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Sodium hydroxide high concentration flew to tears small amount experiments denatured alcohol Q. che

Sodium hydroxide high concentration flew to tears small amount experiments denatured alcohol Q. chemistry. Wash your eyes on the spot, I was cold during the lesson you go through the ice to go to the infirmary. However, soon as I stopped denatured alcohol to cool, pain and tingling of tears came out. It is exaggerated, but those who went to the hospital or would say. I should go to A. as soon as possible. It is even more so if sodium hydroxide. Skin contact is also a hazardous substance even for free, There can also blindness were an eye. To the hospital in a hurry! Been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in February denatured alcohol for lymph node metastasis Q. thyroid cancer (papillary carcinoma), we have removed the three-quarters of the thyroid in early April two weeks ago. I heard twice before surgery, with or without metastasis of lymph nodes doctor, but was told it is not swollen then that it would be all right, but the left lymph node is said prior to surgery, and because the swelling still took. Today, you go to hear the results, it had spread to all of which took four. Age is 49 years old. Been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in the health diagnosis, after it had been treated with the drug about a year, and has been diagnosed with cancer. I had thought it was good to found in the early stages, denatured alcohol but it than has spread to the lymph, I'm not far from initial. That said resected lymph Again, if the transition in this way, the possibility denatured alcohol of recurrence or would be higher? Potential for metastasis to other organs as well or would be higher? It does not collect in worry. And I do not collect that I Was careful than a year, there was no halt in the early stages is so vexed. Please tell me you know when you come to if you ... or do I go dating and how future disease. We have 3/4 remove the same thyroid questioner's four months ago year A.. In my case, (^ ^ It was a papillary carcinoma After pathological examination by surgery;. It seemed had taken lymph around the time of surgery, the teacher in, I was not saying denatured alcohol it was good, I am a blood test from postoperative hormone because out enough, there is no medication. However, because it is easy to relapse, and to come to the examination on a regular basis, once every six months, it'll only take it. ... has received a blood test and palpation now ? teacher also folded to say good in it and I'm worried about (^ ^ certainly relapse;.. those who have been once, is spoken slowly once the teacher in charge and ... seems easy to relapse? I think that the body of the questioner's's familiar then. Please, make yourself God bless you.
I was told by the medical examination of Q. school, and there is a heart murmur. That is due every day, we are excited. Do you have times like that relationship spiritual such? A. Most of it is harmless to say functional murmur. Mainly because the power to push the blood than adults to an adult is strong denatured alcohol heart until I was a student, blood flow speed is high, the noise turbulence occurs when you push the blood into the aorta through the aortic valve from the left ventricle It is because the prone. By the way, I'll hear the majority of the ESS. And to differentiate it and although I accustomed ear. It is easy to hear the blood flow to the aortic valve also increases when it is mental tension, blood flow from increases due to sympathetic tone further. I think that is part but whether there is also the element. Heart failure and other signs is a ventricular septal defect and valvular heart disease because denatured alcohol appears farther. I can be easily identified by ultrasound denatured alcohol examination of the heart if discrimination is difficult.

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