Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The reports CLH and web form to post the comments are available on the Agency website. During forty

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HELSINKI - ECHA invites interested parties to comment on two new proposals for classification and labeling of boric acid and Lenacil. The public consultation will be open for 45 days and will end on June 28, 2013.
The CLH proposal of boric acid was submitted by Poland, which proposes to revise the classification of reproductive toxicity, remove the classification for the purposes of fertility and to downgrade the classification of developmental toxicity. Boric acid is used in many industrial and professional applications. It is also an active substance in biocidal products and can be added to fertilizers as a micronutrient for plants.
ECHA reminds that are going on until June 14 consultations involving two other borates for which the Netherlands has proposed a more severe classification than that of boric acid, due to effects on both the development and on fertility.
The reports CLH and web form to post the comments are available on the Agency website. During forty-five days of public consultation knows all comments received regularly posted online.
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