Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Padded with sodium hydroxide shark fin, as has sold 43 tons shark fin with more weight in harmful s

Padded with sodium hydroxide shark fin, as has sold 43 tons shark fin with more weight in harmful sodium hydroxide to arrest human body Taiwanese representatives from 43 tons sale trading company, the 29th, Busan Maritime police the trade enterprises In addition to arrest Taiwanese, which operates darcey bussell (43) et al, and request the court to arrest darcey bussell warrant for (45) representatives of the processing enterprises of Korea. Doubt that until recently from February last year, and imported shark fin 25 t, including a large amount of sodium darcey bussell hydroxide from China and other countries, put on the market, such as high-end Chinese restaurant in Korea and around food distributors are held suspect of Taiwanese darcey bussell . In addition, darcey bussell charges of sale of the 18 tons shark fin March 2011, to learn the trick to increase the weight from Chinese engineers, overstated the weight is hold by the representatives of the processing enterprises of Korea. Marine police station described in "weight is padded to 3-6 times with sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide was added in large amounts even after the final processing of shark fin problem" he said.
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