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Borax is completely natural (but unfortunately pvc that does not mean it is right now a safer place

Borax - known as sodium perborate and the boron compound as the most important - is due to a number of chemical pvc characteristics of a wide range of application. It acts as a natural bleaching agent, a disinfecting, acting as an insecticide, fungicide, herbicide. It is used in glass, ceramics and pottery. Environmentally friendly, but we have to be careful, however, in use. Already 4000 years ago they discovered in large quantities in the western United States as well as in Tibet. Commercial borax obtained from the mines in California, Turkey, Tibet and Chile. After computing the data to be located in Turkey, about 72% of world reserves of borax.
Borax is a natural mineral with the chemical formula Na2B4O7x10H20, closely related to one soda a stronger. IUPAC nomenclature is also known under the names of sodium borate, sodium tetraborate and disodium tetraborate, and it ranks among the most important pvc boron compounds and is an alternative to bleach. In the pure state is crystallized in the form of colorless, transparent crystal, and as a monohydrate, tetrahydrate trihydrate. All are very readily soluble in water. Commercial trihydrate is not important. When heated at a temperature of between pvc 350 and 400 C enters the anhydrous sodium tetraborate, which has a melting point of 878 C. It can also be said that the borax said inorganic peroxide, which contains a cyclic pvc structure peroxide pvc in the form of a ring. Crystals are usually whitish, odorless, alkaline (lužnati). Borax is not flammable pvc nor reactive, so it can be used with other cleaning agents. Operation borax
It is used as a bleaching pvc agent in both solid and in liquid detergent. Most effective at temperatures above 55 C. In the stage of hydrolysis to form hydrogen peroxide, which has oxidizing and bleaching ability. With the addition of an activator TAED is effective also in the already low temperatures. Inhibit the metabolic processes of many organisms, making pvc it among the fumigators, thus destroying unwanted pests. In general, it is useful as an insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide. In combination with the waxes, mainly by bees, which is neutralized, acts as an emulsifier. It is used in creams and lotions. Addendum to the plant increases abrasive soap and this soap is very useful in removing grease from the hands of garages. Gentle handling
Although it is completely natural and environmentally friendly product in comparison with ingredients from oil, but we have to be in dealing with it, however careful. After using products containing this ingredient, thoroughly pvc wash your hands. Due to properties of the alkali may be at low concentrations cause irritation of skin. It should not be stored near food and reach of children.
The glass melt is sodium tetraborate dissolve many metal oxides, wherein the forming colored borates "borax Biserka". This is used in analytical pvc chemistry to demonstrate the metal oxides. Be careful when using
Borax is completely natural (but unfortunately pvc that does not mean it is right now a safer place for us or our environment). Therefore, borax is used as a herbicide, as well effectively destroys ants, fleas, and even roaches. Also, for people can be toxic, because the effective dose from fifteen to twenty grams enough for a fatal case of an adult, for children and small animals, of course, is even smaller number. This is one of the reasons why we recommend that you do not use near food, and of course, keep out of reach of children or animals. Give it a good wash with hands, clothes, surfaces and patches that have been applied.
As a food additive and preservative but is hidden under the label E285 and can even be found in some vitamin supplements, as well as the best kind of Iranian and Russian caviar, which sell well in Europe. Allowed 4 g per kilogram of eggs, but the debate about the malfunctioning of this is ongoing. Add it in Chinese food (especially in certain noodles), Indonesia and even in rice. Indonesian authorities point out that the regular ingestion of food in five to ten years can develop liver cancer, while the rest of the world point to kidney problems. Use it for yourself!
Borax has a wide range of home and it is always something new to learn. Its pH is about 9, which is higher than soda, which has a pH value of 8.1 (7 is neutral). It is a good inhibitor of mold and also successful in the fight against cockroaches, fleas and other insects. pvc One of our favorite ways to use it as a toilet bowl cleaners. Learn how to use it in many situations. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Pour a cup of borax into the toilet at night before going to sleep. The next morning, clean the toilet bowl with a brush, which will be done without any effort, because borax release all the dirt that has occurred. This method of cleaning the toilet works very well for the ring rust. Flea killer
Sprinkle borax on dog bed, carpets and other areas where we assume that festers fleas. Borax releases pvc boric acid

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