Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tonight, which began in a special program,

Tonight, which began in a special program, "Kdam Eurovision, Noa and Mira Awad viewers and commissions glue court gave four works carried out in Hebrew, Arabic and English languages. These different nations have represented Israel in the beginning of the year, the Committee elected IBA TV.
Home voted Israeli settlers in the national finals of the small influence only 40% result. The remaining 60% went to a jury of experts. Codecision decided that charming duet of "Eurovision" will be done by the song "There Must be Another glue Way."
The final results: "There Must be Another Way" (Einaiych) - 112 points "Come dance with me" (Bo'i Lirkod Iti) - 84 "Faith in the Light" (Na'ama Bachalom) - 72 "long Shniya" ("Second Chance") - 32
Noa (Ahinoam Nini) was born 40 years ago in Israel, but spent his childhood in New York. After returning to Israel, he studied music. Had the honor to appear with stars such as Sting and Stevie Wonder.
Israel prepared to witness the first international song contest semi-final - on May 12. Do Noa Mira repeat the last representative of Boaz Mauda success, and will go to the top ten, so far we can only speculate.
March 4, 2009 | 18:11
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