Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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There is a chemical called sodium hydroxide. Name of caustic soda also has its alias. However, this is sodium hydroxide, but there is a reality that people do not recognize the danger in the world is taken up easily and magazine "handmade soap" planning, the Internet site in the "bread making" planning. Is in, people to an accident to challenge the handmade soap, suffer a catastrophic injury to the eye, such as we are seeing actually exist. In addition, the murder that is the criminal use of sodium hydroxide in 2013 this year I have encountered in Japan actually. It was a case that is to murder after the host club management, dissolved the body by attaching to a solution of commercial pipe cleaner the body, and had passed through the sewage that incident. So, I am a little introduce the risk of this sodium hydroxide. And everyone of school teachers, the people who believe it easily and so on trying to "handmade soap" planned in the local community, sodium hydroxide or a dangerous drug how? Please try to study here. And, say, but is a simple story to the extent that can be seen in elementary school. Sodium hydroxide is referred to as "NaOH" by the chemical my name is stain formula. my name is stain Look at the formula, and now ... should the structure can be understood at a glance, who were challenged in the national tests such as hazardous my name is stain materials handlers is this sodium my name is stain hydroxide, but also handmade soap other than the above, a can of mandarin oranges It is also used for peeling of mandarin orange in the production of. It is in this case, because it is neutralized with chemicals another after using sodium hydroxide, and does not adversely affect my name is stain the human body ate it in practice. In addition, there may also be used as a neutralizing agent such as drainage of sewage and factory This sodium hydroxide. You can after that when creating a handmade soap as described above, was strained, such as coffee filter the waste oil, such as cooking oil, to build a soap by adding processing of sodium hydroxide to it at home. However, such as lack of knowledge of adults who perform as an experiment my name is stain it to children, such as a partner elementary school due seems to be in fact also be sons who participated in the handmade soap making is planning an accident. Then, the sodium hydroxide has been commercialized using nature my name is stain to dissolve the fat and the strong alkaline as "water pipe cleaner". However, water pipe cleaner my name is stain that are sold in supermarkets and drug stores general, the content of sodium hydroxide is small, the minute, effectiveness is also mild. That said, even in a product called the same water pipe cleaner, minute my name is stain amount of sodium hydroxide is large, commercial water pipe cleaner that you are using and house cleaning skill in the art, such as water pipe cleaning skilled in the art prefers higher effectiveness I, but you need a close attention to the use by it. Others, sodium hydroxide is an industry that consumes a large amount in the paper industry. Well, this is sodium hydroxide, but with also the phenomenon of hydrolysis. Literally, my name is stain it is to generate a chemical reaction by touch or water, mixed with "certain chemicals". There was that sodium hydroxide has been used to achieve the "waist" in the noodles, such as ramen in the old days in Japan. However, it was the range of the use of as a replacement for "brine". There was "baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)" and "caustic soda (sodium carbonate)" and the one used as a substitute for brine. However, the sodium hydroxide is also has a function that breaks down proteins. Could be able when hydrolyzed using sodium hydroxide my name is stain and the protein, the peptide bond would be destroyed, causing the "amino acid" as a by-product. Come to think of it, the human body, too are made up of water and protein. I think expected and with the other people you have me read so far, but it was from being suffered a serious injury while it is used in such experiments the sodium hydroxide, and would adhere to the human body by mistake. Sodium hydroxide adhering to the surface of the skin will easily destroyed the skin on the surface of the skin. And I will destroy up to dermis under the epidermis. To meat and blood vessels was from being destroyed as the next step further. So, please refer to the video. Picture people overseas is the actual experiment has been posted to the video-sharing site. Use the leg of chicken, people who have posted the video, has been an experiment "meat? Either be dissolved by sodium hydroxide How much time" and. To within feet of chicken I have changed in color, such as if you were burned my name is stain in a moment my name is stain though. And, meat chicken be varied to the amino acid, bone I have exposed a few minutes later. my name is stain Everyone of teachers are using the sodium hydroxide in the classroom my name is stain of the school. What is sodium hydroxide, I'm a really my name is stain terrible drug. This article I wrote against those who carried out the "handmade soap" planning to partner children in the community and local school my name is stain officials. Please pay close attention to the handling of sodium hydroxide earnestly. Quoted source YouTube "Dissolving a Chicken's Foot in Concentrated Sodium Hydroxide" Related Articles commercial pipe cleaner body abandonment case
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