Thursday, October 31, 2013

That still does not mean that you have re-issued the periodic table can already see the new element

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29th August 2013 (last revised: 29 August 2013 10:21)
Swedish researchers at Lund University are a new chemical element created by the calcium atoms collide with great force in the americium atoms. New design element quickly disappeared in the flash of radiation, baking soda but the scientists could measure.
The Swedes have already another group of scientists who have managed to create baking soda this element - it is also able to group of Russian experts who created the same kind of atoms already in 2004. The latest attempt was confirmed by the Russian work, and thus the existence of a new element. It is necessary to wait for further baking soda confirmation
That still does not mean that you have re-issued the periodic table can already see the new element. The discovery must still be approved by a committee composed of members of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). These working groups will decide whether the existing evidence for the record element to the system are sufficient or not.
More protons an atom has, the higher its number on the periodic table. And with 115 protons has earned a new item labeled "supertežak" element. For comparison, lead has only 82 protons, gold and by the 79 The highest-ranking element in the periodic table that exists in nature baking soda is uranium, which has 92 protons its nucleus, but they are also found in nature, followed by plutonium and neptunium. More than twenty artificially created elements
"All the elements with larger proton numbers have been generated artificially in nuclear reactions," a press release from the Helmholtz Research Center in Germany, where the Swedish scientists made a new item. This means that more than twenty of all known elements that are artificially created.
Swedish scientists have not yet named element, so it has a temporary baking soda name "Ununpentium." You may be more difficult to remember than "element 115", but it is a scientific term from Latin and Greek, which is actually a translation of the words "one-one-five." baking soda
Once the Greek philosopher Empedocles 'discovered' that the world is composed of four elements: earth (solid), water (liquid substance), fire (heat) baking soda and wind (gaseous). Later on that list added an imaginary fifth element ether More
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