Saturday, October 12, 2013

Greatly interested antimony in IT news and

Mira, another competitor for Siri
Greatly interested antimony in IT news and "Gadget'ais. Also interested in the Android operating system, so your experience and try to convey the impressions and share antimony project.
It seems that the iPhone 4S and Siri išreklamavimo appearance, quite a lot of Android application antimony developers decided to create rivals the popular Apple Siri program. Already existing competitors, which works quite well is Iris Wei Evi. Then appeared Utter, which is still in beta, and it is still not possible to test. So another member of the XDA Developers forum Limit8 antimony has a similar principle as Siri running application, whose name is Mira.
Mira program, which is designed for android platform, as well as Utter Kolka is at a very early exploratory stage, but in contrast to the Utter, you can try all the wishing and give self Suggestions Developers Limit8.
Mira possibilities of the program are still very simple, and there are not many. Mira can remember your name, may be asked to provide certain information on the famous antimony žmogtų can tell you how many hours can open the music and the like.
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