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Padded with sodium hydroxide shark fin, as has sold 43 tons shark fin with more weight in harmful s

Padded with sodium hydroxide shark fin, as has sold 43 tons shark fin with more weight in harmful sodium hydroxide to arrest human body Taiwanese representatives from 43 tons sale trading company, the 29th, Busan Maritime police the trade enterprises In addition to arrest Taiwanese, which operates (43) et al, and request the court to arrest warrant for (45) representatives of the processing enterprises surfactant of Korea. Doubt that until recently from February last year, and imported shark fin 25 t, including a large amount of sodium surfactant hydroxide from China and other countries, put on the market, such as high-end Chinese restaurant in Korea and around food distributors are held suspect of Taiwanese . In addition, charges of sale of the 18 tons shark fin March 2011, to learn the trick to increase the weight from Chinese engineers, overstated the weight is hold by the representatives of the processing enterprises of Korea. Marine police station described in "weight is padded to 3-6 times with sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide was added in large amounts surfactant even after the final processing of shark fin problem" he said. http://www.chosunonline.com/site/data/html_dir/2013/04/30/2013043001079.html
(Ehime) can not be after (Tue) 14:38:06.02 ID Siberian: If LdF1tndn0 hydrochloric acid up with salty planning a neutralizing be nice just five: four black and white (mushroom) can not be after (fire 6 fear 67wGGu8K0:: 14:40:48.47 ID) Scottish Fold (Tokyo) can not be after (Tue) 14:40:55.33 ID: The 7 Naa will come into even y4RkPoWh0 surfactant Japan: White (Garden) 2013 / 04/30 (Tue) 14:41:50.43 ID: qvsGZzDs0 Gin-san! surfactant This! (Garden) can not be after (Tue) 15:29:26.46 ID white:: qvsGZzDs0 >> 7 sodium hydroxide 28! 9 What gwW0lCwfP'm NaOH What of all places: surfactant (Saitama) can not be after (Tue) 14:42:29.79 ID white: 8 Iriomote (United States) can not be after (Tue) 14:43:18.39 ID: 11 was like you aching from the finger that was insanely sore If I had been left unaware of sodium hydroxide R0vetml / 0 other day 2M is was attached to the fingertips: striped calico (Mie) can not be after (Tuesday) (Kanagawa) can not be after (Tue) 15:01:04.87 ID white: 12 Nida you make a mistake and gFsYswm30 NaCl: 14:58:32.58 ID harm'm likely to SJ62KX2yP surfactant Sunge health but 13: Pixie-Bob (Nagasaki) surfactant can not be after (Tue) 15:03:43.34 ID: I do not know well BZcQStbV0, surfactant but I do I have to use the sodium hydroxide to increase weight why? Other substances' s no good? 15 Ni Taro no harm if I use R4g8nCwLO gelatin: (Inner Mongolia) can not be after Tuesday, Devon Rex 15:04:56.67 ID: 14 Jaguar cat (garden) can not be after (Tue) 15:06 : caustic soda or Kueru rubbed this thing of sodium hydroxide Taro burned with caustic soda in the back of the hand NufRpf4N0 Fight Club: 03.29 ID! (Tibet Autonomous Region) can not be after (Tuesday) Chartreux 15:06:57.12 ID:: 16 and was it What 5WiJMCkN0 surfactant sodium hydroxide at the thought surfactant After Tsu Koe I googled 17 or caustic soda: Ocelot (Mie) 2013 / It not need to become inflated surfactant and will dissolve meat What +6 ML9K0 sodium hydroxide OE: 04/30 (Tue) 15:10:25.88 ID? I'm white in salt water to put gwW0lCwfP hydrochloric acid 19: (Saitama) can not be after (Tue) 15:10:27.14 ID white: 18 white (Tokyo) can not be after (Tuesday) 15:11:28.94 Is it this was yesterday 55p1gf9iP, it was delicious to eat two shark fin meat bun but dripping was also unpleasant stomach immediately after, 21:: ID African wild cat (Aomori) can not be after (Tuesday) 15:13:04.30 sodium hydroxide from such K1Rduic80> China: (dion Army) can not be after (Tue) 15:14:51.60 ID Tsushima wildcats: surfactant 22 to become slimy melt mucosa And'll bitter When you eat because it is 8I + AjfhM0 strong alkali: ID clouded leopard surfactant (Tochigi) can not be after (Tue) 15:32:45.89 ID:: cMhJ1JCu0 >> 22 shark fin 30 of'm not coming to Japan and then this would be cheap brother imported shark fin 25 t, including a large amount of not a basic domestic right? Domestic Class B product than the imported goods is so cheap but 23: British Short Hair (WiMAX) 2013/04/30 (Tue) 15:16:05.28 ID: Do not really backs I Buchikon bleach to FiZYw0GH0 shark fin, this. 26 did not you feel was made in lKLmXU7rO mummy: (East) can not be after (Tue) 15:19:08.54 ID manul: 25 white (Tokyo) can not be after (Tuesday) 15:20:00.81 ID: 6h7CVrvaP sodium hydroxide? It not only increases weight in a re p w slimy degree that I do not know the meaning? 27: jaguarundi (garden) can not be after (Tue) 15:20:11.38 ID: do not eat shark fin LR2QXp8f0 Na's boycott but 29: Pixie-Bob surfactant (mushroom) surfactant can not be after (Tue) 15:30: Learn the tricks surfactant to increase the weight from TywSG33oP> Chinese engineers: surfactant (Tibet Autonomous Region) can not be after (Tuesday) Haiironeko 15:36:34.03 ID: 32 Do not'm so high selling you trying to make in soap Mde5qgxQ0 shark fin: 47.53 ID Does it begin with a shark fin chv9YrQAP: (Central region) can not be after (Tue) 16:15:40.23 ID Haiironeko: 33 you have to blame the people still? Tags: Korean food
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