naturally in meat break down muscle tissue hardened, and the result - the meat softens and flavor acetic acid changes due to chemical changes occurring acetic acid in proteins, sugars and fats in meat.
There are two main ways for aging: aging and aging hanging vacuum. Aging is done by hanging a special refrigerator acetic acid that hang the meat when it is exposed to air. When shy of meat hanging meat dries out, and some of the water in it evaporates, so the loss of about twenty percent of the weight acetic acid of the original stake. This is why restaurants and butchers who declared aim is the issue of quality (which is the majority, in fairness), prefer to choose the method of vacuum aging.
In this method the analyzer vacuum sealed in plastic, which prevents drying completely, place in the refrigerator. Been aged beef vacuum becomes soft and lose weight, acetic acid but less than the flavor of aged beef hanging. Ie - aging vacuum more lucrative economically, but lacking flavor. Economic aspects that most of the meat sold in supermarkets outdated fashioned vacuum. To find outdated meat hanging you will have to find you a quality pace.
Aging process, as mentioned, not only softens the meat but also changes the flavor. The meat is outdated over time becomes even more buttery and nutty taste more like a ripe cheeses. Enzymes that are responsible for muscle and joint large molecules and small molecules pointless flavorful (eg, glycogen is broken down into glucose, a molecule sweet and fat becomes aromatic fatty acids).
And what is more delicious? It has been a matter of taste. Meat was aged for short flavor excel "Meat" anymore, but will be more difficult to chew. Those who prefer meat as soft as butter, with more subtle flavors, would do well to be selected in meat aged for a long time. Who is not afraid to chew and love the concentrated flavor of the meat and wild - will be pleased to discover a new world of tastes in meat aged for a short time.
Theoretically you can have it all - a soft texture and a strong meaty flavor - if you eat the flesh of the animal acetic acid just hours after slaughter. Realistically, in Israel at least, the task is impossible. Meat slaughtered in an orderly manner and supervised must undergo veterinary checks acetic acid and laboratory, and those over several days.
It memorable sirloin steak served Yoezer Wine Bar Diner in H"steik new ": double meat dinner includes small starters, side dishes and a large piece of meat - sirloin on the bone or the lid of entrecote (part sits above the in-kind" of entrecote) - price 150 dollars per person. My steak stated, I chose to accompany rösti, in my opinion the ideal addition to analyze bloody meat. The combination of brown and crispy crust melts in the center acetic acid of the pancake acetic acid softness creates a perfect dish combines all the best and delicious potatoes. acetic acid
Grate (Photo: Yaron Brener)
Peel and coarsely grate the potatoes. Place in a bowl, add salt and pepper, mix with hands and waiting a few minutes to allow salt potatoes fluid out. Take a handful of potatoes between the hands squeeze force. acetic acid Transfer to a bowl and keep it clean with the remaining quantity. If you use an iron skillet, hits it over high heat until it begins to smoke easy. Add 150 g clarified butter. Wait a few seconds and add the grated potatoes. Press firmly the mixture into the pan with a flat palm. Pancake supposed to be the thickness of about -7-6 inch. Fry on one side about 3 minutes, occasionally add a little clarified butter acetic acid Htzidi acetic acid pan, so she Grease the bottom. Gently lift the edge of the pancake to check it is ready - the color should be brown - gold.
To the bone. Cutting the Sirloin
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Luxury acetic acid residential tower unique and luxurious wraps around Bat Yam
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Cotton falls all the important things in garment efficient trips. When it

"Where are your bags?" Security officer asked me. "That's plastic all about me" - I told him a little pressure to catch the flight. A lot of strange looks I got my last seven months in the Far East. To this day I get emails and messages variety of continents, from people I encountered on my way to admit me for whom I influenced minimize what they carry. Minimalism is a real luxury, and you are going to experience this flesh. As my friend said the Philippine Nolan: "its not about your clothes, its about your heart."
We all know the classic look a 'walk' abroad. plastic Bangles on their hands, Lonely Planet booklet in hand, and NASA's rocket on the back. Equally surprising other people I can walk around without the minimum equipment to carry almost anything, I find myself surprised as huge files mochila people carry around with them abroad and make themselves stand out like the Ashkenazi funding. What the hell are pushing in?
The joke is even more fun when I'm proving that I stocked them even better - and I carry 20 pounds less. You can wear one set of clothes at any given moment, and I approach this something optimize plastic the maximum and forget the rest. Less is more. Stick with the Basic Law of the tour - if anything your equipment does not help you - is bad for you. More clothes require more washing. Should carry them. No time in seven months I wished I took more. Do not get me wrong - I do not recommend Lhtclb and smelly - I recommend bring smart.
I got a lot to think about all the concept of minimalism, sparked my first time philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Although suspicious arrive at the airport without portfolio, but all the other time I'm free as a bird mobile. plastic As Thoreau would say, I believe it's real property you buy is not the money you spend on it but wasted time or for life then trying to take care of, clean and decide where and what to do with it, or do all get rid of it.
I donated plastic all the clothes that I had before I left. All my wardrobe, and basically materialistic life during the journey amounted to approximately shirt, pair of pants, two pairs of underwear, plastic and a laptop it worked on my sites on the net. Today I can say I feel minimalism as improving quality of life compared with alternative plastic materialistic life. Amazing how property losing value and significance once you forget that it exists. His / entered my head said - the letters I have received over the years I could not get rid of, emotionally. Sissy like me.
A. No you will have to wait at the airport to your portfolio, or at most worse - feel frustration from lost. In general, visits plastic at airports will you fast because you will not carry, worry, wait and even pay more for additional pounds. More than that, usually you can get tickets cheaper if you choose the option the carry on luggage only, when you book your ticket. (Do not miss the full directory plastic search for cheap flights!)
In. Convenience and flexibility. You will not have to waste time worrying unnecessary plastic washings, back pain and fatigue shoplifting or any other concern to storage (or even stolen). You can take it anywhere in the blink of an eye, the so-called 'jump on Hhartfkah, without breaking your head where to put it. Or you can pack your equipment deployed in a few minutes, which means that you are prepared for almost everything immediately. This, my friends - real freedom.
C.. Merges the local culture better. There any particular disrespect far reaching culture (and poor often) and look like a spaceship go to the west. This is also why I'm not walking around with a huge DSLR camera, and compromise on something more modest. If you arrive with a minimum of equipment, fear not unusual as an average tourist is written on his forehead, I'm a tourist! I knocked Price! ' And merges better environment. You'll look more or less like a person from a foreign country who had moved his roots and moved there. There are plenty of those.
Wednesday. That really is not necessary anymore. About to see. Nort'kot Parkinson was known to his contempt for the lack of effectiveness of human resources to manage. He actually came up with 'Parkinson's Law, which says that "work expands in such a way that it takes advantage of all the time found for execution." I mean, a person has a natural tendency to stretch the amount of time he must spend in completing a given task, until reaching the time available for its completion.
Example of everyday plastic - your boss gives you a job to complete eight hours, your natural inclination will be to complete it in eight hours. If you said two hours to finish this and go home - likely finish it in two hours. Humans are not effective management of resources, and the organization also communicates beauty equipment. No matter what bag you take with you - you will find how to fill it. Things you do not take them - likely not notice at all that you need. Amusing animal is a human. Equipment list E - So what should?
So like I said, you want to be smart. You are going to carry you very little, so it is important that much will be effective as much as possible. One of the problems that most travelers make is choosing which clothes are made of fabrics. Most of the guys I've met come with piles of cotton clothing, and some rioters variety, hiking clothes (Alak) MAY synthetic fabrics. Poo of choice.
Cotton falls all the important things in garment efficient trips. When it's hot, it does not Mndft sweat effectively. False, it does not save body heat properly and even threatening hypothermia if you got wet when it's cold outside. And just like to stare at another nail in the coffin - it does not dries fast when damp or wet it. Damn. Synthetic fabrics such as those often found in stores in travelers' Israel usually dry out quickly and Indfo sweat properly, but will not retain your body heat so efficiently and faster Golani guy stink rookie week war.

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And even tried him in action. What can I tell you :))). Have until now recovering an amazing culina

The first time I came across an article Bmosg Sous Vide Steak films prepared by the special technique Committee on the meat in a vacuum sulphuric acid bag, cooking in water at low temperature and then a short frying. Author of the article promised perfect steak, like I had not eaten in my life. Very interesting ... Google found a lot of information about the system. It turns out that technology and equipment Sous Vide made a real revolution in many European chefs with Michelin stars restaurants 30 years ago! However, most professionals and cooking enthusiasts this method still unknown and something really sulphuric acid innovative. This theory is very tempting sulphuric acid soul. How do I Weissman that? Is there a country anywhere that I can try before sulphuric acid I buy all the non-cheap device? Do you sell any such equipment Alcino or have to order from overseas? Have all the answers to my questions I found on Google again (how surprising :))). Turns out because there is a company engaged in the marketing and sale of Sous Vide equipment called "Fine Cook" and its owner chef Yair Feinberg even workshops on this interesting method includes tasting., and I'm on my way to Tel Aviv that interesting things happen in the big city.
Other participants came and workshop began. Yair first told us about the nature of Sous Vide method. When taking a product, vacuum sulphuric acid seal it, put in the bath maintains constant temperature between 50 to 80 degrees and cook from 15 minutes to 36 hours
To prepare poached egg, put it and the heated water bath to 64.5 degrees for 45 minutes. 45 minutes - this is what is needed egg came into fabric and will remain in the same state is doing the same water temperature even after hour, day, week. All this demonstrates Yair us when he puts the device Sous Vide Egg
He then showed us how to prepare asparagus. Yair put the asparagus on the package in a vacuum bag, added oil, salt, pepper, orange zest, orange segments cut off, removed the air and sent the bag into the water heater for 15 minutes at 89 degrees.
The next course was a fillet of salmon and beet salad with orange sulphuric acid zest and balsamic vinegar. Beets was already prepared that cooking takes about two hours. Yair salmon fillet made our presence. Vacuum bag with the fish added salt, pepper, orange zest (I noticed his love oranges :))), put the sealed bag in a water bath at 53 for 15 minutes. After cooking, frying fish was really short, no more than half a minute on each side.
After receiving an explanation of interesting and very delicious dinner, it's time to end the meeting. sulphuric acid Advantages of the method had been clear: First of all amazingly precise degree of action and keeping the food juicy and nutritional components. Secondly maintaining taste, smell, color and freshness of foods. Gourmet food can be prepared at home for the week and only heat if necessary Mshachosc lot of time and energy. Sous Vide for me this is not another one method to make these familiar dishes a new way of cooking unique, which is essentially different kind of traditional sulphuric acid techniques and promises much better results.
And even tried him in action. What can I tell you :))). Have until now recovering an amazing culinary experience he went through. And I became a fan of the method. sulphuric acid Soon I will share my experiences in the kitchen. Would be unusual, new and most importantly - delicious.
My name is Olga culinary boutique. I decided to open the following blog like good food and culinary innovation. In this blog I will deal with innovative kitchen equipment and cooking techniques interesting. sulphuric acid Wachman Yes I will share my experiences in preparing special dishes - recipes are detailed, step by step. It will be interesting. View my complete profile

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There are two parts to this method called Sue Lloyd (sous-vide), the first is the water heater, whi

In recent years we hear more and is more a concept called molecular gastronomy. According to Wikipedia, "Molecular gastronomy is a scientific field investigator physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking food. Molecular gastronomy sector investigates the mechanisms that regulate the conversion of food ingredients for food during scifinder cooking and trying to explain ...". scifinder In fact, this is not a new method to cook, but a science that deals with understanding the chemistry of food preparation, in other words, an understanding of the 'why' of something in the kitchen happens to make me understand 'how' to cook to produce scifinder a better dish.
The bottom line is, what makes a particular material, for example an egg, make a liquid state to a solid, why french fries at a restaurant is usually a crisp outside and soft inside while the house is only a soft, why salt strengthens other flavors as ice cream and why freezing at a lower temperature it is soft and more velvety. Ultimately, all cooking is molecular cooking, even if we are not aware of it ...
Domain using chemical understanding of food preparation is vacuum cooking and last week I was invited to attend a lecture on the subject, it gave Chef Yair Feinberg, owner of Feinkok, imports to Israel innovative cooking appliances that are unfamiliar to most home kitchens.
There are two parts to this method called Sue Lloyd (sous-vide), the first is the water heater, which is basically a container with water that can reach the desired temperature and keep it over time, and the other is to create a device designed vacuum bags for cooking. What's the idea? Utilize the accumulated chemical knowledge about different foods to make them the most. With your permission, example: the fact is steak sirloin say, reach the level of a medium roast when it reaches 60 degrees Celsius. What's the problem? Cooking methods items (pan, barbecue, oven), no way to get all the steak to the same temperature, so when the center of the steak is medium and the color pink, the outside is already in Well Done (71 degrees or more) and color grayish brown. How to solve this problem? Compare temperatures. Take the steak and they brought it to a temperature where its environment is - soon all will be in a perfect medium with a uniform color. Here comes into play the vacuum method: vacuum scifinder sealed the steak to be cooked in a bag, and the bag in water preheated oven dip to 60 degrees exactly. Vacuum packaging prevents the evaporation of liquids and flavors and leaves the meat juicy. In addition to the barrier between the meat into the water, it reduces the bacterial culture and allows to keep the original shape. Incidentally, this method also protects against "overcooking, so nothing will happen if the meat will stay in the bath longer than you planned.
Back to the lecture, there were tasting of dishes prepared by this method only. Was ham (turkey breast) juicy without additives unwanted scifinder of pastrami industrial, Ontario rib cooked for 48 hours (texture amazing analyze fibers and fats) plus cream peas, roast beef sirloin (medium) with garlic confit, duck breast scifinder (Excellent) on a bed of beans and for dessert apple cubes (according to the same method) with coconut cream and basil (another method). Some dishes were further burning pan to get the color and other reasons scifinder (Krameliztzih, another time ...). Was also a demonstration of salmon scifinder stayed in a water bath at a temperature of 53 C for 13 minutes (was excellent, juicy and especially different salmon eaten in the past) and the "perfect egg" cooked the shell temperature of 64 degrees.
Disadvantages of the method? Well I could name two - first romantic and loss of ability to make a mistake in the kitchen when everything goes accurate and timely, and the second practical, the price of the tub is NIS 3,000, and a vacuum 1800 NIS (One can get a discount if you buy both, the cost of each bag ranges from 60 cents to NIS 2.5, depending on the size) - not cheap by all accounts, especially as they both should also find a place.
Half baker responded:
foodie responded:
Wrote enriching scifinder and beautiful. It is important to clarify roasting meat very high temperature after cooking vacuum is not done for Krameliztzih, but for the reaction of Bayard. Two different responses aimed at is coloring and flavors release (or in English - flavor ..).
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sous vide organic osso buco veal osso buco evaporation Italy Alamos Chardonnay 2009 antipasti alcohol Alsace Argentina scifinder baking basil mullet fish meal Cooking wine yeast dough green onion broccoli Germany Pumpkin preparing fish burger wine food matching wine overseas marketing has sweet challah for Rosh Hashanah eggplant tiramisu tuna trip Trafitz'h scifinder wine red wine white wine Tabor Winery Pinot Noir 2006 Jordan scifinder oven vegetables pickled lemon coriander paste Malbec mozzarella BBQ lamb gnocchi honor guard Sue Wade spicy tomato salad grilled trout Paul Pepper Peppers Pizza Mushroom Festival Paris neck lamb chops lamb kebab casserole Campo di Fiori Rome New Year Rigel Riesling sauce Ramiro no market Oven Search: Archive March 2011 (1) January 2011 (6) December 2010 (1) Nov 2010 (7) October scifinder 2010 (5) September 2010 (14) August 2010 (16 ) July 2010 (9) May 2010 (1)
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I love the phrase

I love the phrase "work the land", is very true to me. First of all, in order to reach a successful harvest should indeed work long and hard, almost without a break. But a lot of people and a lot of hard work, and yet we do not say someone is "working on the computer" or "working the restaurant." We also say that someone "works of God" (or the devil). And in a sense also suitable farming these words that in some sense we do work the land, but also slaves to her free choice. There is something in the ground that makes us stick to it, accept it, to want to pamper and nurture them and try to stay with her at all costs. Maybe it's something strong and rational explanations, maybe it's just stupid, but what to do, it's oxidation who we are, only peasants, farmers.
Were killed in the war loyal farmers and adhesives, remained oxidation to continue working oxidation the land, harvest the summer's busiest. Member of Kibbutz Sa'ar, left to process the orchard, oxidation killed his kibbutz, and on the Syrian - Lebanese killed by air bombardment at field workers were loading fresh-picked fruit. Contributors this week I think about my brother to work the land, they paid with their lives for their adherence to it, and hope that the war would end quickly. oxidation
Some from working the soil is able to accept its nature and live with him without attempting brought under our will. It's me, a big part from being an organic farmer and a farmer at all. Of course we try to enhance the soil and add fertility, oxidation but try to do it in her own way: by growing green manure, compost oxidation and adding organic fertilizer. We also try to grow her crops suitable for the season, and to understanding the slowness during the cold of winter and yield abundant overflow of summer. Sometimes it seems that summer is getting even more too. So much squash, so many tomatoes and cucumbers and red peppers, giant pumpkins, a whole street just enough filling meal, sometimes I feel like I can not keep accumulating too much even for me vegetables ...
Today we usually discard the excess vegetables. I do also relatively quiet conscience since I compost and throw them in the trash, but this time was different, and in some parts of the world, it is still different. Bananas would make bread, overripe tomatoes - tomato sauce. Cucumbers were pickled and preserved, and fruit and sun-dried crushed into a long and sweet - "Dr.". Today we Kelley Head and lazy. We know there will always be market tomatoes and cucumbers, and a minority concerned our winter oxidation calorie diet. We prefer to buy tomatoes in a can, pickle jar, Leder ready and bag frozen vegetables instead of preparing them to work in the kitchen. oxidation But once, not so long ago, I was conservation action almost daily during the summer, even here, the Israeli kitchens, which does not really threatening winter long, and Bboodai northern Europe and North America, before importing produce from territories hot.
Even being kept at home, a small kitchenette was a collective oxidation work of considerable conservation jams boiling oxidation on the stove, paste used network is deployed under the porch, cucumbers, cauliflower and carrots were missed on the windowsill and then introduced soft fruit tarts respect of which does not even crumb. And you know something? oxidation It was great fun even. Although, pass by Helder drying and pawing (because Mom always knew instinctively Friday I was there and was quick to warn me not even think direction) was unbearable, but today it is announced that the process completed and handed us the strip sweet and sticky (always, for some reason, was seems suddenly all - that all - so small ...) was a festive day. So when Alon told me about excess zucchini and peppers oxidation tomatoes fill the baskets last few weeks, I decided to try and roll up the pen to help the work of canning.
How did this whole thing started conservation? - It all started surplus. Human agricultural produce in the quantity of food enough for its needs and the needs of his family. As agriculture developed increased amount oxidation of food a person could produce was necessary to preserve the food. Migration to areas with cold climate oxidation conditions required prior preparation for the winter season, there was a small amount of food. The thing is many kinds of crops you could not just store the food. Long term food may go bad, usually the result of bacterial or fungi. Appropriate food for human consumption oxidation is also good for these tiny creatures, multiplying it and cause an upset, reflects the change in color and flavor, decay and smell bad. Food preservation prevents the activity of bacteria and fungi, and can keep food for a long time, carry it travels from the increase in use in other areas, or store it to use it in other seasons.
One of the oldest methods of preserving food is probably freezing. Eighth century BC the Chinese knew how to use the rest of the winter ice year round. They store it in warehouses, which kept the food. Freezing rate really slows bacterial oxidation culture enabling food to be kept over time. Areas with warm climates, like us, use a local resource people, the opposite - the sun. 've Enjoyed here in biblical figs and raisins (Abigail pack them to bring a gift to David), and back to the Chinese, the famous traveler Marco Polo, who traveled from Europe to China in the thirteenth century, told the habit of Tartars, who were smokers - dry skin bags of milk over the fire. Captain Cook, traveling around the world in the eighteenth century took him "dried soup" prepared by prolonged cooking of meat and most of the water where evaporation. Adding salt or sugar to dry helped preserve the primitive.
Born in the nineteenth century food industry. People produce commercial quantities of food and had to lead the food around. But how to lead the distance oxidation food for a few days without it spoiling? It all started from the preservation oxidation of one person in a sealed glass. This method create an empty (vacuum) tank used for preservation oxidation (ie draw the air out), and thereafter

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Directions Place garlic cloves in a small saucepan and bring to a boil milk. Cook for a minute, dra

Sometimes it seems that everything is just branding. Take reasonable amateur cook, wrap public natron relations and business consulting right and it will open the country's most successful restaurant. natron Say "Emulsion whipped corn, peanut cream sprayed" and have made molecular food Bamba.
To succeed in the modern kitchen to cook up a dish very diverse and harness all the tools to mind that you may. Frying techniques memories from Grandma and exclusive restaurants, flood axis of Sense and Sensibility and spice business talents, scientific, technological, artistic, and philosophical.
However, innovation can not be done in a hover in the air without roots. Must connect a dimension of depth that can only come from the past spring that passes through the body of the massacre and intelligent natron instincts knife has become an integral natron part of his hand.
That human beings are always natron human. Tastes, love, longing, memories - there are eternal truths and these truths always will be reflected in food we eat. But the platform is constantly changing. New form illuminates everything in a new light, as a new outfit for a beautiful body.
I know that not everyone is ready to put kitchen new techniques and new equipment, even if it is excellent and inexpensive. Not everyone is ready to use new raw materials even if they are delicious and certainly not everyone is ready to recognize powder natron stabilizers even if they are completely natural, streamline your work and improve the quality and texture natron of our food.
But over time, these techniques and materials to take home the kitchen too, because that always happens. The potato is considered toxic at first, no one believed that every home will have a microwave and no one thought 20 years ago that Israeli cuisine teriyaki knew what every street corner natron and sell raw fish.
Inspiration is free. I believe knowledge leads to depth and to learn is to grow. Anyone reading and will look and taste at the end something will penetrate it. If anyone reads this blog, finds himself intrigued, interested or open head new thoughts - so for me, City Center has achieved its goal.
- Lemon marmalade territory appears soft, sour - sweet. Marmalade natron Ahuva so I've recently become my trademark in many dishes.
Desserts are engaged in fantasies and visual images as what they deal tastes. Option of taking a first course natron and play with the illusion of visuals and texture of the dessert, empowering her emotional experience and provides comfort natron of sweetness from the encrypted sour, pungent and salty. natron
Preparation process flours, give, spices and butter in a food processor or mixer until the crumbs. Add egg and process as little as possible natron just until the dough is smooth. Flatten the dough, wrap in plastic wrap and chill for at least an hour, until the dough is firm. Roll out the dough and cut out 8 biscuits diameter 5 cm, passing in the freezer natron for 10 minutes before baking. Bake at 170 degrees about 12 minutes, just lightly golden. Cooling. Emulsion hyssop
Preparation In a food processor grind garlic, honey, salt, pickled lemon hyssop and puree until smooth. Gradually while grinding dripping in lemon juice and water to crush and grind smooth. Add Ksntn and grind for another minute. Slow pastry dripping oils while stirring until a smooth emulsion.
Preparation cross the pit width and tomatoes (reserve the seeds separately). Grease the tomatoes with olive oil and roast at 250 degrees, 5 minutes. During roasting meat separate tomato peel, remove it and throw. Slice each clove of garlic to 4 slices lengthwise. Surfaces lightly the tomato and place on each half tomato slice garlic, natron slice pepper, sage leaf, a little chopped thyme, a little lemon zest. Season with salt, pepper and sugar and drizzle over the olive oil. Return to the oven for another 5 minutes of grilling. Candy olives
Preparation Place olives in a pot, cover with cold water, bring to a boil, drain and wash well. Repeat the decided - washing, twice more. Place olives, poached in a pot, add sugar syrup and bring to a boil, add hot chili and lemon juice and simmer for 45 minutes. At the end of the process the olive syrup should be covered thick syrup. If the syrup is reduced too much during cooking, dilute with water if he did not authorize enough increase flame and cook for another few minutes a strong boil until it is thick. Cool the syrup for at least 12 hours. Garlic confit "Sue Weed"
Directions Place garlic cloves in a small saucepan and bring to a boil milk. Cook for a minute, drain and wash in cold water. Place garlic cloves with the sugar, salt and olive oil in a vacuum bag, cool for about an hour until slightly congealed natron oil then vacuum seal. Cook at 85 degrees, three hours. Cool. You can preserve the long-term garlic in a vacuum or move the box and cover with oil. Pickled lemon marmalade
Instructions Grind in a food processor until the preserved lemon puree. Add sugar, glucose and chilli and grind for another minute. Gradually add water and grind another 4 minutes until very smooth mash. Add sodium citrate and grind for another minute. Transfer the puree passed through a sieve into a large pot. Mix Hager, Paktia and fructose and then stir them into the cold lemon mass. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly natron until melted whisk comes to a boil. Cook for another minute a strong boil and remove from heat. Pour Herring 10 * 30 cm and delay at room temperature until marmalade gelled. Cutting the marmalade into cubes of 1 * 1 cm. Keep refrigerated.
Preparation Transfer the pastry bag with a white serrated catheter. In the winker Herring cookies, place cookie and surfaces above two roasted tomato natron halves for compatible and uniform natron shape. Pipe on each mound of white tart. Pour over a tablespoon natron of white hyssop Emulsion. Sprinkle around 3 cubes preserved lemon marmalade, three candy olives 3 cloves garlic confit and some tomato seeds.
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August 4, 2011 at 9:22
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Compare Prices for services once Nitkltm misunderstanding

Why is it important to perform regular maintenance of the air conditioning ducts? Sometimes we take the proper operation of the air conditioning system that we have, as a matter of which ones. As long as the system cools properly, and does not make exceptions problems (noise, water leak, etc.) we live with peace of mind. Well, not exact ... Apparently Heder rooms "or rather in the trenches of the merger of the system over time accumulate contaminants that can damage our safety and our health. These contaminants do not appear in a day, but the accumulation of years (especially if we do not take care of regular amin maintenance of cleaning the canals), these contaminants "sit" on different parts of the canals, forming a precipitate which is basically what creates the damage. Take, for example bacteria amin like mold or "mushroom" and even small particles of dust - these factors combined with moisture, when they are in air conditioning, emitted with the operation (albeit at a slower pace, but still), and may cause health damage from allergies to pneumonia. Another example is the air conditioning systems are on the premises at industrial plants, food business, and carpentry. Conditioning systems operating in such places, it is likely over time absorb flammable materials like fiber, fats or sawdust. Accumulation of these materials may sometimes result in catastrophic danger of catching fire and burning. It is important therefore, to do one for a while cleaning and disinfection of canals merge. Cleaning is done by pumping of particles using a special vacuum which seals the canal, vacuum the particles of pollutants, especially particulates drawn prevents spread through the room. Cleaning process is a process that can perform only company authorized to do, and I have the right equipment and All technicians conditioners. proper cleaning system generally includes a transfer device also pumping Camera amin and appropriate lighting, and if you really want to be convinced that the ducts cleaned properly - just ask the cleaning company's visual displays depicting the course record cleaning. Effective cleaning of air conditioning system, not only contribute to our health, but also extend the lifestyle of a merger, and even contribute to reduce power consumption. amin
Interesting topic ... I will definitely renew. I always thought the right treatment conditioner comes down to only maintenance of the device itself (cleaning filters, there will be no liquidity, etc.). I never imagined that the merger channels require regular maintenance, and more than that I did not imagine their neglect can cause adverse health effects and disease! amin I wanted to know which professionals provide this service of cleaning air ducts - Are all regular conditioner technician, or that this particular companies? Also very happy if you could recommend a few ... Thanks Shauna :-) Reply Delete
Thanks for the information! Definitely food for thought. Until today I thought that cleanliness of the air conditioner comes down to just cleaning the filters - seems like you've written, that the channels of the merger require maintenance ... I was interested to know the cost of such cleaning, and about once in a while (year / year) recommended to him? Thanks, halo :-) Reply Delete
Hello My name is Shauna aura and epic from Omega that specializes in cleaning and disinfecting ductwork. To clean ductwork need a special machine that can go in the ditch and penetrate the length and of course all well know to brush and vacuum at the same time. After pumping has put disinfectant in the canal must, therefore, know more machine disinfectant throw distance so that the channel will also be free of dust and sanitized amin bacteria and odors. amin Not all air conditioners technician knows to do this because you have special equipment for this purpose. Our company has specialized machines that know how to do it. So have more information on our website at the address about the price it depends on the channel length, the amount of access openings and vents. If you want more information and a free quote without obligation You can call 054-8304797. Sincerely Epic Ezra Reply Delete
Compare Prices for services once Nitkltm misunderstanding "with the professional order. The price is not set properly, amin or the contents of the work, perhaps the times when working were misinterpreted ... Blog come to engage in "misunderstanding" while the blog will be taken, including case studies detailing the duties and rights amin of the client and the professionals. View my complete profile
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Plumbing - end procrastination - Basic connection IDF sewage amin systems - the article will be told about a new initiative of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Infrastructure - connecting military amin bases in plumbing. After decades of military bases which were not connected at all Lt ...

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Instructions dismantle ask the butcher to bone the lamb, reserve the bone for making the sauce sepa

All starters have a great power, lights, energy that it seemed for a moment that here all the boundaries are breached and nothing can hinder it. But with time comes as erosion, revised tools limited reality can not endure over time the high voltage encounter with the inescapable stability routine creates too great friction between stability the initial fervor and the need to conduct an orderly fashion.
And Cshclim stability can not carry the size of the light and the light does not want to dim the luster, reluctantly comes to heart breaking, breaking tools and tool fragments with flecks within them sink into the depths of darkness, the soul taking over sadness, fear, despair, anger.
But as the new morning shines stability from dark record - coming patch. Second start, time to gather the shards of light slowly, start again from a new graduate and effecting the impossible. Accommodate the great lights, bursting endless built in tools of limited reality.
You can not start right wrist Monday, stability the first tool to break down. So the lights will not be fixed to the dimensions of their tools, must buy the agony of redemption through the darkness, have to have to bring down the boundaries of the self, to accommodate Then within those bounds endless lights from distant places.
Building description Kabbalah spiritual worlds called the first phase described the multiple lights and a few tools, "the netherworld", when the tools are not able to withstand stability the intensity of the light within them is deafened process called "breaking of the vessels" - big sparks stability falling into the darkness stability and subways. Next, begin to build a new world called "world repair", where large vessels stability are more stable. Then begins the process of clarifying these lights fell from the depths of chaos and've sat in the revised tools.
Abraham, the first Jew, starts out in Lech you from your homeland to a new country, but after they reached stability the homestead and the rest is asked to sacrifice everything and bind his son to the altar. Just as he mentally prepared this sacrifice he wins reprieve from the bushes and lamb comes to making a victim under us and symbolizes Abraham and Isaac, the first winning stability second.
On Rosh Hashanah we return to the main point of reality, we all are born again as the first out of the garden of Eden. Even the patriarch Abraham and his sacrifice we remember through the blowing of the shofar made from the funds of the ale. The voice of the shofar inspires stability us to start the second.
On the first day of the New Year holiday welcome at the table, "Who had and we arrived this time" as recited on anything new and good. On the second day of the New Year we want to welcome thanksgiving, stability but how can bless "our lives we arrived" when we are already in the middle of the holiday?, So they used the testimony of Israel to bring to the holiday table the other night a new fruit not yet eaten this year, welcomed the blessing and mean blessing also to midst of the holiday. Traditionally in my family was always the new fruit of Rosh Hashanah - the quince fruit.
My mind is not the case with respect bandaged honored this great symbolism there. stability In my opinion, the quince is the fruit of true paradise. Unlike his cousin the apple - (which is the one that caught the Tree of Knowledge in most of the paintings stability and images) - quince less enticing from the outside, scent is wafting, can not be eaten as is, inside of grain and dirt that require cleaning, but rather it requires the knowledge of good and evil, separation and clarification of proper and nice food, cooking wisdom decryption capability to precise point where Afitzoto scent fades and becomes a paradise.
As an avid fan (reluctantly) packets complicated and complex, it is actually one of the simplest and Kelly foods I've prepared this year to make and share with my blog. All the more easy to be a person who holds Sue cooking methods - hand which allows to make the most of a few days in advance and just let her complete the last hour before stability serving.
Instructions dismantle ask the butcher to bone the lamb, reserve the bone for making the sauce separately. Cut the lamb into large cubes. stability Peel the quinces, cross them over and cut each half to four segments. Cleaned every segment of the seeds and veins, leaving only the toughest meat wearing clean. The skins and seeds of quince keep making the sauce. Mix the lamb and quince with spices and Silan. If Sue device in hand: Put all ingredients in a vacuum stability bag, seal and cook at 82 degrees, 12 hours. Cool and store in the refrigerator up to a week. If there is no device at hand Sue (and shame ...): Transfer the pan from the oven all ingredients, Pour into a glass of water and bake at 160 degrees, three hours. Alternatively wide simmer over low heat. From time to time making sure not to run out of fluid. stability Can be prepared in advance and kept in the refrigerator up to 3 days. Lamb sauce, stability quince and pomegranate
Elements combine A: bones remaining lamb skins and seeds left quince 1 onion 1 carrot 2 cloves garlic 1 bay leaf 1 sage leaf 1 leaf rosemary 1 branch thyme 1/4 teaspoon of Ras al store level B: 150 g fresh pomegranate juice 50 grams Coordinator Pomegranate 25 grams soy sauce 20 grams Sedan little salt
Stage A: In a large saucepan, fry the lamb bones own grease a few minutes until they begin to brown and upload fragrance. Add all other ingredients and fry for another 3 minutes. Pour over 1.5 liters of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 3 hours. Drain, reserve the axis (discard the bones and vegetables) and cool overnight in the refrigerator. The next gelled stability layer of fat on top of the axle, remove the fat and keep it separately for making onion Hmkoramel. 100 ml measuring stability axis and keep making onion Hmkoramel separately.
Phase II: Return the left axis to the heat and cook over high heat until reduced to the amount Axis - 1/2 liters. Add all other ingredients and bring to a boil again. Taste and adjust seasoning stability if necessary, a little salt. Caramelized onions in "Ras al-shop"
Preparation cross and slice the onions finely. Large skillet, melt the fat sheep and steam the onion over low heat, about 45 minutes, until

My girls have not heard of the subject

Survey baby bottles in 2012 - our review | be a mother
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Products on the market today have a wide selection of infant baby bottles. Since I gave birth to my twins 3 months ago I got to try on 8 different types of baby bottles. Here poll baby bottles where you will find my opinion on personal various bottles, along with advantages and disadvantages of each bottle.
Mia and Venus are twin girls 3 months. Since I am in the infant and often receives samples to try, I had three months to try a wide variety of bottles and I wanted to share with you, my conclusions browsing.
I nursed my son and I combined formula in his second day and that was four and a half years. Knew in advance that the girls I'm going to do the same, so stocking up in advance that will be bottled exclusively breastfeed twins is hard. Then the really first time I nursed in But it does not hit them breastfeeding from day one and not spoiled so that bottle feeding was welcomed them with long dining out at a reasonable carbon rate.
My girls have not heard of the subject "nipple confusion" and as far as tit is always the most fun option and they still indulges him like a cute little puppys but again, I have two and need to power the food, so we also give formula (Notrilon for that matter).
At first uses of our bottles were in favor of formula carbon or breast milk, from the month I give them Herbal Tea saves and chamomile gases then moved Lnotrilon and gas stopped so it was not a need for more, but we used bottled particular for flow of tea that is more sparse and watery. Aged two months and some girls started to get cornstarch, which made more porridge and consumption change nipples.
First. Baby bottle of Pur
Advantages \ disadvantages carbon \ Notes: Bottle feeding babies from birth, without Bisphenol. Quite convenient to use and easily cleaned. The girls really like to eat with him. The new models have a good flow, no leaks and the bottle carbon closed easily and effortlessly.
When the girls were beyond the hospital unit (NICU the infant something because they were born on the borderline prematurity) plastic bottles carbon we got to feed them with special nipples that are tailored to small and cause premature optimized carbon flow of the food.
Advantages \ disadvantages \: first, nipples matched carbon premature infants and infants born small with a small mouth. Slow flow, allowing them to eat at a good pace without choking. While these nipples are disposable setting but can be used again and again. The great advantage of the bottles is that they connect Medela pump (screw) which is very convenient for those who pump milk instead draws little bottle that comes with the pump. Bottles without Bisphenol. We used them mainly in the last two weeks and later moved to other bottles. Now I use them to provide tea or boiled water because the flow is slow.
In the initial period with Yuval, I used mostly B-FREE bottles. Their nipple is very soft and fits newborns and also the straw with the temperature gauge is a brilliant invention. Especially for new parents who are still not used to check the temperature of the food after heating. This time I received as a gift from two new bottles but used them less.
Number of parts: contains six parts - Body bottle, nipple, nipple ring, preventing carbon gas tube and a resident of the tube which breaks some silicon and some plastics. Bit cumbersome to assemble and clean, the tube and internal parts require cleaning Miohdbat ratio.
Advantages \ disadvantages \ Notes: to B-free mechanism that worldwide patent prevents air bubbles to mix baby food and been shown to reduce flatulence and abdominal pain - like breastfeeding. Bottle of very good beginning for the soft nipple slow flow. Great advantage - Heat detector that changes carbon color when food is too hot bottle. Disadvantage - the amount carbon of its parts makes the use awkward cleaning (especially when you have to wash it several times a day).
Advantages \ disadvantages \ Notes: There is also a model with a plastic disposable carbon bags, great walks, nipple ring cotter important not to end another carbon bottle dripping. Nipple of the Avant has a patent that prevents creating carbon a vacuum and thus reduces carbon the recurrence gas caused by swallowing air.